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Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 9

Those Freaky McGuires

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Those Freaky McGuires
As usual, Lizzie and her brother Matt are involved in a big fight. "Fine! I'll stay out of your life!" they both scream at each other simultaneously. Then, to their amazement, something totally unbelieveable and mysterious happens--their personalities switch bodies, Matt becoming Lizzie and Lizzie becoming Matt! The siblings are horrified by the change, but they are unable to explain it to their parents, so they have no choice but to go to school like everything was normal. Well, not exactly. Matt (as Lizzie) dresses up like Elton John on his worst day and goes around school tripping over his (her) shoes, making better friends with Ethan Craft by talking about guy stuff like scabs and bruises. Gordo and Miranda are mystified by the changes in the girl they think is their old friend Lizzie, especailly after she pulls a revenge prank on Kate. Meanwhile Lizzie (as Matt) slicks her (his) hair down and dresses like a nerd, hoping to stay quiet and attract as little attention as possible. But that doesn't happen, as Melina tells him (her) that he's in trouble for a prank some other student pulled. Lizzie (Matt) tells her and Lanny about the strange occurance that took place, and surprisingly, they believe him (or is it her?) So they seek out the real culprit, Clark Benson, and clear Matt's name. Miranda and Gordo are also surprised--they think the new Lizzie is showing more self-confidence than ever before. The brother and sister finally arrive home and compare notes on what has happened during the day, finding out that they both helped solve problems for each other. But they are no closer to getting back into their own bodies than they were when the left home in the morning. That night, Matt (Lizzie) tosses around uncomfortably in his bed and falls on the floor. In her room, Lizzie awakens suddenly, and yes, she's Lizzie once again! She rushes into the hall where she meets up with Matt and tells him she's back to normal, but they are interrupted briefly by their parents. After Mr. and Mrs. McGuire go back to bed, Lizzie asks Matt if the whole weird ordeal really happened. Matt asks back warily--did what happen? The whole issue is left up in the air.moreless

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  • those freaky mcguires

    Although this episode was very entertaining, I didn't like how it lost it sense of realism, one of the best things about this show is that it's something you can relate too, and all of that was lost in this episode. Matt & Lizzie switch bodies, probably one of the most ridiculous plots on this show, but it worked in a way.

    I laughed ever single time Matt as Lizzie fell in the hallway, and the thing I mostly enjoyed about this episode was Kate's humiliation. You think after this episode, Kate could just stop being mean to people, but nope, I guess she just wont learn her lesson just yet. Not even a bucket of chili will change her.

    I liked how the siblings dealt with the situations they were put in to. Like Lizzie as Matt trying to prove Matt's innocence. Or Matt as Lizzie just standing up for himself and having an original thought which definitely helped Lizzie in the popularity department.

    A weird episode, that I'm a bit ambivalent about. Maybe if the writers made it clear that this was a dream sequence, but the fact that this might have actually happened just turns me off completely. Not the best, not the worst. Memorable, I'll give it that.moreless
  • Every Series Has A Clunker.

    Amongst the course of every television series there is always that one episode that ‘outshines’ the rest in its low quality. That one episode that was a bad idea to being with. That one episode that shouldn’t have been written. That one episode that shouldn’t have been filmed. That one episode that should never have aired. This is that episode.

    The very concept (that Lizzie and Matt switch bodies) violates the underlying reality of the series. In fact, the sole redeeming feature of this episode is the indication that it is nothing more than one long dream sequence.

    Not only does the very premise of the episode intrude upon the show’s reality, but it’s also down right creepy! A brother switching into a sister’s body, and vice versa? The ‘ewww’ factor is off the chart! Just talking about it makes me squirmy! To quote Miranda from “Gordo’s Bar Mitzvah”, “Ewww. Let’s not go there!”

    I suppose the theory behind this episode is to show that each has problems and the other knows how to solve them. But nothing can justify such an ‘icky’ plot. It’s bad enough that a boy is suddenly thrust into a girl’s body (likewise a girl into a boy’s), but to have it be his own sibling? Who’s the target audience here? The Deep South?!?

    Shunting one’s mind from the horror that is this episode, there is one bright spot to come out of it all. And that is the display of acting skills of the thespians involved.

