Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 18

Party Over Here

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Party Over Here
Kate is having a big birthday party and her mother is making her invite her whole class, including Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo. Lizzie is dead set against going until she finds out cell phones will be given out as party favors. But her mom puts the brakes on her idea of going because there will be no "acceptable chaperone" there. Miranda suggests the three of them say they are going to the mall, then sneak out to the party. Lizzie is reluctant to go along with the idea, but she does. Gordo gets his parents' permission to go, but that only frustrates him since his parents think he's such a good boy he couldn't possibly get into trouble. So he tries, rather unsuccessfully, to show he has a dangerous "dark side." When Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo arrive at Kate's house the party is ragin': loud music is pumping, Lizzie gets handed over people's heads like a stage diver in a mosh pit, and the supposed "chaperone," Kate's 18-year-old cousin Amy, is making out in the closet! None of their classmates are there, only a bunch of older kids. When Amy brings out a cake, Kate is disappointed to find that it has no candles and no one sings "Happy Birthday." In fact, Amy didn't even realize it was Kate's birthday! Kate's face gets pushed into the cake. Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo plan to leave, but before they can, Lizzie overhears a phone call Kate makes to her mom. It seems that Kate wanted a small party with a few friends, but her mother insisted she have a big bash, then she didn't stick around for it. Now there are none of her classmates there, just a hundred or so of her cousin's friends. Soft-hearted Lizzie offers Kate her sympathy, and even asks her to go to the movies with her, Gordo and Miranda, which Kate agrees to. But there's a problem: Kate can't leave the house in the hands of all these party animals. So Lizzie finds a way to bust up the party--she gets a mom, specifically her own mom, to come over. Jo McGuire arrives on the scene and runs everyone out in short order. Lizzie hopes her "mature" handling of the situation will keep her from getting grounded, but of course it doesn't. As for Kate, she does manage to thank Lizzie, but she sneers at her the next second, so things are back to normal. Also, Matt and Mr. McGuire have big news: at the mall, a producer spotted them and wants to put them in a commercial for Cardio Punch Sports Drink. But Mrs. McGuire is skeptical that her very camera-shy husband can do it. When Sam and Matt arrive at the commercial shoot, the director puts a harness and line on the guys and has them climbing a rock wall. Sam is scared of heights and gets paralyzed while doing the climb, and the director says some nasty things to him. Matt rappels down the rock wall and tells off the director in no uncertain terms. But the guy likes Matt's fiery speech and edits it so the commercial has Matt delivering it to an animated dragon that he fights off.moreless

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  • Oh, this was awesome!!!!

    I absolutely LOVED this episode. I've only seen it once, but i can say it's probably one of the best written episodes of Lizzie McGuire ever! Cousin Amy is a total b**** and is so full of herself. When I watched this, I saw cousin Amy, and I was like "I know her from somewhere... She looks familiar" Then I put some thought into it. I had said to myself, "Is that Hilary's sister?" 'Cause I had already seen her sister, Haylie before. When I saw this episode, it was a repeat. But, anyway, this episode totally is deserving of a perfect score!moreless
  • Of Kate & Cardio Punch.

    Poor Kate. Poor lonely, friendless Kate. This episode shows Kate at her most pathetic. So much so that one feels sorry for her. We see (again) just how big of a mistake it was for her to leave her friends Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda. When the chips are down who is it that comes to Kate’s rescue? Lizzie.

    This episode continues to develop the other long-standing plot thread of this series: The Redemption of Kate. This episode serves to ‘thaw’ the situation some more. Just like in “The Rise and Fall of Kate”, this episode shows Kate that Lizzie can be counted on to help her, even when no one else will. And Kate is appreciative, even if she is not yet at the point where she feels confident enough to toss aside her ‘popular’ persona.

    Though one does have to wonder about Kate’s mom. All of the parents of the kids in school did not think it a good idea to have a birthday party where the ‘adult supervision’ is an 18-year-old girl. As a consequence, none of Kate’s peers were allowed to go (except Gordo). What was Kate’s mom thinking? Also, where’s Kate’s dad during all of this?

    Kate: the modern ‘poor little rich girl’.

    But one can’t forget to mention Jo’s turn as ‘Supermom’. She took to clearing out that house with a fierce enthusiasm. To quote Lizzie, “Sometimes she scares me”.

    As for the subplot, Matt and Sam are picked to be spokesmen for a sports drink. Not a bad story. We find out that Sam’s both camera shy and afraid of heights.

