Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 17

Movin' On Up

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Movin' On Up
Gordo has received some big news: he has the chance to skip the eighth grade and start high school immediately. When Lizzie and Miranda hear this, they strongly encourage him to do it, saying high school is so much cooler than junior high. But Gordo isn't sure about it, and when he points out that a move to high school will split up the trio, the girls all of a sudden have something serious to think about too. Lizzie and Miranda now decide they don't want their best friend leaving them, but they are shocked when they find Gordo cleaning out his locker the next day--he's going to high school. Miranda recovers quickly and wishes him the best, but Lizzie is clearly stunned and her alter ego Toon Lizzie urges her to say something to Gordo to try to make him stay, but she doesn't. On Gordo's first day at high school, Lizzie is still terribly troubled by his absence. Miranda is more realistic. She'll miss him too, but she knows it's what he wants and it's something that is good for him. For his part, Gordo has a rough time in his new school, not academically, but socially, one of his problems being that he's about a head and a half shorter than most everyone else. After being taken advantage of by a high schooler who sells him a fake elevator pass, he heads home on the bus, and is surprised to find Lizzie waiting for him at his stop. When she asks how his day went, he tells her everything was fine. Again Lizzie is dying to tell Gordo how she feels about his leaving, but she doesn't. Later at her house, Lizzie talks to Miranda, still unable to come to terms with Gordo's absence. Unexpectedly, Gordo drops in and tells the girls he's not going to stay in high school. The girls are glad, but Lizzie presses him to tell her why. Gordo gives several reasons before finally telling Lizzie what she wants to hear--that he misses her and Miranda. The three friends seem to be closer than ever before. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny plan to try out for the cheerleading squad at school. Matt's dad Sam, perhaps feeling a bit insecure after his wife Jo fixed the kitchen sink when he couldn't, is not so sure this is a "manly" enough venture for his son, so he tries taking him on several "male bonding" adventures, which of course end up disastrously. When Matt and Lanny arrive for the tryouts, they're told there is only one spot open for a boy, but they audition as a pair anyway. The boys do a spectacular routine (and no, Lanny doesn't cheer out loud!), but rather than split up their duo, both of them refuse the spot on the squad.moreless

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  • The Strength Of Friendship.

    This is a ‘theme’ episode in so far as both the main plot and the subplot deal with the same topic: friendship. Gordo gives up skipping ahead to High School for the sake of friendship (and in Lizzie’s case perhaps something more). Matt (and Lanny) give up getting on the cheerleading squad for the sake of friendship.

    Gordo is willing to forsake a fast track to college to be with his friends. That kind of decision takes an awful lot of self-assurance. It is a very mature decision, which goes to show just how much Gordo really has become an ‘adult’. As recently as “Gordo’s Bar Mitzvah” Gordo made clear how his parents told him what to do, he was unused to making important decisions on his own. Yet in this episode he does just that.

    This episode also serves to further a long-standing plot thread. That being a possible romance between Lizzie and Gordo. This episode focuses on Lizzie’s changing feelings towards Gordo. Lizzie misses Gordo desperately. More so than Miranda even. Not only that, but Lizzie, the original “good natured girl”, can’t bring herself to be happy about Gordo’s advancement. Even when Miranda points out that friends should always be happy for friends, even after this moral has been pointed out to her, even *then* Lizzie isn’t happy for Gordo.

    And a very telling moment is when Animated Lizzie remarks aloud wondering just *why* she missed Gordo so much. The look Lizzie has on her face at that revealing questions is puzzlement.

    As for the subplot, Matt & Lanny prove that friendship is thicker than pom poms. Rather than have only one of them make the team they both refuse the position.

    And one can’t overlook Sam’s attempts at ‘manly’ bonding with Matt until finally endorsing Matt’s cheerleading. Funny stuff.

