Lizzie McGuire - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Gordo's Bar Mitzvah
    Gordo's Bar Mitzvah
    Episode 31
    Gordo is feeling a little left behind: the girls are going crazy over Ethan Craft, who gets a new dirtbike for his 14th birthday, just like all the "men" in his family have. Even Larry Tudgeman is shaving now, though not very well! Gordo now wishes he had celebrated his bar mitzvah, the Jewish ceremony performed on the 13th birthday that marks the passage of a boy into manhood. Concerned about what makes a boy a man, Gordo takes his camera interviews many different men to get their experiences. He tries several different "manly" things that they mentioned, even going to a tattoo parlor! But he decides they are not for him. He asks his parents why they didn't insist on a bar mitzvah for him. They tell him they trusted his judgment then, and that at the time he didn't think it was necessary or important. But Gordo has made up his mind now--he wants to be bar mitzvahed. The ceremony is held with all his family and friends in attendance. Meanwhile, Mrs. Robinson brings home Matt after she's caught him stealing oranges from her tree once again. When his dad Sam doesn't seem to think he deserves much punishment, Jo McGuire is outraged. She tells Sam she's going on strike--disciplining the kids will be his problem. Sam doesn't prove to be up to the task as a slew of neighbors complain about Matt's bad behavior. But later Matt tells his Mom that his dad doesn't get it: he punishes him for accidental mistakes he made, yet lets him get away with the bigger stuff. Matt asks his mom to take over handing out his punishment again.moreless
  • Gordo's Video
    Gordo's Video
    Episode 30
    Gordo has his camera and is filming Lizzie and Miranda in the school cafeteria. He forgets the camera when they leave, and when he goes back for it, he finds it was running the whole time. When the friends view the footage, they see Kate telling Claire a big secret--she's fourteen, a year older than the other seventh graders, because she was held back in kindergarten! This gives Gordo an idea. He sets up several hidden cameras around the school which catch lots of embarrassing moments on tape. Gordo plans to make a movie and enter it in a local competition, hoping to prove with it that even the popular kids have things to be embarrassed about. Miranda is having a bad day, and at lunch she complains to Lizzie about the school and the people in it. Unknown to them, Gordo's hidden camera filmed them. When Miranda finds out Gordo intends to use her footage in his film, Miranda is outraged. Lizzie is caught right in the middle between her two friends, both of whom expect her support. But when the film "The Gordo Files" is shown at a school assembly, Gordo has altered the voices and digitally disguised the faces so that no one is recognizable. Miranda's voice is used, but the result turns out good, and everyone likes the film--except Kate, that is. Gordo, Miranda and Lizzie are all back on good terms again now that Gordo promises his hidden camera days are over. Also, Matt has decided on a new career for himself--stuntman. He tries to perform some elaborate and risky stunts, but his parents shoot down every attempt he makes. Finally he switches his career choice--to daredevil this time. Jo is horrified to find Matt has built a "Mile of Death Torture Track" in the back yard. She calls Sam out to the yard. When he gets there, he slips on a skateboard and takes a wild ride down the track. Matt decides to become a rock star instead.moreless
  • The Courtship of Miranda Sanchez
    When Miranda falls head over heels for Ryan Adams after seeing him perform in drama class, Lizzie vows to do all she can to get them together. But when Miranda gets tongue-tied after meeting Ryan in the halls, she wants Lizzie to tell her exactly what she should say to him. At lunch, Lizzie hides in a garbage can and feeds lines to Miranda as she talks to Ryan. Miranda repeats everything exactly, even sneezing when Lizzie does. A bee stings Lizzie and puts an end to the charade. Miranda is disappointed after this escapade and is about ready to give up on Ryan. When Lizzie tries to explain things to Ryan, he gets it backwards and thinks Lizzie is the one who likes him and that Miranda was talking to him for her friend's sake. Miranda thinks Lizzie betrayed her. But when Lizzie makes her come along and talk to Ryan one more time, Miranda realizes she was attracted to the actor rather than the real boy and she and Lizzie make up. Meanwhile, Gordo is getting tired of all the "girl talk" and longs to hang out with someone who appreciates monster trucks and hackysack. He comes over to Lizzie's house one day when she's not there and spends some time with Matt. Soon he and Matt are doing all sorts of "guy stuff." But after a while Gordo realizes he's still interested in what's going on with the girls and he tires of hanging with Matt all the time. He decides he can still be friends and spend time with Matt, but he gets back together with Lizzie and Miranda.moreless
  • Lizzie and Kate's Big Adventure (aka <i>Lizzie and Kate's Excellent Adventure</i>)
