Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 34

Magic Train (aka Lizzie and Miranda's Magic Train)

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Magic Train (aka Lizzie and Miranda's Magic Train)
One day after school Lizzie and Miranda are working on their makeup when they happen to see an old childhood favorite "Clover and Daisy's Magic Train" on TV. At first both try to dismiss any interest in the "kiddie" program but finally admit it's still one of their favorites. When Lizzie and Miranda discover that it will be in their town they decide it would be fun to attend a taping of the show. But there's a problem, what would people think of two teenagers attending a children's program? Their solution is to find a child who wants to see the program and they can baby-sit.
Lizzie and Miranda's first option is Matt, but he's too old for such a baby show and quickly turns them down because he's working on "The McGuire Museum of Dirt, Stains and Grime." Next they try to get Gordo's four year old cousin, Taylor, but his family has moved out of town, so things are looking hopeless. Gordo asks what do they need a young child for so Lizzie and Miranda tell him about Clover and Daisy. Gordo, ever the nonconformist, surprises them by admitting that he also liked that show and points out that they shouldn't care what others think if they attend the show.
Finally the day arrives but Lizzie and Miranda are still self conscious about going to the taping so they try to make themselves look younger. Unfortunately, they're surprised when Ethan walks into Lizzie's room because he's on a tour of Matt's museum of dirt. Once Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo arrive at the studio they're able to relax and enjoy the show, Lizzie even wins a gift basket. But their high moment suddenly takes a bad turn when they see Kate at the show with two young children. This is too good to pass up so Kate begins calling her friends to let them know who some of Clover and Daisy's biggest fans are.
The next day at school proves to be very embarrassing as Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo find Clover and Daisy photos taped to their lockers which means everyone knows the truth. Lizzie and Miranda are horrified, but Gordo doesn't care and tries to tell them they should feel the same way. After a long day at school, Lizzie feels like hiding out in her room, but Jo realizes something is wrong and finally gets the truth out of her. To help Lizzie feel better, Jo admits that she still thinks fondly of things from her childhood and she points out that many of the kids at school probably feel the same way. This tender moment suddenly comes to an end when Matt arrives with more kids touring his museum.
The next day Lizzie and Miranda try to dress in a more grown up fashion and not worry about what others think, but Kate isn't going to let this moment go. She continues with the teasing until Gordo begins singing Clover and Daisy's song in the courtyard. At first Lizzie and Miranda try to get him to stop because he's drawing everyone's attention to them, but later Lizzie realizes the message in the song is true and you don't have to be a kid to enjoy it. So she defiantly stands up daring the others to admit they also like Clover and Daisy and soon almost everyone has joined her in reliving a bit of their childhood.moreless

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  • “Good Bye, Good Bye, Good Friends Good Bye...”

    Being that this episode revolves around a ‘kiddy’ show, I feel the above used quote (from “Bear in the Big Blue House”) is more than justified.

    This particular episode has resonance for many reasons. To begin with, it debuts mere weeks after the passing of one of the giants in children’s television (the incomparable Captain Kangaroo).

    Also, the reluctance of the characters here to be seen liking and watching a ‘kiddy’ show serves as a bit of an allegory of fans of “Lizzie McGuire” itself. As is well documented, the show has a sizeable fan base far outside of the “4-12” year old age range that Disney says is the ‘target’ audience of the series.

    And lastly, this is the last episode to unfurl itself since the show wrapped production in June of 2002. June. Of 2002. And *this* episode is just *now* making its way to American shores? Over a year and a half since the show ended its run?

    Not only that, but while this may be the last episode shown, as far as production order goes, the *actual* final episode was shown in February of 2003—a year ago!! Scheduling should not be done like this.

    What we the audience (as well as Lizzie and her classmates) learn here is a lesson that has been handed down to us by all the greats figures of childhood. A message that has been the same be it delivered from Bozo the Clown, Jim Henson, Shari Lewis, Mr. Rogers, or even the Captain. Never be ashamed of who you are. We are all special, and we should revel in what makes us, well, us. Be it the continued liking of a cherished friend from one’s youth or something other, we should not feel less than others. One can be an adult without losing sight of those people and things that made one the adult they are. There are many a person alive today who would not be the person they are had it not been for the likes of those men and women who were willing to give over a large part of their lives to the betterment of others. We all owe a special debt of gratitude to these stalwart champions of fair play and moderation. Were that they were indeed ‘my neighbor’.

    Once more, Gordo is the one who ‘gets it’ first. He likes the show and he’s not afraid to admit it. Or even sing it. Though, in retrospect, perhaps he *should* be afraid of singing it! *LOL* It looks like those Glee Club lessons haven’t helped his pipes any!

    There’s just something very endearing about seeing Lizzie and Miranda enjoy themselves watching a children’s show. Though, they being so close to one another, it’s a wonder that each was unaware that the other has continued to watch the show all these years. Heh, not only does Miranda watch it still, she tapes it! *LOL*

    Though on the subject of the show itself, who names a male character “Daisy”? “Daisy”? “Barney” I can understand. “Oscar”? No problem. Heck, even “King Friday the 13th” I can dig. But “Daisy”?