    Overall, this is a solid episode. We get advancement on the Lizzie/Gordo romance thread, we get comedic pratfalls, and we get a gymnastic routine. Not to mention true displays of friendship. Not bad.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Nitpick: When Matt and Lanny leave the tryouts, they don't have the radio; but when they return home Lanny is holding the radio. [Ed. Although, they probably went back and got it.]

    • Nitpick: During the cheerleading tryouts, why doesn't the school just buy another boy's uniform? They can't be too expensive to afford just one. Although, it is possible the school may have a specific budget for cheerleading, meaning they won't spend other department's funds.

    • When Gordo enters the elevator he's carrying at least eight books, which seems a bit much even if he was taking six classes.

    • Matt states that he and Lanny got a standing ovation for their performance. Actually, when the boys finished their routine the others in the gym gave them an ovation, but no one was standing.

    • Mr. McGuire and Matt are throwing a football around, but when Matt makes the last catch, another football is seen bouncing around in the background. A prop that got loose?

    • During his day in high school, Gordo wears an open brown shirt over a grey t-shirt with an open heavier light brown or beige shirt worn over those. But in the pictures where a girl is patting him on the head, the brown shirt is being worn over the lighter-colored one.

    • Matt comes in the room cheering "Rah! Rah! Shis-goom-bah!" instead of the traditional "Sis-boom-bah!"

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (About Gordo going to high school)
      Lizzie: I can't believe you told him to go! You practically pushed him right out the door!
      Miranda: I was being supportive.
      Lizzie: Well, you SUPPORTED him right out the door!

    • Matt (cheering): Dad, dad put me down it's no time to fool around.

    • Toon Lizzie: How did someone so clueless end up in high school?

    • Toon Lizzie: What are you talking about? I have changed a lot look! (Toon Lizzie showing herself) OK, bad example.

    • Cheerleader: So let's stop being students and start being cheerleaders!

    • Lizzie: I just wish I'd told him [Gordo] how I feel.
      Miranda: How do you feel?

    • Sam McGuire: Matt. Are you up for a little traditional male bonding?
      Matt: Sure, you can help me with my cheerleading tryouts!

    • Matt (doing cheer): Mom, Mom, she's our man! If she can't fix it, no one can! Goooo Mom!

    • Toon Lizzie: I can't believe I missed him [Gordo] so much. Why did I miss him so much?

    • Gordo: Hi, uh, what you doing here?
      Toon Lizzie: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm here being happy for YOU, ya big doof!
      Lizzie: It's not every day one of my best friends goes off to high school.

    • Miranda: Lizzie! He's not doing this to us, he's doing it for him. Come on, friends should always want the best for each other.
      Toon Lizzie: Yeah, but what about me?

    • Gordo (to Lizzie and Miranda): You were right. Why should I stick around middle school when I can just go to high school?
      Toon Lizzie: I'll give you two good reasons! THEY'RE STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

    • Jo: Hey, could you hand me the wrench, please?
      Sam: Yeah. I don't know...cheerleading. It sounds kinda...girly.
      Jo: Oh, there. (fixes sink) If it's something he wants, and he's willing to work for it, how is that girly? And by the way, this is not a wrench. These are pliers, Mr. Fix-it.

    • Matt: (doing cheers): Lizzie Lizzie, she's our girl! She's the girl that makes me hurl!
      Dad! Dad! He's our man! If he can't fix it...Mom sure can! Gooooo Mom!

  • NOTES (12)

    • This episode can be found in the Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga Volume 6.

    • In one of the Toon Lizzie segments, Gordo is represented by a frog. This is also done in the episode "Gordo and the Girl."

    • When Gordo is seated in the high school classroom there is a chalkboard behind him with writing on it. It's actually William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, one of his most popular, and it dates from the 1590s. Read More

    • The Stock footage of the high school is the same one used for John Adams High in Boy Meets World.

    • At the opening of the show, the hour and minute hands of the clock points to 9 and 11, respectively, perhaps in acknowledgement of the terrorist attacks on the United States which occurred the week before this episode was shot.