    Gordo and Miranda visit Lizzie after she was out sick and bring her some scary news--in social studies class she has to pair up on a project with---KATE!! Lizzie reacts hysterically. She tries to get out of going to class the next day but her parents make her go. Kate is mad about working with Lizzie also, but she comes by the McGuire house to work on their project, cooking a Latvian dish called an Alexander Tort (a raspberry pastry). At first the two are hostile to each other, but eventually they have a laugh or two and begin to recall the days when they were friends. Jo McGuire sees them enjoying themselves and tells the girls it seems like old times. Suddenly the girls stop being so friendly, then Kate excuses herself and leaves. At school Miranda and Gordo ask Lizzie how it went with Kate, expecting the worst. Lizzie says it wasn't so bad. In fact, the two are going to the Digital Bean to do work on a high-speed computer. When they get there, Kate and Lizzie are working fine, but Gordo and Miranda are there arguing with Kate's entourage, led by Claire. Back at home the girls have an accident with eggs and flour and laugh about it and the good times they used to share together. They wonder what happened to make them drift apart. Lizzie remembers that Kate came back from camp one summer and things were never the same. At school the next day the girls give an excellent oral presentation together and serve their food. After it's over, though, Miranda and Gordo get into a fight with Kate's posse again. They all expect Lizzie and Kate to join in. The two girls are quiet for a moment, but then they start taking verbal shots at each other. Things appear to have gone back to normal, but Kate and Lizzie share a glance and a smile that lets us know that there is still a bond between them. Meanwhile, a dream Matt had about a cancelled math test and a substitute teacher in red shoes comes true, so he immediately assumes he's a psychic. With the assistance of Oscar, he starts predicting the futures of other students, and surprisingly, things come true in one way or another. Matt's dad Sam is beginning to believe his son may actually be able to predict the future, but Jo will have none of it and seeks out ways to disprove Matt's psychic ability.moreless
  • Gordo and the Dwarves (aka <i>Gordo and the Magic Dwarves</i>)
    Gammy McGuire sends Lizzie one of her frequent "birthday" gifts--a role-playing game called Dwarflord: The Conquest. Mom insists that Lizzie play it at least once, so she recruits reluctant Miranda and Gordo for a game. The girls can't understand the incredibly complex rules but Gordo likes it. In fact, Gordo joins a "Dwarf Tribe" at school (led by Tudgeman, of course) and begins to spend all his time playing and thinking about the game. Gordo gets so obsessed that he even quits studying and, unbelievably, gets an "F" on a test! Lizzie and Miranda try to talk some sense back into Gordo but he refuses to see he is addicted to the game. Matt agrees to help the girls capture Gordo and help to deprogram him. They stealthily invade a Dwarflord game, abduct Gordo and hold an intervention in which they finally convince him to go back to his old lifestyle. Also, Matt has to observe wildlife for a school project. His dad Sam helps him out by climbing up a tree with him to look at a bird's nest. Matt gets bored right away, but Sam and later Mr. Sanchez get fascinated with it and spend hours in the tree.moreless
  • Scarlett Larry
    Scarlett Larry
    Episode 26
    Lizzie finds out in square-dancing class that a guy has a crush on her--but it's Larry Tudgeman! She asks her mom's advice about how to get rid of him, but Mom suggests she find out what he's all about first, intimating that her dad was kind of a geek when she first met him. This isn't what Lizzie wants to hear, but she doesn't want to be mean and consents to go out with Larry. To her surprise, he shows up for the date looking very nice, and--bigger surprise--she actually has fun on their trip to the science museum. Still, Lizzie doesn't want to be Larry's girlfriend, but at school the next day, Larry assumes that she is. The situation isn't helped when Kate broadcasts to the whole school that Lizzie and Larry are an item. After talking to Miranda and Gordo, Lizzie decides to let Larry down easy. After a day of letting him act like her boyfriend, Lizzie tells Larry that she doesn't think they are right for each other. Unexpectedly, he agrees, but tells Lizzie she's "the nicest person I know." Then he asks about Miranda! Also, Jo insists that Sam and Matt clean up all the junk accumulating around the house. The guys find Sam's old Soap-Box Derby racer and, along with Gordo, they work to restore it. They get it in shape to run, but Sam accidentally crashes it, putting an end to they guys' racing days.moreless
  • Facts of Life
    Facts of Life
    Episode 25
    Hoping to win a trip to Miami, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo team up to enter the school's "Fact-athlon." Their rival team consists of Kate Sanders, Larry Tudgeman and Claire Miller. But things start to look a little bleak when the faculty advisor Lizzie and company chose is replaced by substitute teacher Mr. Dig. But to their surprise, Mr. Dig manages to turn studying into something fun and interesting with his unusual approaches. By the time the competition starts, Lizzie's team is confident while Kate, Larry and Claire are feeling the pressure. But Kate's team beats Lizzie's team badly when there are too many questions about dates and names rather than "how and why" problems. Kate and her teammates gloat over their win and Mr. Dig is ready to leave his job at the school because he thinks he let the team down, But Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda convince him they they actually did learn a lot and that they had a good time doing it. Kate, Claire and Larry return from Miami limping, bugbit and sunburned. Also, Matt and Lanny want to start a rock band. After they audition a bunch of kids playing everything from trombone to Jew's harp, they settle on drummer Rick Marotta and begin rehearsals, which sound pretty bad. Mom and Dad try to talk Matt out of holding a backyard concert, but Matt is determined to do it. When the concert date arrives and the band plays, they actually sound decent. Sam and Jo are proud of their son, but Matt now has a "been there, done that" attitude and the band is already history.moreless