    As for the subplot, Matt turns the home into a ‘dirt museum’. Which, let’s be honest, does a great disservice to Jo’s housekeeping (which explains why she closes it down so violently).

    While this episode may not be as ‘meaty’ as others, and does seem to ‘suffer’ from the sort of kinetic energy that has infused the latter part of Season Two, it is still a surprisingly solid offering (well above expectations) that imparts a very important lesson to those watching. Don’t be afraid of being yourself. A message worth listening to whether you’re thirteen or one hundred and thirteen.

    So, this is it, the last dribbling of “Lizzie McGuire”. An odd way to close out the best sitcom to have come down the pike in decades.

    This being a Disney program, what better way to send the show off than to paraphrase a good old fashioned Disney song?

    Now’s the time to say goodbye

    To all our company

    Through the years we’ll all be friends

    Wherever we may be

    L-I-Z-Z-I-E M-C-G-U-I-R-E

    Lizzie McGuire, Lizzie McGuire

    Forever let us hold our banner high

    L-I-Z – Zounds you’ll be missed!

    Z-I-E- Egads, what will we do without you?

  • This episode was so cute, adorable and very entertaining.

    I found this episode of Lizzie McGuire so adorable and cute. With those two baby show characters Clover and Daisy, I can see why Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo love them because I would do too. I liked this episode because once again Lizzie and her friends managed to outsmart and the evil, sinister Kate. The sub plot was quite funny how Matt gave tours of his house to show the neighbourhood the dirt in there. It was such a good season finale and it was really well performed and written.moreless
  • Lizzie and her friends go to see a kiddie show. They are afraid that Kate will catch them.

    I like this episode, but it is a bad way to end a show. This show could've ended in a very very better way like they leave middle school and they go on off to high school and conqour many new things. They could meet new people and see how their teachers are. Instead it is they go see a kiddie show and they like it but Kate saw them and it was a bad scene. At the very end of the show as well the series, they finally stand up that there is nothing wrong with liking a kid show. Bad way to end a show.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Nitpick: Lizzie and Miranda give up at trying to get Matt to the Clover and Daisy show really easily, and a few seconds later we see Matt's giant dust bunny and are introduced to his idea of the museum. He says "Don't tell mom and dad about this." Why don't Lizzie and Miranda just blackmail Matt into going to the show by telling him if he doesn't go with them, Lizzie will tell their parents?

    • Nitpick: Considering how good of a homemaker Jo is, it seems unlikely that all the items in Matt's museum would go unnoticed for so long. Also Matt's dust bunny appears to be incredibly strong once Jo goes after it with the vacuum.

    • Nitpick: Towards the end of the episode, when Lizzie is standing on the chair singing, the cafeteria lady in the background is not holding a tray because it's on the table, but in the next shot she is holding one, and the shots alternate over the course of the scene.

    • Jo and Sam say that Matt is only in the 4th grade but in "The Longest Yard" Miranda identified him and Lanny as two 11-year-old boys.

    • Lizzie and Miranda try to get Matt to go on their old favorite TV show and then Gordo's cousin. Yet Lizzie stated in the first season that Miranda had a baby sister, so they could have used her.

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  • NOTES (12)

    • This episode can be found in the Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga Volume 9.

    • First aired in Hong Kong on March 8th, 2005, and rerun on October 30th, 2005. However, this is not the last episode of the series in the Hong Kong broadcast schedule. Instead, the last episode is "Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High."

    • This is this last episode aired.

    • Hilary Duff (Lizzie), Adam Lamberg (Gordo), Hallie Todd (Jo), Robert Carradine (Sam) and Jake Thomas (Matt) are the only actors to appear in every episode of the series. In second place is Lalaine (Miranda) who appeared in 59 of the 65 episodes.

    • Gordo has a cousin named Taylor who is four years old.

    • In the first school scene, Gordo is wearing the same green jacket Lizzie (as Matt) was wearing in "Those Freaky McGuires". Gordo also wore it in the episode "Lizzie's Eleven."

    • Once again, Gordo is represented as a robot in one of the animated Lizzie segments. This also occurs in the episodes "Gordo's Bar Mitzvah," "Dear Lizzie," "A Gordo Story," and "The Gordo Shuffle."

    • The name of the museum that Matt opens is "The McGuire Museum of Dirt, Stains and Grime."

    • The title of the kids show that the three went to see is "Clover and Daisy's Magic Train," where Clover is a female rat and Daisy is a male elephant.

    • In the UK, this episode was aired on the Disney Channel in April 2003.

    • First aired in Canada on the Family Channel on March 24, 2003.

    • This episode first aired, in the US during the "I Love Lizzie Marathon" on Valentines Day. While no date could be seen on a clapboard in the blooper reel, it's likely this episode was filmed in early March 2002 or almost two years prior to it being aired.


    • Matt: This is my Mona Lisa!
      The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous portrait in art history. Begun in 1503 by the great Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci it was completed three or four years later. The painting shows a young woman with a mysterious smile that has fascinated viewers for years. It hangs in the Lourve museum in Paris and is its main attraction.