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  • From what I recall

    It was a pretty good show. Her cartoon self commenting on situations was a very nice addition. Also hard to find that quality anywhere else. I do enjoy silly and it occassionally hit that marker. To this day Duff is one of the few Disney stars to not get into a scandal. At least, far as I know she hasn't. It's great to see it on late night but wouldn't it be a good idea to let the 2000+ gen know that Disney Channel used to have some good shows by airing during daytime? Yay, for no fake laugh tracks here. RIP Disney Channel 1983-2004

    10-20 ep (02-03) Disney
  • Waaaaay better than the new Disney Channel junk of today!

    This show is DIFFERENT from "I Didn't do it" or "Shake it Up". It had MORE REALISM, MORE DEPTH and ACTUAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. It can compete with "Liv & Maddie", another good comedy which has DEPTH, PARENTS, AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Some of it may be cheesy, but overall, it's funny at most times.
  • Perfect mesh of real lfe and cartoon

    One of Disneys high quality shows that was once a very rich show of voice acting, acting and plot. One of the old shows that feels decent to watch.
  • Light and Bubbly

    When I was 14, I used to be addicted at this show! I really love Hilary Duff, although I'm a guy I'm a fan of this show. I think I fell in love at her on first sight of this show haha! Lizzie Mcguire is so bubbly, not the type of show who talks about struggles in life, like the other ones! This show is innocent and sweet and I love every single episodes! Lizzie Mcguire has been a part in my teen years and I really do watch to have my own a copy of this show that's why I purchased a DVD box set of it at DVDBOOTH .COM. It all contains the entire episodes and it was a fantastic DVD copy. I'm currently re-experiencing the excitement I felt for this show when I saw this before. Live for fun while you were young!
  • Pretty Good

    I love Lizzie McGuire! She's a great role model,friend,and she isn't on a dance show or a nanny for a group of bratz or an over night sensation. The point is she's relatible other than the disney and nickelodeon crap. I mean the plots are so unrelistic now a days an alien and a superstar?! This is way better.
  • omg I miss this!

    I really miss lizzie mcguier! Omg I used to watch this all the time as a tween :) ughh they should make a channel with the old disney classics such as, lizzie mcguire, that's so raven, kim possible, even stevens, and so on :) ahhh what a walk down memory lane!
  • Best Disney Channel Show Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Wish They Make a Reunion Special of this show so Hilary can be on Disney Channel again. Because This is the Best Disney Show Ever.
  • Lizzie McGuire is the one of worst Disney Channel series. It is really stupid, and it teaches you nothing.

    Lizzie McGuire is a boring Disney Channel series about teenagers. It is more of a show for girls, but I am a girl and I hate it. It is a waste of time and does not teach anyone anything. I think it should be replaced by another Disney Channel show. It is just about popularity, boys, parents, and a stupid brother. Who cares if you are not popular, Lizzie tries to be popular, so it make the viewers think popularity is everything. It is not. Just having friends is better then being popular, and you do not learn that from the show Lizzie McGuire. That is just my opinion.
  • You can't beat the classics

    This was probably one of the best shows on Disney Channel. It portrayed an average teenage girl living a normal life. Her and her friends were often teased, but that did not stop them from being themselves. The DC sitcomes that followed the release of Hannah Montana are just awful. They mostly consist of bratty teenage girls who are desperate for popularity and stardom. I don't think I have seen one new generation disney sitcom so far that has teenage characters who are happy with being themselves and who don't see the need to fit in with the in-crowd. This is a horrible example for the younger generations watching these sitcoms.

    I honestly think that the shows we had when we were kids, like Lizze Mcguire, Phil of the Future, That's so Raven, were great. They didn't respresent the need for popularity, attention, fame, etc. They just represented normal teenagers having fun and being themselves. Being carefree. Call 'em quirky. Call 'em dumb.But I think they were porbably some of the best shows for teens on TV.

    Overall, Lizzie Mcguire was a great show with well-mannered and fun teenagers. (Well, except for Max LOL. But he was a good kid. Just mischevious) Oh, and for all you people out there saying that the show is too corny for girls over a certain age-consider this. It was specifically made for younger teenagers and pre-teens. Secondly, it was made in the early 2000s. What were you expecting? Things now are much different than they were then.
  • The good news: this show was cooler than ice. The bad: it set the formula for crappy teen-centered ripoffs in the future.

    the good:

    This show was the bees' knees (yes, I'm using slang and bad puns...) when I was young, and I loved it. There's something about a McGee and Me-esque show that enlightened me--and I adored Animated Lizzie (even have a few dolls and such) as well. Her sassy personality (fine, maybe it wasn't sassy, per se, but it was cool) made me feel at home, and Lizzie's teenage issues helped me relate to her. Matt and her parents were funny as well, and the parents ended up being hilarious without being lame.