  • Night of the Day of the Dead
    The middle school is putting on a big Fright Night celebration for Halloween. Lizzie wants to appear as Vampira, the dungeon mistress, but Kate is in charge and she keeps the job for herself, making Lizzie clean out the janitor's closet and then giving her the role of a clown handing out balloons. Miranda brings her parents, who are helping her celebrate a Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. They bring by several items including skulls and skeletons which are meant to represent ancestors who are being honored. Kate is all smiles when Miranda's parents are around ("Toon Lizzie" calls Kate "phonier than cafeteria cheese"), but once they leave she yells at Miranda to get rid of that junk they brought. Miranda warns Kate that by disrespecting the dead, she is risking their wrath. Strange things begin to happen at Fright Night. The skeletons disappear, and so does Matt (dressed as himself turned inside out!), leaving behind only a handful of dirt! Gordo is gone too, but his voice is coming from a "burger buddy" doll! Lizzie appears to have turned into a zombie and the skeleton couple reappears in life size! Miranda and (especially) Kate are terrified--what is really going on? Meanwhile, with Lizzie and Matt at the school and the last of the trick-or-treaters presumably having come and gone, Jo and Sam McGuire settle in for some alone time. But the inevitable happens--that last kid who is way too big comes to the door looking for candy after it's all gone!moreless
  • Last Year's Model
    Episode 23
    Lizzie auditions to be in a fashion show presented by "Teen Attitude" magazine at a local mall and she gets accepted. At the show Lizzie looks great on the stage. Afterward, popular girl Jessica asks Lizzie to come to a party at her country club. Lizzie gets Miranda and Gordo invited also. At the party, all three are enjoying the fun, including the hot tub. But already Lizzie's friends are acting different. When Jessica asks her about coming to another party, Miranda starts answering for Lizzie like a press agent and she and Gordo start negotiating future appearances for her like a supermodel! At school things are very different, also. Kids stare at her in the hall like she's a celebrity. Kate is now fawning all over Lizzie, wanting to be her friend. Ethan is so starstruck that he can't even mumble a coherent sentence around her. Gordo and Miranda are as bad as anybody. Lizzie muses, "Gordo and Miranda aren't my friends anymore. They're my people!" Overwhelmed by the attention, Lizzie hides out in Mr. Dig's classroom. When she explains her dilemma to him, he suggests that if she wants them to stop acting like her lackeys, she ought to treat them like such. So Lizzie puts "Operation Superstar Brat" into motion. She blows her nose on the book report Gordo wrote for her. She make Miranda pick out all the green jellybeans in her candy dish. She makes both of them bark like dogs, then walks out on them. But she comes right back and tells Miranda and Gordo that she just wanted to show them what it was like to have a friend treat them so differently, and she wants their relationship to go back to normal. Lizzie is ready to give up being a model, but she still has a contract with the magazine. Miranda suggests that she "stink" as a model, and Lizzie does just that at the next show, looking like a nightmare and even picking a fight with Miranda in the front row! Lizzie is fired on the spot and things go back to normal for the three friends. Meanwhile, Matt gets a $50 gift certificate from Gammy McGuire. He and Lanny put their money together and buy a hammock, but it rips apart the first time they try to use it. Sam McGuire takes them back to the store to return the hammock, but a very rude store clerk won't let them do it. While Sam goes off looking for the manager, Matt and Lanny show that they know how to take care of business with this discourteous clerk.moreless
  • The Untitled Stan Jansen Project
    Director Stan Jansen is filming a documentary at the junior high and everyone is trying to get on camera--except Gordo, who wants to be a director himself. But Stan singles out Gordo as his star and tells him his appearance in the film could lead to a career in directing. Gordo is eager to go along, so when the director tells him he wants conflict, Gordo trashes Kate on camera. Lizzie and Miranda think that's great, but it's not so great when Tudgeman gets upset after the same treatment. Then when Gordo manipulates Lizzie and Miranda into revealing long-held secrets about each other, the trio's friendship is on the rocks. The girls can't stay mad at each other, though, and they convince Gordo that their friendship should be the most important thing to all of them. The kids find a way to get back at Stan Jansen. Meanwhile, Matt's classmate Melina is a real troublemaker--something he can appreciate. She's so good at it that she manages to get Matt blamed for every bad thing she does. Despite all this, Matt can't help but admire her for it.moreless
  • Lizzie Strikes Out
    Lizzie Strikes Out
    Episode 21