    In all, this isn’t a bad episode. We get more movement on the ‘Reformation of Kate’ plot, and we get a nice moment of a son sticking up for his dad. Not bad.moreless
Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto


Guest Star

Audrey Wasilewski

Audrey Wasilewski

Assistant Robyn [scenes deleted?]

Guest Star

Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff

Cousin Amy

Guest Star

Ashlie Brillault

Ashlie Brillault


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When filmed, Matt can be seen climbing down the wall and in the shot Sam can be seen next to him. However when the advertisement is shown, Sam cannot be seen in the same shot.

    • Gordo claims that his parents think he is so good that he can never get into trouble. But he has been grounded heaps of times by his parents.

    • In stating their case for being allowed to go the party, Lizzie mentions, "...our constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness." Actually the phrase "pursuit of happiness" can be found in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

    • Near the end Miranda says, "It's official Gordo, you're no longer bad." Shouldn't she have said that Gordo was no longer "good" because that's what his parents thought until he lied and went to the party?

    • When did Lizzie and Miranda change their clothes for Kate's party? If they were supposed to do it in the restroom at the mall it is never shown. In the montage of still photos they are shown leaving the restroom wearing the same clothes they had on when they arrived at the mall. In the next scene at the bus stop their clothes have suddenly changed, even Gordo has on a darker shirt.

    • Nitpick: The TV announcer on Matt and Sam's commercial says that Cardio Power Sports Drink is "the drink of spiky-headed kids everywhere," but Matt is wearing a helmet and his hair isn't shown.

    • Sam McGuire is said to be camera-shy in this episode, but in "In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust" it didn't bother him at all to appear on Matt's internet talk show. He hardly seemed "camera-shy" there!

    • After Kate talks to her mother on the phone, she places it on the couch dial-side up. Then in the next two quick shots it's seen face down in two different positions.

    • This episode (production no. 209) was filmed before "Best Dressed for Much Less" (#217), but it wasn't broadcast until six episodes after it. Consequently, Matt and Sam are just now making the commercial in this episode that Matt was already "famous" for in "Best Dressed."

    • In "El Oro de Montezuma," Miranda knew so little Spanish that she didn't even understand what the common word "bueno" meant (it means good, or OK). Well, she must have been studying, because only five episodes later (in production order, anyway) she knows enough to use the word "vaminos" ("let's go") properly.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Amy: You said you wanted chocolate [cake] right?
      Kate: Right.
      Amy: Whew I got strawberry 'cause I like that better. I'm just glad I remembered what you wanted.
      Kate: And where are the birthday candles?
      Amy: I was just told cake, nobody said anything about candles.
      Kate: But it's my birthday.
      Amy: Oh it is, happy birthday.
      Kate: I'm not going lose my cool over some little mistake am I? No! Don't eat my cake!

    • Gordo: Actually my parents think I'm not going to the party. They think I'm at Miranda's house, but I'm actually at Lizze's. Cause I'm bad.

    • Lizzie: She [Mom] gives me ten dollars! I lie to her and what does she do? She gives me ten dollars!
      Miranda: Lizzie, can you please save the guilt thing until after the party? Trust me, knowing you, it will still be there.

    • Jo: Now hear this, people! You don't have to go home, BUT YOU HAVE TO GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!
      Amy: Excuse me, uh, ma'am? You're kinda like stopping the party.
      Jo: Exactly!
      Amy: But uh, that would, like, stop the party!
      Jo: Right!
      Amy: Hmm, so the party's gonna be over now?
      Jo: Right now!
      Amy: Ohhh! And you are...?
      Jo: Me?! I am your worst nightmare! I am a mother on a mission! And I hope you think I'm kidding! Now--MOOOOVE, PEOPLE!!!

    • Jo McGuire: Honey, why are you in such a hurry to grow up? Can't you just be happy bein' a kid?
      Toon Lizzie: How can I enjoy being a kid when I can't go to any cool parties!?

    • Gordo: I thought the whole school was coming [to Kate's party]. Did you guys see anyone you knew?
      Miranda: I don't think so. No one in our homeroom has beards!

    • TV announcer: "Cardio Punch: The drink of spiky-headed tough kids everywhere!"

    • Jo: Miranda, Gordo, I'm gonna miss seeing ya at the house.
      Gordo: Um, actually, Mrs. McGuire, I'm allowed to be here.
      Jo: Oh, really? Not after I finish talkin' to your parents.

    • Kate: You must love seeing me like this.
      Lizzie: Actually, I do. I like seeing you as a normal person.

