Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 7

The Longest Yard

Aired Unknown May 17, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • THAT’S RIGHT GO FOOTBALL!!! WHOOPS!!! Matt and Lanny accidentally broke Sam's Wayne Paton signed football. They are all grounded and to add to that Lizzie was babysitting them. OHOH!!! Matt and Lanny try to help it survive. Watch Lizzie find bad boy.

    THAT’S RIGHT GO FOOTBALL!!! Jo and Sam are going to this football game. WHOOPS!!! Matt and Lanny accidentally broke Sam\'s Wayne Paton signed football. They are all grounded and to add to that Lizzie was babysitting them. OHOH!!! Matt and Lanny try to help it survive. Lizzie and Miranda are very worried about the annoying twosome. Matt and Lanny have to fix the football fast. They go to where people have bicycles and pumps. They go to a hospital where they get chased out of it. They go to a collector’s game corner where they sell everything. Matt looks around and vuola WAYNE PATON. Hooray! Matt and Lanny approach him and starts crying. They were very artful because Matt started to stammer that he broke his dad’s football. The cruel shopkeeper does not acquiesce unfortunately. Lizzie finds Matt in the game corner and tells him she was very worried about him. Lizzie takes the football thinking craftily. She suddenly comes up with an idea. She asks the shopkeeper to give her the Dep Buckus football for old Walter Peton. He acquiesces. They all sneak home through the window because Jo called some babysitters to find them. They manage to get home safely.

    At home Jo asks what they had been doing. Lizzie’s conscience says hanging out with everyone was fun. She says it was boring.
  • 5.4
    Jo McGuire gets roped into attending the Super Sports Expo with her husband, so she makes Lizzie cancel her plans for the day to stay home and watch Matt (and Lanny.) This infuriates Lizzie, but she tries to be responsible and stops the boys from playing with her dad's prize possession, a football autographed by the legendary Walter Payton. But Matt and Lanny managed to deflate the football anyway. Lizzie and Matt know they're in BIG trouble if they can't get the ball fixed, so Lizzie calls Miranda and Gordo over to help her come up with a solution to the problem.

    Soon Lizzie has an ever bigger problem. The two young boys have gone off by themselves to try and get the ball fixed. Mrs. McGuire calls to say they will be late arriving home, but she suspects something is wrong when she talks to Lizzie, so Sam asks a couple of his softball buddies to go by the house and check on things. Lizzie and Miranda go off to find Matt and Lanny while Gordo waits at the McGuire house. At first he is happy to be alone with the TV and the refrigerator full of food, but when Sam's friends Jeremy and David come by to check up on things, he has to try to convince them everything is OK. Lizzie and Miranda finally find the boys at the Collector's Corner trying to replace the football. By this time Lizzie is more relieved that Matt is alright rather than worried about the football. She trades in the deflated Walter Payton ball for one autographed by Dick Butkus and the group manages to sneak in just as the parents arrive back home. But of course Sam notice the difference in the footballs. Lizzie and Matt come clean and each try to take the blame themselves, but it turns out that the real Walter Payton ball was accidentally destroyed a few months before--by Jo!
  • This Episode Scores A Touchdown.

    Unlike the Burt Reynolds movie of the same name, this episode doesn’t feature an ex quarterback in prison. But like that movie, it does revolve around football. Or more explicitly, it revolves around Sam’s prized Walter Payton autographed football.

    Sam and Jo are off to the ‘Super Sports Expo’ (Sam happily, Jo reluctantly). In their absence Lizzie is delegated the task of watching Matt and Lanny and making sure they stay out of trouble.

    Events then transpire to the point where Sam’s prized football is (forcibly) deflated. It’s here where things start to ‘heat up’ plot-wise. Matt and Lanny sneak off to try and fix the situation while Lizzie and Miranda (with Gordo staying behind to ‘hold the fort’) go off to try and find the wayward duo.

    Obviously this is a ‘filler’ episode. But as with every episode, there is a moral at the heart of the story. This one is about the bonds of siblinghood. The same theme was visited in “Sibling Bonds” (and to a much lesser extent in “Misadventures in Babysitting”). The episode is also, to a lesser degree about responsibility (much like in the aforementioned “Misadventures in Babysitting").

    When Matt (and Lanny) take off on their own, Lizzie becomes frightened. Her maternal instincts kick in and she worries about their safety. So much so that she can’t even summon the will to recriminate them when they are found. Her relief at finding Matt (and Lanny) is such that she doesn’t even care about the severe punishment that is certain to come their way for destroying Sam’s collectable. This really shows how much she cares for her brother.

    And Matt himself reveals just how much he holds his big sister in esteem. When Lizzie asks him what he was thinking when he (and Lanny) took off, he responds that he thought to himself what she would do in the situation. After admitting that she wouldn’t be in the situation in the first place, he knew she would try and fix it, so that’s what he (and Lanny) attempted to do.

    The caring bond the two have (beneath their squabbling exterior) is nice to see. It never hurts to remind the audience that there’s depth beneath the surface.

    As for the subplot, unlike most episodes, there isn’t one here. Everything is tied to the main plot.

    Overall, this is a nice little episode. We get a show of affection, we get guest characters by way of Lanny and Sam’s softball buddies, and we get sports memorabilia. Though there are a couple of ‘ugly’ parts.

    Notably, Miranda’s labeling of people who visit the ‘Collector’s Corner’ as ‘geeks’. Just because someone has interests different than yours, that doesn’t make them mock worthy, which is essentially a proclaiming of one’s ‘superiority’. That’s the judgmental portion of Miranda rearing its ugly head again.

    And then there’s Jo’s grounding of Lizzie and Matt. Why? Because they inadvertently rooted out *her* own deception of replacing Sam’s real autographed football (which fell into the fireplace) with one signed by her. She was caught in her own lie, and what does she do? She punishes Lizzie and Matt for it! That’s not just. What kind of example is that to set for one’s kids? Shame on you Jo.

    Not to mention the fact that no one suggested taking back the football. After all, the football Lizzie traded for the autographed Dick Butkus wasn’t the original football signed by Walter Payton. It was a forgery signed by Jo. So Lizzie got an authentic collectors piece in exchange for a phony. The storeowner got ripped off! Yet no one, not Lizzie, not Matt, not even Jo or Sam suggest it go back to the store. Granted, I’d do the same thing, but I’m not supposed to be a paragon of virtue. ;-)

    But at the end of the day, this is a good episode. It has a very good ‘day in the life’ vibe to it. Among the top dozen or so to date.