    The bad:

    the merch and formula get ripped off. How many Disney Channel shows do you see that copy Lizzie, the most recent being Sonny with a Chance?

    Watch this show anyway, skip the ripoffs.
  • Um..... No.

    No. Uh uh. Nope. Never. This show was pointless and disturbing. Just like "Jonas L.A.".
  • This show is not bad but...

    I'm not impressed with the mini Lizzie McGuire.That's a bit annoying and also Lizzies brother is a bit stupid but I still think this show is okay but kind of adverage.
  • This is what you call a Disney Channel comedy: No laugh track,no "It's a Laugh productions",and is actually funny.

    Almost every Disney sitcom these days just suck,and that's all Hannah Montana's fault. Not to mention that stupid It's a Laugh Productions (Or as I call it "It's a Fail" productions). Now,I already mentioned all of the bad Disney Channel shows,so for now,I'm going to review 2 great Disney Channel shows from the past. I'm going to kick it all off with the queen of the Disney Channel shows and one of the shows I grew up with,Lizzie Mcguire. This show is about a girl named Lizzie who goes through modern life with her friends and family. It may seem like every single Disney Channel show ever made,however, it ends up being great. First off,there are no idiots in this show at all. In new DC shows,there's the selfish ones and the stupid ones,but in this one,none of them are like that. Lizzie is a girl who is called a loser,when in reality,she's really a normal girl who doesn't have a secret like being a pop star,a wizard or has the power to see the future,and tries to fit in with the crowd. Miranda is Lizzie's friend,and always has crazy fashions and hairdos.(One of them looked like a spider one time.) Gordo is Lizzie's male friend,and acts normal. Matt is Lizzie's brother,and is a brat at times,but is crazy loving and hilrailous at times. The parents are not just overprotective at times,and could be funny at times. I did,however,hate Kate. She was a selfish jerk to Lizzie,tried to sabotage her moments,and thinks she's all that. (She even got a cheerleading group to call Lizzie ugly. I want to kill her). I also love the Animated Lizzie parts. In a few scenes,it shows a drawn version of Lizzie talking about the thing going on in the episode,and shows her doing something like having a chorus,having her head explode,ride a mechanical bull or something like that. The humor is of the show is great and actually makes me laugh at times. They also added sound effects in the show,which is hilrailous. However,the show got canceled because Lalaina,the girl who plays Miranda,did drugs and they couldn't get her back in the show. And what's really stupid is the fact Hannah Montana lasted 4 seasons,and this show only has 2. Really? HM should've been canceled by the 2nd season too,and Disney Channel treated HM better than this show,which sucks because in my opinion,Lizzie Mcguire was the greatest DC show ever made,was funny and proved how much better a show was without It's a Fail Productions.
  • Okay, five words; Why Did I Watch That??

    I used to watch Lizzie McGuire. As a matter of fact, i used to love this show! If i joined about 2 years ago, it would have been underneath my favorites. But now, i have moved on. The acting in this show is terrible. Plainly, terrible. And if you look close in the backrounds, (like literally, close) you will realize that actors/actresses playing extra students around school, look older than they should be! I mean, hello! These kids are only in middle school! Some look older than i do, and i'm in high school! The themes are not very good at all either. Their not interesting at all; i would highly, highly, not recommend this show to guys (of all ages!) and girls over twelve. Cause theres other shows out there better than this one!
  • not as bad as high school musical...

    hello i hate this cuz hillary duff is in it i mean who would want to watch her act but its not as bad as highschool musical but u know whow much i hate her.she torchers her dog with looking at her and bum bum bum pink! hide it' hilary. this show stinks cuz of hillary shes uuuh well bleh i hate as i said before. the show is also pretty bad i only watch it when im board or theres nothing better on i also lalaine shes just bleh shes not a very good actress. now i have to say run run its hilzilla
    hillzilla:i will make u look at me then you die!

    p.s.,im bad, im bad to the bone!
  • The life of the average teenager...why would you make something about a teenager\'s life when the demographic is for teens??