    Ethan invites Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda to go bowling with friends on the weekend. Of course the girls are thrilled but Gordo isn't so happy--bowling is something he's not good at. In fact, he got so nervous doing it before that his fingers swelled up and the ball had to be cut off his hand! Miranda says she will be Gordo's "life coach" for bowling and tries to teach him a kind of mystical philosophy ("Be the ball!") Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are trying to think of what they can do to stop the bully Heywood Biggs from picking on them. When Sam McGuire hears Lizzie talking about her sort-of date on the phone, he worries that he's not involved enough in his daughter's life. He asks her if she'd like for just the two of them to go out to dinner on Friday so they can spend some time together. Lizzie agrees, but later realizes that the bowling date is the same night! She decides she'll have to ask her father to reschedule. Lizzie explains to her dad about the bowling and he agrees to postpone their night out, but he seems disappointed. Matt and Lanny practice their revenge technique ("Operation Mummy") for Heywood on Lizzie. Later, Lizzie talks to her mom who says her dad understands about her wanting to go bowling with friends, but Lizzie feels a little guilty afterwards. At school, Gordo sees Mr. Dig wipe out badly on a scooter, but is surprised to see that he takes it as a positive, learning experience. Miranda tries to tell Gordo he's doesn't need to excel at everything. The advice seems to be working, because at the bowling alley, Gordo throws a gutter ball, but his fingers don't swell up. Lizzie bowls a strike, to the admiration of Ethan--and her dad, too, who she invited along.moreless
  • Educating Ethan
    Educating Ethan
    Episode 20
    Gordo wants to raise money for a new stereo, so Miranda and Lizzie suggest he tutor students who need help in math. His first student is Ethan Craft, much to the girls' delight. When Gordo is working with Ethan at the Digital Bean, Lizzie and Miranda keep trying to horn in on the action and end up spilling drinks all over the guys' papers. Gordo gets mad at them and suggests that they aren't smart enough to help him tutor anyway. The girls get angry right back at him and leave. Meanwhile, Matt and his friend Oscar are looking for something exciting to do. They decide to become "super heroes" Matt Man and the Incredible Oscar. They go around the neighborhood in costume trying to do good deeds, but all they do is annoy the neighbors. At lunch the next day, Gordo is having trouble explaining fractions to Ethan. As a peace offering, Lizzie tries to help. Gordo is not too happy about it, especially when Lizzie's explanation is clearer than his own. Ethan asks Lizzie to tutor him instead. Lizzie doesn't want to hurt her friendship with Gordo and reluctantly turns Ethan down. Miranda thinks she's crazy to have done that, but Lizzie is determined to be the bigger person. But then Gordo tells the girls they owe him an apology, which gets them mad at him all over again. Back at home, Mr. and Mrs. McGuire put a stop to Matt and Oscar's "do-gooding" outside of the house. At school, Lizzie gets an "A" on the math quiz but Ethan fails, despite Gordo's tutoring. Ethan again asks Lizzie to help tutor him and this time she can't resist. But when she gets ready to leave home to meet Ethan, she can't find any shoes! Matt and Oscar say the "Evil Shoe Baron" got them all. Mom says the super-heroes better find them right away. They do, then she puts an end to the do-gooding business once and for all. At the Digital Bean, Lizzie uses a visual aid to help explain fractions to Ethan--cheerleaders! At school, Gordo apologizes to the girls for the way he acted. Ethan "aces" the make-up test with a 72 and gives Lizzie a big hug as a reward.moreless
  • Gordo and the Girl
    Gordo and the Girl
    Episode 19
    Gordo begs off going to the horror movie marathon with Lizzie and Miranda, saying that he'll be spending some time "bonding" with his father. But at the Digital Bean before the show, the girls see him with Brooke Baker. At first they don't think he's on a date because he didn't tell them about it, but then they see him kiss Brooke! The girls aren't sure what to think about this. The next day at school, Gordo tells Lizzie he was with his father the day before. When he skips lunch with Lizzie and Miranda to help a "friend" with homework, the girls are even more confused. They just can't picture their longtime friend as anyone's boyfriend. Later, when Gordo is about to tell the girls about Brooke, Lizzie tells him first that she thinks Brooke is using him and that she's hurt he didn't tell her about his girlfriend before now. Gordo, for his part, is upset with Lizzie and Miranda for reacting the way they do. Miranda becomes more accepting of the idea of Gordo having a girlfriend, but Lizzie is still troubled by it. When she overhears Claire Miller saying she has to help get Brooke ready for a "hot date" that night, Lizzie is sure she can't be talking about Gordo and thinks Brooke is two-timing him. She goes to spy on Brooke at an Italian restaurant and takes along Miranda, dressed as a boy! At one point, to make sure it's Gordo, Lizzie makes Miranda follow him into the men's bathroom, much to her displeasure. The girls are about to leave when the host, thinking they're a couple on a date, seats them. When they try to bolt out of the restaurant, they run right into a waiter and end up on the floor in front of Gordo and Brooke, covered head to toe in pasta and sauce. Gordo is very disappointed with the two of them. Lizzie and Miranda are lamenting the loss of friendship with Gordo when he comes by to talk with them. He's still not happy about the way they acted, but he realizes that they do care about him. He tells the girls he broke up with Brooke. It seems that he wasn't ready yet for a relationship like she wanted. Brooke was asking for too much of his time, including time he spent with his friends Lizzie and Miranda. The trio is back on good terms once again, but that doesn't stop the girls from pestering Gordo to describe his "lip-lock" with Brooke. Meanwhile, Dad helps Matt learn a math lesson about odds and percentages by using candy to illustrate the principles. Matt learns the lesson too well. He and Lanny begin making bets with classmates like a couple of bookies and start winning things from them. When Mom finds Matt's betting book in the laundry, she confronts him. He says people just gave him stuff because they were grateful that he helped them learn about odds and percentages, but Jo McGuire is no dummy and she tells him he must give all his winnings back.moreless
