Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 21

Lizzie's Eleven

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Lizzie is trying to get her picture in the yearbook but Kate refuses to let her. Instead Kate puts the picture of Lizzie having an allergy to the oyster sauce. So everyone including Matt, who was forced by a wedgie helps get her pictures in the yearbook.

    Lizzie turns up at school on her knees looking like a rat. But Gordo doesn’t say anything. Lizzie explains that it is for the pep club because she is trying to get her picture in the year book eleven times. Kate turns up but because she is year book editor and she decides what pictures should go in to the year book she only puts in one photo of Lizzie which was when she found out that she was allergic to the oyster sauce in the cafeteria. Lizzie is so upset so she asks Matt if he could help her but he says only if you do my demands but Lizzie refuses. So Matt says No done then no deal. So Lizzie gives him a huge wedgie so he agrees. He invites Melina and Gordo and Lizzie’s mum and dad, to join the case of Lizzie’s Eleven. They contribute to it by using one of their talents. Once they had finished, Melina says that there has been no music playing for about ten minutes so Lizzie runs off. She also says that people have been complaining about having no drinks so Mrs McGuire runs off and then Mr McGuire realises that there were no people greeting the guests. But Melina said that they were quite glad that there was nobody harassing the new guests. Matt giggled but Sam just swiped his head.
  • Lizzie is so packed about the year book photos. Kate is in charge of it and as you guessed she is going to make Lizzie look like a dork. The Mcguire Clan go out and do a cool plan to put Kate's picture in the dust. Watch how criminal minds work! Kidding.

    Lizzie is so packed about the year book photos. Kate is in charge of it and as you guessed she is going to make Lizzie look like a dork. The Mcguire Clan (even Matt) go out and do a cool plan to put Kate's picture in the dust. Matt only agreed because Lizzie gave him a big, big wedgie. Lizzie was the announcer of the Monte Carlo night. They all go and teach Kate a lesson by stealing her handbag and taking the key to get to the printer where you print the copy of the year book. It all worked out
  • It’s Only A Gamble If You Lose.

    The ‘ol “Bait and Switch”. A plot twist even I didn’t see coming. Just when it looked like the “heist” was going as sour as it could, it all turns out to be part of the “Master Plan”. Brilliant ploy, brilliantly pulled off. Bravo. One has to love the “film noir” quality of this episode.

    Kate is at her nastiest in this episode. She is determined to make Lizzie look bad in the yearbook, and even chortles in glee when she falls for Lizzie and Gordo’s fake fight (you know what they say, “misery loves company”).

    We see another hidden skill of Jo McGuire: Card Shark. And as for Sam, he doesn’t play too big a part in this episode, which is understandable considering the actor who portrays him (Robert Carradine) is also the director of this particular episode.

    We get lots of guest characters. Melina, Kate, Ethan, Larry, even Mr. Lang in a non-speaking role.

    As Lizzie mentioned near the end of the episode, it’s good to see all these characters working together on the plot. Though Lizzie’s methodology of ensuring Matt’s help (the wedgie) seemed unlike Lizzie’s demeanor.

    Another detail that seemed out of place was Lizzie’s reference to Gordo’s attempts at getting in a bunch of yearbook photos in “Best Dress for Much Less”. She kept referring to it as “last year”. While most likely technically true (school years usually start in one calendar year and end in another one), it seems to lend the impression that she means last *school* year, though we know that’s not the case. Chronologically, it could have been “last year”, but not as far as “school year” goes. Just heading that off before someone thinks it a goof. Calendar year people, calendar year.

    In this, the second Miranda-less episode aired since Lalaine’s departure from the series, missed by her absence is Miranda. Unlike “Xtreme Xmas”, her absence is not only noticed by the audience, but is even referred to in the story. While this episode goes down she’s busy visiting her Aunt. It’s good to get an explanation, but her presence is missed in this outing. Though to be fair, the amount of interactivity between the remaining cast members does tend to make one forget Miranda’s presence more than one would think possible, though again not as well as in “Xtreme Xmas”. Almost, but not quite.

    Everyone is in character here. Kate is nasty. Ethan is clueless. Larry is suffering. Gordo is deep. Lizzie is caught up in the inconsequential things. Jo has untapped skills. Sam is slightly bumbling. Melina is a little sadistic. Matt is sneaky.

    Another “real world” point of note besides Robert Carradine directing, is that Hilary Duff once more displays her gymnastic abilities. The girl’s got skills!

    Unlike most episodes this one has no subplot at all. Not even a hint of one. Everything is tied up with the main plot.

    Overall, this is an average episode. It is at its heart a “gimmick episode”, and as such I doubt it’ll make anyone’s top ten, but it’s certainly not bad.
  • What a wedgie!

    This great episode of Lizzue Mcguire has one of the best wedgies ever seen on tv in it and thats what sticks in my mind from it as well as some other moments but the wedgie was great!Something that i wonder is (1) how many takes did it take and (2) how much did that hurt:D
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