    Ok, don’t say you’ve never watched this show, I bet most have. I admit I watch it, but come on when you have nothing to do it is better than watching a blank screen. Like that is any fun…anyways if you haven’t watched it, don’t start now. It is about a teenager who faces normal problems: having to watch your younger brother instead of going out with the “hot” boy you like, trying to sneak into an R rated movie and more mind numbing experiences. What teenager hasn’t been through this? The worst part is the reaction, it is something NO teenager would do (maybe some but….) and that you’d think no one would be able to relate to. Yet somehow all the teenagers are like “oh my gosh, did you see the new Lizzie McGuire episode? I could so relate to trying to date a celebrity and it not work out because they were too famous” HA ya right, so before you give it a perfect 10, think about the reality of the show and the characters…. did we really want to make this person famous for this garbage?
  • Lizzie McGuire was a good show, but since they don't show new episodes. I really loved the show, but lost liking it when they didn't make any new episodes.

    The show should have more episodes made. Now it stinks because all we see are OLD episodes. Lizzie McGuire was a good show, but since they don't show new episodes. I really loved the show, but lost liking it when they didn't make any new episodes. Why didn't they make new episodes?
  • Horrid.

    This show is very horrible. It sucks. It has horrible actors and actresses, with Hillary Duff leading the show. She's a horrilbe actress, and a worse singer. I suggest you never watch this. It has no plot. At all. Just...STAY AWAY!! Please! This show is a discrase to everything on television! It's just another one of Disney's crappy teenybopper shows made to increase Disney's popularity through pre-teen girls... -.-
  • Garbage.

    Ok. You think these teen based shows are aweful, this takes the cake by alot. I have never seen a more stupider show in my entire life. This is just so wrong in so many ways. It ain't even funny. I wish the Hilary would take a hike from this show & cancel the **** thing.
  • Never watch this.

    Lizzie McGuire is complete garbage that fails in every aspect, and has zero redeeming qualities. It's unrealistic in every way, as being in 7th or 8th grade is a lot more challenging than this show depicts (I'm 16 myself, so it hasn't been very long since I lived this kind of stuff). The actions of Lizzie make her seem like a 3rd grader, not someone who's about to go to high school.

    The writing is pretty bland and boring, which just further drags down the useless plots. The humor is just flat-out unfunny, and the characters are mostly worthless stereotypes. The parents add nothing to the show, as all they do is give an 'important' speech in every episode, telling Lizzie why her actions were wrong (in reality, it's not deep or important at all. It's just two un enthused actors stating the obvious). Lizzie's little brother is a complete waste of time, as he does nothing but get into useless plots that never go anywhere.

    Overall, skip this at all costs. If you want a good show that's family-friendly, I'd suggest Boy Meets World instead. BMW is charming with fun jokes, and episodes where the characters learn something in the end.
  • It's a drug to the kids.

    Oh yeah, the Lizzie in this show is perfectly pretty, she has the perfect clothes, perfect friends, perfect life. Lizzie's fake. No matter how much you want your kid to live in the imaginary paradise, this is just too much. This makes kids think they're suppose to be just as perfect as the pretty role model on TV. They'll want to buy tons of clothes and they'll throw them out after wearing them once. It's what happened to Hilary Duff herself. She said "I just don't like wearing the same clothes again". Well, the money is their parents'. And this influence is making them waste it on junk. Even though I'm only 13, I'm glad my childhood wasn't filled with this kind of fake image wannabeing.
  • what a waste of talent

    I this show is so boring and im glad its cancelled Hilarry duff deserved better than this crappy show. The worst episodes have to be where they have a school dance where only efan and gordo like the music also where they play the murder mystery game at lizzie's house it is so boring.For once disney channel did the right thing and got rid of lizzie mcguire
  • This is so much crap

    I hate this piece of crap. But disney did not think about this before airing it, no they never think, do they? If you like shows about teenagers, who have a realistic life style. Watch almost any other show then this. I just hope we will never see it come out on dvd.
  • A total misportrayal of life even though it's supposed to be exactly like it.

