Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 5

Working Girl

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • Lizzie learns that working isn't as fun as it sounds. Matt learns that he has a serious crush on Miranda.

    This episode was one of the finest of the series. Lizzie's huge rampagent lecture towards the end of the episode was hilarious. You go girl! The subplot with Matt developing a serious crush on Miranda was very comedic and I liked it how Gordo just wanted to keep the relationship going just for "his sick entertainment" as Miranda calls it. This episode was very entertaining, fun and exciting as well as it teaching the audience another valuable life lesson.
  • Lizzie gets a job at busboy for the digital bean. But it is harder than it looks. Her boss is just too bossy and makes work for her too hard. Meanwhile Matt has developed a crush on Miranda.

    Lizzie wants to be independent and grown up so she gets a job at being busboy at the Digital bean. But her first day was terrifying, her boss is too bossy and expects everything to be chop chop. Without Kate and Claire to mess it up. They’ve been spilling things deliberately and smirking when she has to clean it up.
    So after two days of torture she absolutely screamed at all the people and her boss but in her ranting and raving her boss decided to fire her.

    Meanwhile Matt thinks that Melina has moved on because she isn’t picking on Matt anymore so he wants to talk to his sister but she is too busy with her busboy work so he decides to talk to Miranda. After Miranda says that Matt is a good kid Matt develops a crush on Miranda but Miranda thinks he has gone too far but she doesn’t know how to stop it.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes. Matt does a great job. This wasn't Lizzie's best though.

    I think it is so funny how Matt has a crush on Miranda. I don't really like the story part about Lizzie because it wasn't as funny as the other part of the story going on. My favorite quote is this:

    Miranda: "Guess we can't talk to the new workin' Lizzie."
    Gordo: "Probably not, (snickers) but you've got the next best thing, your boyfriend!"
    Miranda: "He is not my boyfriend!"
    Gordo: "But, he hearts you, MRNDA."

    I loved how Gordo played along with Matt liking Miranda for his own enjoyment instead of helping to get Matt to stop liking Miranda. I wish in the end Lizzie would have found out that her best friend went out with her brother while she was working.
  • It was very funny when Matt developed a crush on Miranda.

    This episode is all about Lizzie getting a job as a busboy. Meanwhile Matt develops a crush on Miranda. I didn't really care for the plot. This is one of the few times the subplot is more interesting than the plot in my opinion. I am a major fan of Miranda. I know that there have been suggestions of a Matt and Miranda pairing but it never crossed my mind that it could actually happen. I thought it was really funny but I felt sorry for Miranda. Also I am really, really, really sorry if I offended anyone but I don't like Matt that much.
  • 8.5
    Lizzie is getting tired of running to her parents every time she wants something, but they won't raise her allowance like she asks. So she finds another solution to make her "free and independent"--she takes a job as a busboy at the Digital Bean. But the new job is more than she bargained for. Her boss is a tough taskmaster, and rude, obnoxious customers--including Kate and Claire--are running her ragged. Lizzie's dad tells her she doesn't have to keep the job if it is too much trouble, but Lizzie insists it's what she wants to do. But the pressures become too much one day and Lizzie goes ballistic, bawling out her rude customers and slave-driving boss. But her tirade gets her fired!

    Meanwhile, Matt laments to his friend Reggie that Melina doesn't care for him anymore--she's found another guy to get in trouble besides him! Reggie suggests he talk to another girl about it. Since Lizzie is too busy these days, Matt goes to Miranda for advice. But when she offers a sympathetic ear and tells him he's a great guy, Matt develops an instant crush on Miranda, to her horror and to Gordo's great amusement! Miranda doesn't know how she can "break up" with Matt, but the problem is taken care of when Melina arrives upon the scene and says that she's the only one who will be getting Matt into trouble!
  • Lizzie + Work = Lesson. Matt + Crush = Laughs.

    Not a bad episode. This is a 'growing' episode for Lizzie. One where she gains maturity. She finds out that being "free and independent" is not very free or independent. Like in "Just Like Lizzie", Lizzie learns her lesson by in fact failing at it. Lizzie is unable to cope with the harsh 'back breaking' reality that is being part of the workforce. Working is time consuming, and at times unpleasant. While Lizzie finds this out the hard way, at least she does find it out. She has gained a valuable insight into life, and has come away the wiser for it.

    Part of the lesson (that you are only a kid once, so enjoy it) also makes the audience nostalgic for those long ago days of youthful mirth. When all one had to worry about (as Sam points out) were getting good grades, hanging out with your friends, and being a good kid.

    But Lizzie is to be commended for not quitting. She realizes that working for a living is not what she thought it would be, but she doesn't resign from her job - even after her father earnestly tells her it's okay to do so. No, she soldiers on, and should receive (in the modern vernacular) 'mad props' for doing so. She ends up forcibly removed (i.e. fired) from the workforce, but at least she never knuckled under. This serves as a showcase for Lizzie's intestinal fortitude.

    She is definitely growing as a person.

    As far as the subplot goes, it is extremely entertaining. Matt crushing on Miranda, and Gordo's ceaseless amusement over it, is enjoyable to the max. What makes it especially funny is Miranda's reaction to the whole situation - which is mainly helplessness. Here is Miranda, who has shown in the past the ability, nay, desire, to confront problems head on, hapless in the face of Matt's affections. It seems to continue a trend for Miranda in regards to matters of romance. That trend being that unlike in other aspects of her life, when it comes to matters of the romantic variety she goes all to pieces. We see it in "The Courtship of Miranda Sanchez" and to a lesser degree in "You're a Good Man Lizzie McGuire".

    Miranda is unable to summon up the will to tell Matt that she doesn't want to be his girlfriend. In fact, she goes so far as to actually accept a date with him! That's how soft hearted she is. And as if all this wasn't good enough, the payoff of how Miranda gets off the hook is equally good. Melina shows up and jealously tells Miranda to back off, and the way she does it; "Just because you can't get a guy your own age doesn't mean you can steal mine" is hilarious. We see that Melina does care about Matt (beyond someone to get into trouble). We also are privy to Melina's domineering attitude. *She's* the one in control of the relationship. Though the sound effect of a whiplash after her command to Matt tends to make one think of a dominatrix, not exactly Disney subject matter. But in the 9-11 crowd (who this show is supposed to be aimed at primarily), it will most likely go unnoticed, or simply be interrupted as a 'task master' type of inference, as opposed to anything kinkier.

    Overall, the two halves of this episode are solid by themselves, though very different in tone. The main plot is a 'lesson' story while the sub plot is purely fun. In fact, if anything, the delight one gets from the sub plot tends to make one sorry to see the main plot come back up! But at the end of the day "Working Girl" is a solid 'showcase' episode. We get a moral, we get fun, and we get lots of guest characters.
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