  • Rated Aargh
    Rated Aargh
    Episode 18
    Lizzie's fantasy almost comes true when she is paired up with Ethan Craft in a CPR class at school, but he's so dense that the teacher chooses Tudgeman instead to give Lizzie mouth-to-mouth! Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda realize they are about the only three in school who haven't seen the latest blockbuster movie Vesuvius: The Eruption, which is rated R, and they're determined to get in to see it. When their parents all say "no" to their arguments, Gordo decides they should say they are going to play miniature golf, then go see the film. Lizzie is very nervous about lying to her parents, but she pulls it off with ease. The trio can't get past the ticket-taker, though, and can't slip in the back, so they mingle with the crowd as it is departing a showing and sneak in that way. While at the concession stand, they notice a man choking. Lizzie has had the training, so she goes and performs the Heimlich maneuver on the man, dislodging a sourball from his throat. A local news crew comes by and films a segment about Lizzie for the news that night. But then the trio realizes that their parents will watch the news and will find out where they've been unless they stop them. Back at home, Lizzie's parents get a phone call from the theatre telling them about their daughter's heroic actions. They are happy at first, but they soon realize that they've been deceived about the movie. When Lizzie and friends come home Mom and Dad make them squirm for a while by threatening to watch the news, then telling them the want to take them to see Vesuvius themselves. Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo all get grounded for a week or two. Also, Matt volunteers his parents to build a booth for his school's carnival, and they come up with the idea of a velcro wall people can leap onto while wearing a special velcro suit.moreless
  • Sibling Bonds
    Sibling Bonds
    Episode 17
    Matt is irritating Lizzie with his magic tricks while she's trying to do homework. Soon they are fighting like cats and dogs--or brother and sister--much to the annoyance of their parents. But as soon as Sam and Jo stop them, they go right back to fighting. At school Ethan Craft speaks to Lizzie and Miranda, but Lizzie is so tongue-tied she can barely utter a word. Mr. Escobar announces a charity drive and asks for volunteers. Lizzie thinks she'll be too busy until she hears that Ethan will be there. At home Lizzie is making some cookies for the event when Matt tries out another trick. This time he handcuffs himself to his sister, but he can't get the cuffs loose. Mom spies the key and hides it, thinking that if the kids are forced to spend a few hours chained together, they might learn to get along better. Now Lizzie is facing the horror of going to the charity drive with her little brother stuck on her arm! At the drive, Lizzie tries to hide Matt as best she can while Kate takes advantage of the situation and steals Ethan's attention. Meanwhile, with the family gone, Dad settles back at home alone to enjoy the football game, but he OD's on junk food and falls asleep before the kickoff. Lizzie is furious with Matt for the trouble he's causing her, but she notices that he's particularly avoiding a bully named Heywood. When Heywood trips Matt, Lizzie goes ballistic and scares him off. Now Matt and Lizzie are beginning to understand some of each other's problems. Kate comes by to laugh at Lizzie's situation and to rub it in that she's with Ethan. Matt, returning the favor for Lizzie, comes up with a good way to get back at Kate. Dad finally shows up with the key and the siblings are released from their bond. Ethan sees Lizzie and tells her he thinks it's cool that she spent the day with her little brother. He invites her out for pizza with some friends, but Lizzie declines when she sees Heywood menacing Matt again, and she goes to his rescue.moreless
  • Obsession
    Episode 16
    The various obsessions of Lizzie, Matt and Gordo are driving friends, family, teachers and themselves to distraction. Gordo is intent on winning the Science Olympics at all costs against defending champion Larry Tudgeman. Matt becomes hall monitor at his school and gets carried away with his own power, giving out citations to schoolmates by the dozen and even trying to do the same to teachers and family members. Meanwhile, after she and Miranda work on a successful volunteer project at school, Lizzie becomes an environmental warrior, a fanatic for collecting clothing and food for the homeless, and even a vegetarian! All three learn that they must put limits on their fanaticism or else their original causes will suffer as a result.moreless
  • Lizzie's Nightmares
    Lizzie's Nightmares
    Episode 15
