Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 33

One of the Guys

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • After beating ethan craft in arm wrestling, the boys think Lizzie is a guy/girl. She starts playing flag footballbut she doesn't know what to think. After one night she decides to be a girl instead. After talking to Coach Kelly who knows what can

    After setting a new school record in hanging up chin bars and beating Ethan Craft in arm wrestling everybody refers to Lizzie as a guy/girl. She also starts playing flag football and hanging out with all the popular boys in school. But after the game of flag football Ethan calls Lizzie a total dude and Thomas called her a monster.
    When Lizzie went to bed that night she had nightmares about being a guy/girl and decided to call Miranda at 5:30am. Miranda actually answered the phone in her sleep.
    After the phone call Lizzie tried to be a really girly girl and put on a lot of make-up but it didn’t really make a difference.
    When Lizzie went to school she told Ethan and Thomas that she wasn’t going to play flag football anymore.
    After that she went to talk to Coach Kelly, after a long talk Lizzie decided that she didn’t care what everybody else thought and decided to play the next game of flag football.
    When she did she won both of them.

    Meanwhile Matt is struggling to do his homework but when he fell asleep he thinks that he has found a loophole.