    • The clothes Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo are wearing in the scrapbook photos are the same ones they wore in the hallway scene of "Just Like Lizzie" when Miranda and Gordo have their first conversation with Andie. This makes sense because "Just Like Lizzie" was filmed the week before "Movin' On Up."

    • The cheer that Matt and Lanny did won "Best Cheer" in the voting on "A Raven New Year's Eve," the Disney Channel's year-end viewer voting.

    • Unseen character: Sophie Oberman, a girl that Miranda says Gordo threw up on once at an amusement park.

    • Music includes:
      *"Macho Man" by the Village People, who were a popular singing group in the late 1970's. The band was formed by a French producer who got the idea after seeing costumed young men in gay discos in New York. The Village People always appeared in costume, as a construction worker, a policeman, a biker, a military man, an American Indian, and a cowboy. "Macho Man" was their first hit, and though it only rose to #25 on the charts in September 1978, it ended up selling over a million copies. It's heard when Sam and Matt are doing their "male bonding" thing.
      *"Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. This is an unusually straightforward ballad for R.E.M., the Athens, Georgia-based band who were the kings of alternative and college-radio rock for most of the 1980's and '90's. It reached #29 on the charts in November 1993. It's heard when Gordo is spending his day in high school.
      *Also used is an original instrumental variation on the Bee Gees' hit song "Stayin' Alive" from the movie Saturday Night Fever (1977). It's heard when Gordo first arrives at high school and is walking confidently down the hall. In the movie, it was played in the opening sequence when John Travolta was strutting down the street.

    • Lizzie's 7th grade class picture from the first-season episode "Picture Day" is shown briefly.

    • TV Guide had this episode listed to be aired on Monday, September 9. It was originally broadcast on a Friday the 13th!

    • Filming dates: September 17-21, 2001.


    • Episode Title: "Movin' On Up"
      The title of this episode appears to be taken from the theme song of the 1970s-1980s sitcom The Jeffersons, which starts out "We're movin' on up, to the East Side, to a deee-luxe apartment in the sky!"

    • Toon Lizzie: Leave it to Mom to get all Lifetime Movie on us.
      Lifetime is a cable television network that advertises itself as being television for women. They show different kinds of movies, but the ones they tend toward the most are made-for-TV films from recent years about modern-day women in various dilemmas--fighting for custody of their children, dealing with a cheating husband, etc. Some critics may consider them little more than soap operas, but the formula has worked for Lifetime--a few years ago they even began a new "Lifetime Movies" network.

    • Gordo: Slow down there, Dawson's Creek.
      Dawson's Creek is a dramatic TV series about the lives and relationships of a group of high school friends in New England. It debuted in 1998 and its stars include James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams. By the time the show's fifth season began in 2001, the DC gang had entered college. In the Lizzie episode "Random Acts of Miranda," Toon Lizzie said about aspiring actress Miranda, "Maybe when she's thirty years old she can play a teenager on Dawson's Creek," referring to the 20-something actors on the show.

    • Toon Lizzie: Alas, poor Gordo, I knew him well.
      Toon Lizzie is paraphrasing one of the most often-quoted lines from one of the most famous plays ever written, William Shakespeare's Hamlet. However, like many people, she gets it wrong. The line is often quoted as "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well." when it actually reads, "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio..."

    • Matt: "Dad, sometimes you just need to know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em."
      Matt is referring to the card game poker, in which players bet on the value of the hand they are dealt. To hold your cards is to stay in the game and keep trying to win, and folding your cards is to lay them down on the table and quit for that particular round. What Matt's metaphor means is that his dad, Mr. McGuire, should know when to keep trying and when to give up. In saying this, Matt comes close to quoting singer Kenny Rogers' well-known 1979 hit "The Gambler," which contains the lyrics "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em..." in its chorus.

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