    Lizzie is in a frenzy because Ethan Craft has asked her to sit with him at lunch the next day. But at home she still has to put up with bratty brother Matt, who put honey on the phone receiver and messed up her hair. Lizzie is furious with him and this time his parents are also very upset, too. They ground him and Mom says there will be more severe punishment to come. Matt races to catch the bus, but he gets on the wrong one, the junior high bus. Ethan Craft tells him to get out of his seat, but Matt stands up to him, which Ethan likes. He tells him his name is "Bond...Matt Bond." By the time they reach school, Matt has created a legend for himself as a child prodigy, actor, etc. and his reputation has already spread all over school. At home, Jo McGuire is worried when she hears Matt isn't at school. She fears he may have run away because she and husband Sam were so harsh with him. They call the police and even try to get Lanny to talk. Meanwhile, Lizzie heads toward Ethan's lunch table to find that the new student is entertaining the crowd there. She looks and sees that it's...Matt! Lizzie and Matt both scream in horror. It's Lizzie's worst nightmare come true as Matt decides he loves it at Lizzie's school and is admired by Ethan, Kate--even the principal! Lizzie calls the police to come get Matt, but getting arrested makes him seem even cooler to the students. As the episode ends, Ethan calls Lizzie and asks her to to bring a pizza for him and Matt on Saturday!moreless
  • Random Acts of Miranda
    Lizzie, who is writing for the school newspaper, asks for the assignment of covering the school's production of Mr. Escobar's play "Greasier." Miranda is overjoyed when she unexpectedly gets the lead in the play. When Lizzie and Gordo go to rehearsal, however, they are dismayed to find that Miranda is a terrible actress, and clumsy to boot. Miranda is confident before the opening of the play, but her performance is no better and she destroys most of the props and scenery. Lizzie can't bring herself to write the bad review Miranda deserves, but Gordo thinks she'll be able to take it. Lizzie writes a review that is honest, but goes easy on Miranda. Her friend doesn't see it that way, though, and thinks Lizzie has betrayed her. At lunch they get into a big fight. Gordo gives Miranda a tape of her performance and a copy of Lizzie's review and asks her to watch and read them both. Lizzie writes a retraction of her review but Miranda now realizes she was just being honest and tells her not to print it. One month later, Lizzie is in the audience preparing to cringe as Miranda makes her debut with the glee club. But she's pleasantly surprised to hear that Miranda is a fine singer. Also, Matt wants $90 for walkie-talkies for him and Lanny (who still isn't talking!) Mr. and Mrs. McGuire want him to work for the money himself. The boys have a yard sale with Matt's stuff. Matt gets the walkie-talkies, but when his parents enter his room, they find that he's sold everything that was there including his clothes and the furniture.moreless
  • Come Fly with Me
    Come Fly with Me
    Episode 13
    Gordo, always the nonconformist, has a new passion: 1950s & '60s Las Vegas lounge culture, as epitomized by Frank Sinatra and the "Rat Pack." Lizzie and Miranda don't care for it, but they buy Gordo a Rat Pack CD. Ethan Craft listens to it on the bus and, surprisingly, likes it, which makes the girls reconsider their opinion. Soon they are dressing in fashions of the time. Gordo thinks it's cool that they like it, but hopes that his new interest won't become the latest passing fad at school. But that looks like exactly what is happening as Ethan soon has all the guys wearing hats like Sinatra and listening to the music. Even Kate is admiring the girls for being in first on the new trend and actually asks for their advice on what to do! Gordo starts to sour on the Rat Pack and he comes up with a new interest--radio-controlled 1/64 scale World War II airplanes, only his enthusiasm doesn't seem genuine. Committee chairman Kate plans the theme for the next dance, "Lounging Around." She puts Miranda and Lizzie in charge of music and clothing. The girls are in over their heads now and must go to Gordo for help. He's mad at them for making his special interest so popular among the other students and won't help them. They can tell he doesn't care for his new hobby and urge him not to give up his interest in lounge culture just because everyone else likes it, but he won't listen to them. Lizzie and Miranda can't enjoy themselves at the dance without Gordo there even though they are largely responsible for its success. Just as they are about to leave, Gordo shows up dressed to the hilt and in full Sinatra mode. He thanks the girls for setting him straight. Meanwhile, Matt and his silent friend Lanny are trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. They attempt to set records for longest netball game, largest pancake, gaining weight, jumping rope, balancing teacups, holding a vocal note and running up and down stairs. When they come up several miles short on the longest rubber band chain, Matt gives up in discouragement. But his mom comes up with an idea: surely 38 failed attempts to break a world record is a world record itself!moreless
  • Between a Rock and a Bra Place
    Lizzie and Miranda note that when a girl gets her first bra, her personality somehow seems to change. They decide they are ready for their first, and hatch a plan to get Lizzie's mom to take them to the mall where they will shop for "school supplies." Lizzie is a terrible liar, though, and blurts out the real reason for the trip. Mom is overjoyed to help the girls out, but she embarrasses them as they are shopping. Lizzie is very harsh with her mother, telling her that she and Miranda are old enough to do their own shopping and to leave them alone. The girls face further embarrassment when they run into Kate, Claire, and their English teacher Mr. Coppersmith. They also find that they don't know what to look for. They find Mrs. McGuire and apologize for being abrupt with her and ask for her help. Also, Matt is entering the Jet Li sidekick contest. He gets his dad and Gordo with his camcorder to help him make a martial arts movie as his contest entry, but it doesn't go well. Sam McGuire calls up a mysterious man named David, a kung fu expert, to help instruct them. After David finishes with them, he disappears quickly. Gordo asks, "Who was that guy?" Sam answers, "I've known him all my life. He's like a brother to me." Matt's entry wins the contest.moreless
