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  • Season 2 Episode 35: The Lizzie McGuire Movie ...

  • When LIzzie and Gordo are walking onto the balcony they are holding hands, but quickly stop once they open the door.

  • When Lizzie and Paolo are walking in the marketplace and Paolo is talking about the artist who was burned at the stake, you can see an overhead microphone.

  • Nitpick: In the movie Gordo says that Lizzie's graduation robe is cool. However, in the book he says it looks hot.

  • I guess it isn't a big goof but when the Lizzie McGuire Movie trailer would play on Disney Channel or any other channel they would show a deleted scene everytime. It is the scene where Lizzie is sitting in the plane looking out the window. I believe she was wearing a purple shirt. It is shown as a deleted scene on The Lizzie McGuire Movie DVD.

  • When Paolo is telling Lizzie that they have to present the award he looses his accent twice.

  • During the part after Paolo leaves the stage and it is just Lizzie and Isabella. When Isabella askes the audience if they want to hear Lizzie sing, when they go over to Gordo telling Sandro to turn up Lizzie's mic you can see that Paolo's mic is know back to where it was when he went on to the stage at the start when he and Lizzie first started.

  • When Lizzie walks into the auditorium for graudation, she's wearing sneakers. But when she comes to the podium to deliver the speech in place of Margaret Chan, her shoes make the sound of high heels. And plus, why would she be wearing sneakers with a fancy dress?

  • In the scene where the Mcguires are trying to tell Georgio that they are the parents of Lizzie McGuire, you can see the sound microphone at the top left of the scene, right above Robert Carradine's head.

  • When Lizzie is walking into the airport, her pants are unrolled. Then, when she leaves her parents for the first time, her pants are cuffed. After hugging them and leaving to board the plane, her pants are unrolled again. On the plane, they appear to be cuffed.

  • When Lizzie and Kate ask Georgio if Gordo's plane has left yet, they refer to him as, "Gordo" and not, "David Gordon", yet Georgio still knows who they're talking about.

  • Continuity Goof: When Lizzie first starts singing on stage (with Paolo), the space on her stomach is small to where we barely see skin. When she starts to sing with Isabella, the space is bigger where we see half of her belly button, then it goes to being a triangle where we see her whole belly button. Then, it's a rectangle, then it's back to how it was when we first started to see her sing, then it briefly disappears, and finally it's a square that shows her whole belly button.

  • When the gang arrives at Rome and are in the bus looking at the sights, you can see that it is already dark. But when Gordo drags Lizzie to the balcony, the sun is still up.

  • When everyone is at the airport getting ready to leave for Rome, Kate walks in the waiting area and says "How many Lizzie's does it take to screw in a light bulb?". Theres an Air Canada plane taxi-ing along in the background outside. The camera then goes to Gordo and Lizzie who look at each other for a very brief moment, and then its back to Kate. Kate finishes her little joke "I don't know, but it only takes one to screw up a graduation". In the background outside, there is no plane, like Air Canada plane just suddenly disappered. At the speed the plane was travelling, there is no way that it could have possibly moved so fast in that brief clip of Lizzie and Gordo.

  • Nitpick---When Lizzie is being taken to her dressing room, Isabella yells to "Change! Chage your clothes and everything will be fine." When she says "Change your clothes" Hilary loses the accent just for a second but it's long enough even though she quickly recovers the Italian accent.

  • When Paolo comes to pick up Lizzie in his little car, Lizzie's hair is straight. But when she is sneaking past Georgio, her hair is all frizzed up. Wouldn't that take at least half an hour to do?

  • During the graduation ceremony, the emcee introduces the class president using the real whole name. But when Lizzie was called, the emcee says Lizzie Mcguire, not Elizabeth Brooke Mcguire or Elizabeth Mcguire.

  • The second day Lizzie is shown on the vespa with Paolo (when "Why Not" is playing) you can just barely see that she is wearing a light pink top. However, a few seconds later, she is wearing a jean jacket; a completely different outfit from before. (The light pink, fluttery top was shown in the Movie Surfers commerical where Lindsay met "Paolo.") It's likely the editors completely cut out the scenes where Lizzie was wearing the pink top. It has been reported that in the DVD this goof does not appear.

  • When Lizzie talks to Paolo outside of the gellato shop, Lizzie's bottom hair clip is even with her eyebrows. However, in the next quick shot of her, the clip is in the middle of her forehead and in correct position.

  • At graduation the tassels are shown to be hanging over the left side of the cap, traditionally however tassels are to be worn on the right side until you are announced as graduated then it is symbolically moved to the left.

  • Goof or not a Goof: In the scene when Lizzie and Paolo are signing autographs some of Lizzie's hair is in braids but when she is sneaking into the hotel her hair is perfectly strait, yet when she gets into bed it's in braids again.

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