Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 3

Mom's Best Friend

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • If I Was . .

    Mr. Dig assigns Lizzie a report on a book about a mother-daughter relationship. Lizzie loves the book and decides that she and her mom should become closer friends. Jo McGuire goes along with it and Gordo and Miranda are surprised when Lizzie brings her mom to the Digital Bean to "hang out!" Mother and daughter are enjoying their new relationship until Jo confides in Lizzie about some problems she was unaware of: Nana and Grandpa Chuck are having marital troubles and her dad was once in some tax trouble (he was mistaken for Bill Gates and supposedly owed the government $618 million!) All of a sudden Lizzie knows more than she wants to.

    Miranda and Gordo decide to follow Lizzie's example and get closer to their parents. Lizzie starts to avoid her mom a little bit, but Jo tracks her down and tells her that Nana and her grandpa worked out their problems. Lizzie admits that she was freaked out by some of the things her mom told her. Jo apologizes and they both decide that maybe they should wait a few years before being so intimate with each other. Gordo and Miranda agree: it's nice being close to their parents, but they both have their own worlds to live in.

    Elsewhere, Matt and Lanny are looking for something new to do when--surprise!--a chimpanzee jumps in through the window! The animal messes up the house and quickly departs, leaving Matt and Lanny to take the blame for the mess. When it happens again, the boys realize they must catch this "evil" chimp, and they set a trap--using Matt's dad Sam for bait!

  • You've Got A Friend In Me.

    It is a well-known fact amongst comicbook circles that apes sell. There have been unscientific studies done that show comics with covers that feature apes sell better than those that don’t. Apparently there is something in the human psyche that draws us to our simian brothers. Bottom line is that we like apes. And this episode seems to bear that out.

    Taking the subplot first, Lanny and Matt find themselves subject to a ‘demon chimp’. Actually, a runaway chimpanzee is wreaking havoc throughout the McGuire house, causing Matt to get the blame for the damages. Seeing Matt and Lanny go on an ‘ape hunt’ is funny. And when we see Matt dressed up as a giant banana, well, what else can one say? Bananas are funny. Apes are funny. Kids are funny. Apes, bananas, and kids all in the same plot? Come now, how could it *not* be great?

    This subplot is a definite winner. Especially the way Matt and Lanny catch the offending chimp. Great stuff. Grade A.

    As for the main plot, for which the episode is named, it too lives up to what we have come to expect. Once again, this is a ‘lesson’ episode. Lizzie learns about what it means to be an actual ‘equal’ to one’s parent. She finds out that there is more to being her mother’s friend than just doing things together. That adults have all sorts of problems that people her age don’t. Problems that are unpleasant and scary. Basically, Lizzie is overwhelmed by the serious nature of these things, and at her age is unable to cope with them effectively. But she is mature enough to realize that she likes spending time with her mother and sharing things with her, and that she would like to be friends with Jo – but in a few years when she’s old enough to handle it.

    This maturity that she gains is an important step for her in her continuing journey in life. That being an adult is not everything it’s cracked up to be is something she is best to learn now instead of having it ‘sneak’ up on her later on.

    We are also treated to Miranda and Gordo’s attempts at ‘bonding’ with their parental figures in response to Lizzie’s experiment. Miranda seems to gain some insight after the experience as well, feeling guilty that she doesn’t spend enough time with her own mother. As for Gordo, well, his trip didn’t come off quite so well. ;-)

    Overall, this is an understated ‘message’ episode. But even so it gets across what it’s meant to. And that is the hallmark of a great show. One comes away feeling ‘warm and fuzzy’ after Lizzie and Jo come to terms at the end of the episode.

    And again, you can’t go wrong with primates. You just can’t.