    The only good thing about Lizzie Mcguire is that you can do an episode any time. All you have to do is repeat "O my gosh my life is sooooo dificult" over and over and over. And there you have your own Lizzie Mcguire episode. The rest is absurd i myself am an average teenager and since the show is supposed to portray the life of a teenager i find the show misportraying real life. They show it as a blonde girl who is clutzy, dumb, boy obssessed and always complaining about her parents. They should have made at least confident because most girls are and those who arent might get the courage to do so. Girls watch and say "Wow im just like the girl on tv" so they dont try to become better people. Overall I think it is a misportrayal of the life of a teenage girl.
  • At first I liked this show, but now I think it's the biggest peice of crap on tv!

    This show is worst then Hilary Duff! I can't believe I ever like this crap! Hilary plays n average teenager that's goes for a 'feel sorry for me' look! Its to sad for worlds! No offence people, but you'd have to be on crack to think this is the best show in the world! So do us all a favor, and change the channel!
  • umm....yeah great another peice of Disney crap.

    Weeeee it's time for a review on one of the most least watched prgrams on telvision yah! Well here i go as every one whose read any of my other reviews you will know that I hate Disney Channel more than.....well acultly I think I hate Disney Channel more than any thing else.well here it goes this program is just more Disney crap (before I go on with my review have you noticed how all most every Disney channel star trys to become a singer?)It’s about a girl with a cartoon carter for her self consciences this is really more of a girly show so any guy out there if you watch this once you go through puberty you will wonder why you ever watched this in the first place. Really there is nothing good to say about this show it’s not a comedy I now for a fact its not a comedy because I have a cense of humor its not a reality show I now that for a fact as well even thou I don't like to watch reality shows. And thats my review not much but its still my review.
  • lizzie mcguire isn'it that good i used to like it alot more than i do now

    lizzie is boring tweens/teens no that when i was younger i loved it and i hated the fact that it got canceled but now i dont Care!! Boring nobody likes it not one of my friends and neither do I! i have seen way better shows!!! i dont no why ppl like this show!
  • Too girly-girl show. Hate it!

    I hate this show soo much! Yes, at first everyone watched it and it was good but then it got worse. I hate it cuz if she doesn't like something or it doesn't go her way she goes "Ah!" then she will go and talk to her friends. Not entertaining.
  • When Lizzie McGuire comes on, you can hear the children in my neighborhood moan in dispair. A simple word of advice: Change the Channel before all your dreams become NIGHTMARES!!! This show isn't McDonalds, and I ain't lovin it.

    Why did Disney make this show? Apparently they have toddlers running Disney Channel, because I can't come up with one decent reason on as to why anyone would come up with such a crummy, insignificant show such as this.
    It only takes a couple of HOURS to describe the STUPIDITY of Lizzie McGuire. This is a show with horribly lame and boring plots. There is also a completly insecure and immature little boy. And might I add the extremly annoying Gordo who is supposed to be "funny, charming, intelligent, and heart-warming," while he has TV's lamest jokes, an ugly, hideous face, and makes people want to stab their eyes out and tell people they are olives. And then there is Miranda... the "funniest" character who is the most "fashionable" character and is absoulutly "charming..." Miranda COULD be all these things if every viewer was blind, deaf, and laughed at everything. And last but not least: Lizzie McGuire HERSELF!!! To sum this up quickly, Lizzie McGuire has some of the worst jokes on the show, has disgusting taste in clothes, whose face is absoulutly REPULSIVE, and the actor, Hilary Duff, is the most pathetic thing I have seen since Mike from Mike's Super Short Show.

    To finish this off, I have to ask a few questions:
    1. Why was Disney Channel stupid enough to come up with this show?
    2. Why did they have to pick Hilary Duff to be Lizzie McGuire? (Of all people, why her??)
    3. What is up with these pathetic story lines?
    4. Why must all the characters be so extremely stupid, not funny at all, and be horribel actors???

    This show isn't McDonalds, and I ain't lovin' it.
  • Hilary Duff, Not my favorite person in the world.

    OKay, let me start out by saying that hilary duff isn't my favorite person in the world. I don't really like her at all.

    But putting aside my dislike for her. I have to say that Lizzie McGuire was a pretty good show, with humorous plotlines and good messages.

    Although i somewhat blame this show on turning hilary duff into who she is today, you know, sorta standoffish (to all hilary duff fans i'm really sorry if this offends you but i'm mearly expressing my opinion) I still watch it when nothing else is on tv. Lizzie McGuire ended at 65 episodes and i think that is just when we had all had enough of her.
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