    Jake does a passable impression of the Lizzie character whereas Hilary does a masterful job portraying the Matt character. Once again something is proven to us that we already knew: that Hilary Duff is a fantastic actress! As I have said before, she has that ‘It’ quality that will take her far in this business.

    And as far a subplot goes, there isn’t one!

    In a nutshell, there are favorite episodes, least favorite episodes, and then there is *this*. The one episode of the series to date that I can honestly say I dislike. Like the plague, this episode should be avoided at all costs.

    To quote “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, “Run away! Run away!”moreless
  • Lizzie and Matt just can't seem to be able to see eye-to-eye. So they'll have to walk a day in each other's shoes... literally!

    I've always liked the whole"Freaky Friday"-esque scenario, so this was a pretty neat episode, one worth watching.

    It is quite interesting to see Lizzie and Matt go through each other's trials.

    My only real complaint, is the ending. Simply put: did it all really happen? Or was it all a dream...?
  • In this episode after Lizzie and Matt have an argument and yell the words "stay out of my life" Matt and Lizzie find themselves in eachothers bodies!Too scared to tell their parents they live eacthothers lives and find out how hard their lives rmoreless

    I thought this episode which lacks originality is actually quite good I enjoyed the episode and every time Its on I always watch it(yes I know how sad) I thought Jake Thomas (Matt) was brilliant pretending to be a girl but sadly thought that Hillary Duff (Lizzie) was a bit too over the top for me but she still pulled it off to make a truly great episode.
  • Lizzie and Matt switch personalities after they shout ‘STAY OUT OF MY LIFE’ both at the same time. They have to go to school as each other. But as Matt in Lizzie’s school and vice versa might work out to be better.moreless

    Lizzie is trying to find something to wear to school that day but finds that all her clothes have some sort of stain on them. She can only blame one person Matt. She accuses him for switching her laundry clothes with her closet clothes. They talk and talk until they start fighting but then they shout at the same time ‘Fine I’ll stay out of your life.’ Then somehow they switch personalities. Now Matt is Lizzie and Lizzie is Matt.

    They both pretend to be sick so they don’t have to go to school as each other But Lizzie tells her parents that Matt dared her to pretend to be sick. They ended up having to go to school as each other anyway.

    At school Lizzie strikes up a conversation with Ethan Craft and Larry Tudgeman about bruises, scabs and scars.

    When Lizzie went to her first class she was about to sit down when Kate pulls away Lizzie’s chair so she falls onto the floor again Lizzie quotes ‘I seem to be spending a long time on the ground.’ But to retaliate Lizzie fills Kate’s locker with frogs and when Kate opened her locker she ran away and then slipped on a banana peel and fell onto her stomach and while she was sliding she opened the door of the cafeteria but as she slid in a bucket of chilies and chili sauce smothered her. When Lizzie was having lunch, Kate came out and yelled at Lizzie about the chili incident. Lizzie had another mischievous scheme. She let Kate sit in her place but she snuck a loaf of bread with vegemite on top where she was sitting. When Kate sat down it made a horrible squishing noise. Meanwhile at Matt’s school he gets detention for three weeks because the principal thinks that Matt put bubbles in the water fountain but after loads and loads of detective work they find out the culprit is Clark Benson whose pudding Matt always spits in.moreless
Matteo Crismani

Matteo Crismani

Clark Benson

Guest Star

Carly Schroeder

Carly Schroeder


Recurring Role

Clayton Snyder

Clayton Snyder

Ethan Craft

Recurring Role

Kyle J. Downes

Kyle J. Downes

Larry Tudgeman

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Nitpick: When Lizzie (Matt) puts the frogs in Kate's locker she has to know what Kate's combination for her locker is.

    • A nitpick: If the banana peel was just sitting there in the middle of the hallway, shouldn't someone besides Kate have slipped on it?

    • Jo tells Matt and Lizzie they are going to be late for school if they don't hurry up. Then they go and change clothes and hairstyles several times before leaving for school and still manage to be early!

    • Kate slips on a banana peel and goes sliding on her stomach through a set of double doors. But when the bucket of chili on top of those doors falls on her just a second later, she's on her back.

