Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 18

Party Over Here

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • Oh, this was awesome!!!!

    I absolutely LOVED this episode. I've only seen it once, but i can say it's probably one of the best written episodes of Lizzie McGuire ever! Cousin Amy is a total b**** and is so full of herself. When I watched this, I saw cousin Amy, and I was like "I know her from somewhere... She looks familiar" Then I put some thought into it. I had said to myself, "Is that Hilary's sister?" 'Cause I had already seen her sister, Haylie before. When I saw this episode, it was a repeat. But, anyway, this episode totally is deserving of a perfect score!
  • Of Kate & Cardio Punch.

    Poor Kate. Poor lonely, friendless Kate. This episode shows Kate at her most pathetic. So much so that one feels sorry for her. We see (again) just how big of a mistake it was for her to leave her friends Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda. When the chips are down who is it that comes to Kate’s rescue? Lizzie.

    This episode continues to develop the other long-standing plot thread of this series: The Redemption of Kate. This episode serves to ‘thaw’ the situation some more. Just like in “The Rise and Fall of Kate”, this episode shows Kate that Lizzie can be counted on to help her, even when no one else will. And Kate is appreciative, even if she is not yet at the point where she feels confident enough to toss aside her ‘popular’ persona.

    Though one does have to wonder about Kate’s mom. All of the parents of the kids in school did not think it a good idea to have a birthday party where the ‘adult supervision’ is an 18-year-old girl. As a consequence, none of Kate’s peers were allowed to go (except Gordo). What was Kate’s mom thinking? Also, where’s Kate’s dad during all of this?

    Kate: the modern ‘poor little rich girl’.

    But one can’t forget to mention Jo’s turn as ‘Supermom’. She took to clearing out that house with a fierce enthusiasm. To quote Lizzie, “Sometimes she scares me”.

    As for the subplot, Matt and Sam are picked to be spokesmen for a sports drink. Not a bad story. We find out that Sam’s both camera shy and afraid of heights.

    In all, this isn’t a bad episode. We get more movement on the ‘Reformation of Kate’ plot, and we get a nice moment of a son sticking up for his dad. Not bad.