  • Bad Girl McGuire
    Episode 11
    In math class, punked-out troublemaker Angel puts gums in Lizzie's hair, then tries to cheat off her test paper. The teacher is annoyed with the distractions and sends them both to detention. Lizzie is nervous about entering the detention hall for the first time and facing Angel again, but she actually finds that the experience is a different one for her--almost fun. When she gets home, Mom is mad at her for not calling about being late. Lizzie lies about where she's been. Mom is also mad at Matt for being late. When he complains about the freedoms his friends have, including no bedtimes, Mom makes a deal: if he comes home on time, he won't have a bedtime. Matt is overjoyed about this, but Jo seems to know what she's doing. At school Lizzie is now dressing like Angel and hanging with her. She's also forging notes and cutting classes. Angel invites her to a high-school party on Friday. When Lizzie later finds out there will be no parents at the party, she's secretly worried. Gordo and Miranda decide that Lizzie needs an intervention, so they sit her down and make her watch a video they've made, "Before They Were Bad Girls." Lizzie admits that being bad is a lot of hard work. She tells Gordo and Miranda that she'll spend next Friday with them and she puts Angel back in her place. Meanwhile, Matt has been staying up late at night and walking around like a zombie in the daytime. Soon he asks for his old bedtime back.moreless
  • I Do, I Don't
    Episode 10
    Mrs. Stebel pairs up the students in her social studies class for a mock marriage assignment. Each set of partners must draw a job from a jar at random, work up a fictional lifestyle and report back at a pretend 20-year reunion. Always-snobby Kate is horrified to find herself matched up with Larry Tudgeman, but at least she likes her job, a television anchorwoman. Lizzie wants to be partnered with Ethan Craft, who's not so smart but is cute. But she gets familiar old Gordo, whose job is sanitation engineer (garbageman). Lizzie figures it's not so bad, though, since Gordo will probably ensure she gets a good grade. Her mind begins to change when Miranda gets picked to be Ethan's partner, and he's a surgeon to boot. Lizzie can't help but be jealous. Kate tries to completely ignore her "husband" Larry, and Lizzie unconsciously does the same thing to Gordo, as she begins obsessing about Ethan and Miranda, who couldn't be happier. Gordo is disappointed that his friend Lizzie is taking him for granted. At the Digital Bean, Lizzie sees Kate and Ethan and overhears that Kate plans to leave Larry at the reunion and wants "Dr. Craft" to do the same to Miranda. Lizzie wants to tell Miranda but can't bring herself to do it until just before the reunion starts. Miranda is crushed, but when it comes time for her and Ethan to give their presentation, she turns the tables on him and leaves him first. Larry also finds a way to pay back Kate. In the meantime, Jo McGuire is worried about what Matt is up to and asks her husband to find out what it is. Sam follows his son to where he's building a "Mattcave," a place all his own where he can escape to and hang out. Dad thinks that's a great idea and soon both the McGuire boys are spending time there. But Mom finds them and tells them to get out of the "mud hole."moreless
  • Election
    Episode 9
    Lizzie and friends are frustrated--the only candidates for school president are super-popular cheerleader Claire Miller and oddball Larry Tudgeman, who promises to eat a worm for every vote he gets. Gordo encourages Lizzie to run as a "normal" candidate and Miranda seconds the motion. Lizzie agrees to do it. Gordo is her gung-ho campaign manager as she runs on a "voice of the people" platform. Lizzie starts to gain confidence, even enough to tell off Claire and Kate. Gordo thinks she should schmooze the "second-tier" popular kids in the drama club, so Lizzie puts on her shades and black leather and tries to get in good with them. Miranda is annoyed that Lizzie is blowing off the less popular kids and groups to hang with the drama club. Lizzie starts to develop a prima donna attitude and now Gordo has to agree that he has helped create a monster in candidate Lizzie. The big surprise on election day is that underdog Larry wins. Lizzie must face Miranda and Gordo after the election but they are forgiving. Also, Matt begins talking about Jasper, his imaginary friend. Mr. and Mrs. McGuire are concerned that Matt is too old to be having such a playmate. They give him extra attention--and presents--but Jasper won't go away. Then Mom hears him on the phone telling his friend how his plan is working perfectly.moreless
  • Misadventures in Babysitting
    When a babysitter cancels on the McGuires, Lizzie suggests that she's old enough to do the job for her brother Matt, but mom and dad say no. After much persuasion from Lizzie they relent, and Miranda and Gordo also come over to help. After Mr. and Mrs. McGuire leave, Matt generally causes havoc, spilling grape juice on the rug, acting bratty and taking advantage of Lizzie, who badly wants to impress her parents with her responsibility. Miranda and Gordo aren't much help as they won't follow Lizzie's orders either. At the restaurant Sam McGuire wants to sneak home and check on his daughter and son; Jo doesn't like the idea, but says just don't let them see you. Meanwhile at the house, Matt has knocked out the power. Mr. McGuire tries to peer in the window and goes tumbling over. The kids think he's a burglar and call the police. Mr. McGuire tries to get in the locked house and the kids wage a battle against him reminiscent of the movie Home Alone. The police come to arrest Sam. After all is straightened out, Lizzie's parents apologize for not trusting her.moreless