    • In the series of shots when Miranda and Gordo see Matt (as Lizzie) for the first time there are two girls who appear in many of the shots. One is wearing a red top and blue jeans and the other a pink top and short blue skirt. In two separate shots, when the camera is on Lizzie, they enter the hallway from the same classroom. Then in shots of Miranda and Gordo both girls can be seen walking behind them when they should still be approaching Lizzie.

    • When Matt and Lizzie first switch bodies, they immediately turn on their heels and go to their rooms before they realize what happens. But they go straight to the rooms they came out of, which would now be the other person's room. Right?

    • When Lizzie and Matt switch they both yell "I'll stay out of your life!" But when they try to switch back and they say it again, they say "stay out of my life" instead of what they first said.

    • When Lizzie and Matt's parents come out in the hall at the end of the episode, Sam McGuire doesn't have on his glasses until they appear in the very last shot before they go back in the bedroom. Even if he was holding them in his hand, there was no time for him to put them on between shots.

    • Kate gets doused with what Lizzie (Matt) calls chili, but it appears to be only baked beans without any chili.

  • QUOTES (13)

  • NOTES (11)

    • This episode was published in the Lizzie McGuire Cine Manga Volume 14.

    • First episode that Christian Copelin "Lanny" Carly Schroeder "Melina" appear in together.

    • Jake Thomas and Matteo Crismani (Clark) appeared in the CBS drama Without a Trace in the episode "Wannabe." In it the roles are reversed with Matteo as a school bully who picks on Jake.

    • This episode is similar to the 1976 movie Freaky Friday starring Jodie Foster. The movie had the same basic plot, except the main character, Annabel (played by Foster) switches bodies with her mother (Barbara Harris). A remake of the film starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis was released August 5, 2003.

    • The prank that Matt (as Lizzie) pulled on Kate won "Most Embarrassing Moment" in the viewer voting on the Disney Channel's broadcast of "A Raven New Year's Eve," December 31, 2002.

    • Stunt doubles: Julie Adair (for Lizzie); Lisa Hoyle (for Kate. Hoyle was also a stunt double for Jessica Steen in the Disney Channel movie Smart House.)

    • Continuity: Matt (as Lizzie) tells Ethan Craft about jumping on the velcro wall, something he did in "Rated Aargh."
      Also, when Jo says "Matt, that didn't work when you wanted to get out of that history test ,and it won't work now," she's referring to the episode "Picture Day," in which Matt faked being sick. However, we remember it being a math test!
      More continuity: When Matt (as Lizzie) is talking about scabs and bruises, Ethan points to one he got after a mishap on his motorbike, which he got for his 14th birthday in "Gordo's Bar Mitzvah".
      When Miranda and Gordo first encounter Matt (as Lizzie) at school, Miranda wonders if an "intervention" might be necessary. Apparently this group is big on interventions. In previous episodes they had one for Lizzie ("Bad Girl McGuire") and one for Gordo ("Gordo and the Dwarves").

    • A good example of Disney Channel programming standards: when Miranda sees Lizzie in her "Elton John" get-up, she reacts by saying "Oh...my...gosh!" instead of the more likely expression "Oh...my...God!"

    • Further character identification: Clark's last name is Benson.

    • Filming Dates: January 6-10, 2002. The clapboard on the blooper reel shown at the end of the show is dated January 7, 2002.

    • This was the first weekly winner in the "Summer Of Lizzie McGuire" viewer voting. During this Disney Channel promotion, viewers could vote online for which of two new episodes they wanted to see. In a contest between two episodes featuring Matt McGuire, this one beat out "Bunkies."


    • Gordo: You look like Elton John.
      Elton John is one of the most enduringly popular rock stars of all time. His musical career started out in the 1960's but it was in the 1970's that his popularity soared to tremendous heights, and he continued to have best-selling records into the '80's and '90's. Although he was first thought of by some as an introspective singer-songwriter, he soon became known for wildly energetic stage shows and unbelievably outlandish costumes. Lizzie (or Matt) is correct when he notes to Gordo that the singer is now Sir Elton John, having been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998 for his contributions to music and his extensive work for AIDS-related charities.