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  • Season 2 Episode 34: Magic Train (aka Lizzie a...

  • Lizzie wants to take Matt to Clover and Daisy (so it'll look more acceptable for her to be there). But in a later scène, she says they can't go unless they're with a kid between the ages of two and five. Matt is said to be in the fourth-grade, and he definitely looks older than five.

  • Nitpick: Lizzie and Miranda give up at trying to get Matt to the Clover and Daisy show really easily, and a few seconds later we see Matt's giant dust bunny and are introduced to his idea of the museum. He says "Don't tell mom and dad about this." Why don't Lizzie and Miranda just blackmail Matt into going to the show by telling him if he doesn't go with them, Lizzie will tell their parents?

  • Nitpick: Considering how good of a homemaker Jo is, it seems unlikely that all the items in Matt's museum would go unnoticed for so long. Also Matt's dust bunny appears to be incredibly strong once Jo goes after it with the vacuum.

  • Nitpick: Towards the end of the episode, when Lizzie is standing on the chair singing, the cafeteria lady in the background is not holding a tray because it's on the table, but in the next shot she is holding one, and the shots alternate over the course of the scene.

  • Jo and Sam say that Matt is only in the 4th grade but in "The Longest Yard" Miranda identified him and Lanny as two 11-year-old boys.

  • Lizzie and Miranda try to get Matt to go on their old favorite TV show and then Gordo's cousin. Yet Lizzie stated in the first season that Miranda had a baby sister, so they could have used her.

  • Season 2 Episode 33: One of the Guys

  • During the song "Supergirl!" the captions read "I am so a girl" instead of the real lyrics, "I'm a supergirl"

  • The layout of Matt's room seems to change from episode to episode. In this one he has two sets of windows on different walls which would lead one to believe his room is on the corner of the house. But his room is situated between Lizzie's and his parents so he can't be on the corner.

  • Nitpick: In all of the shots of the clock in the gym it reads 11:10. Editor: As one viewer pointed out, the clock may have stopped because the battery died.

  • Right before Gordo falls off the bar you can see Lizzie's grip loosen on the bar with both hands, but she doesn't fall any lower.

  • When Ethan and Thomas come up to Lizzie in the courtyard, Lizzie yells at Miranda, by saying "Miranda" but the close caption says "Amanda."

  • The first time Lizzie is playing football, Gordo and Miranda are sitting on the bleachers, but in two later shots they appear to move to opposite ends of the bleachers.

  • When Fredo first does Matt's homework, long marks can be seen on the paper which look more like scribbling.

  • Season 2 Episode 32: My Dinner with Dig

  • When Mr. Dig goes to the McGuire house and presents himself to Sam and Jo, he says, "Digby Sellers, nice to meet you.", and Toon Lizzie says, "Digby Sellers?! No! You're Mr. Dig! Mr. Dig!" However, in the episode "Last Year's Model" when Lizzie ran into Mr. Dig inside a classroom, if you look closely at the upper right corner of the board behind the teacher's desk, in chalk is written, "Digby Sellers or call me DIG." She spent more than a minute in that room and yet did not notice it. Also, Mr. Dig was her substitute in other episodes, so it's very likely he would have written that in her other classes. [Ed. As a matter of fact, something similar can be seen on the board in the episode "Educating Ethan."]

  • When Matt asks Melina if he can borrow a pen, and Ms. Chapman comes over, Matt's notebook is open to a page divider but when it shows Ms. Chapman and then back to Matt, his notebook is open to paper.

  • The CD Sam says he had trouble finding and brings to school is the one which says "Saucer People" on it. Yet in the montage of photos of the dinner, Mr. Dig can be seen holding it.

  • After Ms. Chapman tells the class to clear their desks, the desk of the girl behind Matt can be seen with books on it and without books over a series of four shots.

  • Nitpick: When Lizzie is talking to her parents about inviting Mr. Dig to dinner, she says "have" twice: "I should have never have invited him to dinner."

  • When Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda are talking to Mr. Dig about how good Lizzie's mom's food is, a girl in flowered pants walks behind Mr. Dig to a table. In the very next shot of Mr. Dig the same girl repeats the same actions.

  • Lizzie tells her mom that she saw pictures of when her parents first met doing roller disco, but in the episode, "Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High" Lizzie's dad tells her that he met her mom during the first day of freshman year.

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