  • Aaron Carter's Coming to Town (a.k.a. Here Comes Aaron Carter)
    Lizzie and Miranda are excited about the news that singer Aaron Carter is coming to their town to do a video shoot. They enlist Gordo to help them figure out where the shoot will take place so they can crash the set and meet Aaron. Matt horns his way into the group also. When they arrive at the site Matt is mistaken for Aaron's stand-in and let on the set, but the other three are not. They try several ways to sneak in but are always chased off by a security guard. In all the confusion Mr. and Mrs. McGuire somehow manage to get detained by security. Aaron's manager catches the trio and Lizzie convinces her to at least let one of them meet Aaron. She agrees, and Lizzie tells Miranda that she can be the one. Lizzie goes back to get a tape recorder she left behind and runs in to Aaron, who gives her a kiss. The kids all get to be extras in the video.moreless
  • Jack of All Trades
    Episode 6
    Gordo is sure that Mr. Pettus is giving him "B"s instead of "A"s because Pettus doesn't like him. His state of mind isn't helped any when the teacher gives the class an aptitude test which shows that Gordo is best suited to be a blackjack dealer. To prove that Mr. Pettus has it in for him, Gordo convinces Lizzie to turn in his science project with her name on it and vice versa, which ends up having disastrous results. Also, Matt adopts a hip-hop attitude and insists that everyone call him "M-Dogg."moreless
  • I've Got Rhythmic
    Episode 5
    Lizzie is dissatisfied with being an ordinary "B" student and is looking for something at which she can excel. Surprisingly, she finds out in gym class that she has a real talent for rhythmic gymnastics. But she thinks the sport is stupid and is ambivalent about competing. She trains hard and goes to the regional competition, where a jealous Kate tries to sabotage her performance. Miranda and Gordo help foil Kate's plan and Lizzie wins first place. Her parents are proud but Lizzie decides to give up the sport and go back to being her "ordinary" self.moreless
  • Pool Party (a.k.a. Pilot)
    Lizzie and Miranda are ecstatic about being invited to a pool party given by their heartthrob, Danny Kessler. Mrs. McGuire is excited for Lizzie too until she finds out it's on the same day as grandma's 80th birthday party. She tells Lizzie she has to go to her grandma's instead and Lizzie is furious. The next day at school Miranda temporarily gets on the good side of Kate, the girls' former best friend who has literally and figuratively outgrown them. Kate invites Miranda to hang out with her crowd, causing a conflict between Miranda and Lizzie. At home Lizzie catches her mom on the phone making up a lie to get out of a commitment and accuses her of being a hypocrite. Gordo helps Lizzie to smooth over her differences with Miranda. Mom tells Lizzie she can go to the party after all, but she decides not to and spends the day with Gordo.moreless
  • When Moms Attack
    Episode 3
    Lizzie is looking forward to the science class field trip, but she is mortified when she finds out that her mother is a last-minute replacement as the girls' chaperone. Lizzie fears that her mother will embarrass her to death, and Mom does a pretty good job of doing just that while they are competing with the boys on a nature walk. But Mrs. McGuire proves how cool she can be when she helps the girls get back at the boys for a prank they pulled then takes all the blame herself. Back at home, Matt and Mr. McGuire are left on their own and try to cook for themselves.moreless
  • Picture Day
    Episode 2
    Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo all have big problems on the day their pictures are to be taken for the junior high yearbook. Lizzie searches and searches for the right thing to wear, but her mother insists she put on a "hideous" sweater that her grandmother gave her. Miranda runs afoul of Kate when they both show up wearing the same outfit. And Gordo feels the pressure to assume a tough-guy pose when his picture is snapped. Meanwhile Matt hasn't studied for a quiz at school, so he fakes being sick to get out of it. But he finds out that his mom's cure can be worse than the disease.moreless
  • Rumors
    Episode 1
    Lizzie tries out for cheerleader but doesn't do very well. Later that night she and Miranda chat online. Lizzie jokes that Kate made the squad because she stuffs her bra. Miranda accidentally sends out the message to everyone on the class roster. The next day at school Kate is furious about the taunting she's receiving and confronts Lizzie and Miranda, demanding to know who is responsible. Lizzie stutters and stammers for a few moments, then Miranda says that she did it. Kate promises to make her life miserable, and a war of dirty tricks breaks out between the two. Miranda tells Lizzie that she took the blame because Lizzie can't handle conflict. Lizzie feels guilty as the war between Miranda and Kate escalates. Finally Lizzie works up the nerve to take responsibility for the message and she stands up to Kate. Also, Matt brings home a lizard for a school project and names it Lizzie, much to his sister's annoyance. While Mr. and Mrs. McGuire are supposed to be watching the lizard, it dies.moreless