    • Lizzie: Oooooogh!
      Jo McGuire: Elizabeth Brooke McGuire! That tone has 'grounded' written all over it!

    • Kate: Here's Lizzie and her little friends, Whoever and Whatever.

    • Gordo: (Shoves a forkful of cake in his mouth) Cake!

  • NOTES (14)

    • This episode can also be found in the paperback novelization book The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire. It is also on Vol. 2 of the Lizzie McGuire DVD collection entitled "Growing Up Lizzie" released on Dec. 9, 2003.

    • In the episode "Tween Town" of the Disney series The Proud Family, Penny Proud delivers the exact same dialog in the same way that Mrs. McGuire does here: "Now hear this people! You don't have to go home, but you have to get the heck out of here!"

    • During the scene where Lizzie (Hilary Duff) is being handed overhead by boys at the party, a dummy is used in her place very briefly when she is thrown up in the air.

    • Stunt doubles: Larry Nicholas (for Matt); Clay Cullen (for Sam). Mosh pit stunts: Danny Downey, Kevin Jackson, Brandon Johnson, Dustin Meier, Dana Reed, James Ryan.

    • Characters mentioned but not seen: Robyn, the director's assistant is in the credits as being played by actress Audrey Wasilewski. But we don't see her anywhere! Perhaps her scenes were edited out? Also once again, Sam McGuire's cousin ReeRee is referred to.
      Further character ID: The director is referred to once as Steve.
      The casting director is listed in the credits as Donna Pinto, though that name is never used in the dialog.

    • Hilary Duff's sister Hayley Duff appears in the role of cousin Amy.

    • Another movie reference: Jo McGuire tells cousin Amy, "I'm your worst nightmare!" This line was used by Eddie Murphy in the movie 48 HRS. (1982) when he went into a country & western bar and started hassling the patrons, pretending to be a police detective. (His quote includes an extra word we can't use here!) Since then the quote has been used in many other movies and TV shows.

    • There are a couple of visual references here to movies that contain wild party scenes. At Kate's party a couple of guys start throwing around an egg-shaped piece of crystal. In the movie Risky Business (1983), Tom Cruise is particularly worried about a crystal egg being damaged when he gives a big party while his parents are out of town. Also, a guy sitting on the couch at Kate's pours an open jar of mustard on himself. John Belushi's character does the same thing at a frat party in the comedy classic Animal House (1978).

    • Hilary Duff is seen singing a bit of the Lizzie McGuire theme song during the blooper reel.

    • Kate claims she's celebrating her 14th birthday, like a regular eighth grader. But in "Gordo's Video," we learned that Kate was actually a year older than her classmates. Near the episode's end, Mrs. McGuire says to Kate, "What a way to celebrate your 15th birthday." When Kate tells her it's her 14th, Mrs. McGuire replies, "Right," in a manner which suggests she knows Kate's secret. Earlier, when Miranda sees the party invitation, she says, "She's turning 14?" in a tone of voice which indicates that she doesn't believe it.

    • Filming dates: November 18-22, 2001.There is no clapboard with the episode name, number and date of production on it shown at the beginning of the blooper reel at the end of the show. This is the first time this has happened since "Pool Party," which didn't have a blooper reel.

    • Lizzie's full name is heard for the first time when her angry mother addresses her as Elizabeth Brooke McGuire. In "Gordo's Video," Toon Lizzie says that her mom doesn't even call her Elizabeth even when she's mad. So there's a first time for everything! Coincidentally, Brooke was the name of Gordo's short-term girlfriend in "Gordo and the Girl."

    • Music includes the song "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," by the Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO). This was the group's biggest hit, reaching #1 in November 1974 and selling over a million copies. It's noted for its stuttering vocal delivery ("Ba-ba-ba-baby you ain't seen na-na-nothin' yet.") It's heard when Jo McGuire is clearing out the party.

    • Lizzie decides to go to Kate's party after she hears that Kate once gave out cellphones as party favors. Sound familiar? In "Last Year's Model," there's also a mention of a party where cell phones were to be given out the same way.


    • Gordo: Because I'm bad.
      Several times in this episode Gordo says, "Because I'm bad," which is taken from the Michael Jackson song and album Bad (1987).

    • Matt: ...I'll be back.
      This line, delivered by Matt in accent, was made famous by Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the science-fiction action thriller The Terminator, a 1984 film. The Guinness Book of World Records credited it as being one of the top five movie quotes of all time.

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