Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 13

You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire

Aired Unknown Jul 26, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • Spring Fling.

    This episode was really light in the beginning, seemed like any other episode, a dance is coming up, and Kate & Lizzie have to work together. I thought this was going to be predicatble, but the truth was, it wasn't. Kate breaks the school statue and Lizzie has to take the fall for it, when Miranda asks her too. Miranda was being selfish by telling Lizzie to tell a teacher, just so she can go out with Cody. The mom/Lizzie scene was really great. It was really emotional, when Lizzie was crying. It was so awesome in the end when the school brought the party to Lizzie. Truly unpredictable. Matt & Lannie's plot was average. Great episode.
  • Kate broke the statue of their first principal. The principal said that if someone didn’t own up to it the dance would be cancelled. Lizzie decided to own up. But because of Gordo and Miranda Lizzie didn’t have to worry about her punishment.

    Lizzie and Kate are assigned to work together to decorate the hall for the Spring Fling dance, but Kate then changes it to a Spring time in Paris. She says that the head of their first principal must go so she pushes it and the head of the statue came off. Lizzie can not believe that Kate would do that. The next day Gordo says that the statue of the principal is missing and whoever the culprit is is in big trouble.
    Then Lizzie shows them the pieces of the principal in her backpack. Lizzie explains that Kate did it. Principal Tweedy announces at assembly that if the culprit does not own up then the Spring Fling dance cannot take place. Lizzie decides to own up instead of Kate. But principal Tweedy said that Lizzie couldn’t attend the dance but Gordo and Miranda make sure she doesn’t miss out.

    Meanwhile Matt and Laney have earned $150 for a new bike by cleaning the attic of their weird neighbour Mrs Carrabino which they both decide to share. But Laney isn’t letting Matt have a turn and Matt is worried that Laney is getting too carried away.
  • Spring Fling Dance! It is sooo exciting. Lizzie is put in charge of the decorations with Kate. They go to the place outside the gym where the dance is been held. Kate knocks the statue of the first principal on purpose. Whose gonna take the blame.

    Spring Fling Dance! It is sooo exciting. Lizzie is put in charge of the decorations with Kate. They go to the place outside the gym where the dance is been held. Kate knocks the statue of the first principal on purpose. Miranda is going nuts about her date with Cody, a boy from three of their classes. Gordo comes up with a plan to send her to Canada and change her name and be a lumberman until they pick her up. Lizzie does not acquiesce to that horrific plan. Principal Tweedy called the school for an emergency meeting. He said if the person who broke the statue does not confess he is canceling the Spring Fling Dance. That is a crafty move. Everyone was very upset and aghast at that unfair move. At home Lizzie has a nightmare about Miranda saying tell Principal Tweedy that you did it. My date is ruined. Gordo says don't tell anyone. Then the head of the principal comes and says 'kids cut that out. Lizzie wakes up. AT school Lizzie is uncertain whether to tell or not to tell. Miranda won. She went to Principal Tweedy's office and she confessed. Gordo was so unhappy when she reported. the Principal called for another meeting. He announced that the dance was back on. He also said Lizzie Mcguire broke the statue therefore not coming to the dance.

    Meanwhile Matt and Lanny have set their eyes on a new bike that costs 105 bucks. Matt and Lanny have to earn the money so they do a tap dance in front of Jo and Sam. Sam thinks it is brilliant so he gets some money . Jo said "No" no money. Tey make the money by cleaning the neighbors attic. When they get enough money they buy it. Matt and Lanny share it but Lanny never came back with the bike. At home Lizzie is so upset along with Matt. Lizzie is crying because of the events. Sam and Jo know there is a problem and Matt tells them about the good times Lanny and him had and he misses him. The cure was to call Lanny to hang out with him Jo asked Lizzie about it and she tells her about only wanting the best for everyone and the confession. Just then a doorbell rings and the whole school was on their doorstep. Lizzie asks them why they are there. Ethan says that she could not come to the party so the party came to her.
  • 5.3
    Lizzie is stuck on the Spring Fling dance committee with Kate. While they are checking out the site for the dance, Kate accidentally knocks over a bust of the school's first principal, cracking the stone head wide open. Kate shows little concern for what she did, though. She thinks if Lizzie keeps quiet, no one will ever know she did it. But Lizzie is concerned about the misdeed. She, Gordo and Miranda try but fail to put the statue back together again--using chewing gum! Principal Tweedy is angry about the "vandalism" and announces he will call off the dance if the culprit is not revealed. Gordo warns her not to be "a fink," but Miranda wants Lizzie to tell, because she has a real live date to the dance! Finally, Lizzie goes to see the principal, and at an assembly he announces that Lizzie has confessed to breaking the statue. The dance will be held, but Lizzie will not be allowed to attend. Gordo and Miranda realize what a sacrifice Lizzie just made. Kate is her usual self, telling friends, "I knew she did it, I just didn't want to tell on her!"

    Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are drooling over a $105 BMX bike, but Sam and Jo McGuire tell them they'll have to earn the money themselves for it. After cleaning out the attic of their oddball neighbor Mrs. Carribino, the boys have enough money for a single bike, which they buy and intend to share. Lanny takes the first ride, leaving Matt alone with no bike and no friend.

    The night of the dance, both Lizzie and Matt are at home sitting around depressed. Ther parents try to find out what's wrong. Matt tells his dad that since he and Lanny got the bike, they're never together anymore to enjoy each other's company. Matt calls Lanny and they decide their friendship is more important than the bike. When Jo asks Lizzie what's wrong, her daughter tearfully tells her the story of the statue and how she took the blame. But who should come to the door but Gordo...followed by Miranda...and Ethan...and Larry and a few dozen others who apreciate what Lizzie did. So while the party is on at Lizzie's house, Kate is stuck at school alone wondering where everyone else is!
  • Gut Check Time.

    In this episode Lizzie is faced with a difficult problem. The ‘Spring Fling’ dance will be called off if the culprit who broke the bust of the school’s first principal doesn’t come forward. Lizzie knows it is Kate who did it. So, does she ‘squeal’ on Kate, and thus earn the reputation of a ‘tattle tale’ (not to mention Kate’s enmity), or does she say nothing and allow the dance to be canceled?

    Lizzie chooses option ‘C’: she takes the blame upon herself. An interesting and brave decision. And ultimately it works out to her benefit. It was a gutsy thing to do. By taking the blame she not only allows the dance to continue, but there are ‘fringe’ benefits as well. By ‘confessing’ Lizzie heightened her stature among the student body (hence their coming to her house). Also, one can’t discount the psychological response from Kate in the matter. Once again Lizzie has shown how good of a friend she is, even if Kate isn’t one to her. That has to gnaw away at Kate’s subconscious somewhere. It just underscores what she threw away and wants back so much.

    And the situation gives rise to a further demonstration of Hilary Duff’s acting abilities. She gives her best ‘crying scene’ to date. Better even then one she gave in “First Kiss”, though oddly enough the character motivation would have seemed to be far greater there than in this current episode.

    Take note also of who shows up first at Lizzie’s house at the end. Gordo. Armed with refreshments no less. When the chips are down, who’s there ‘Johnny on the spot’? Gordo. Perhaps a subtle alluding to the Gordo/Lizzie romance thread?

    But while Lizzie’s ‘copping a plea’ works out, one has to wonder *why* she had to do it in the first place. It’s made clear that Kate wasn’t hiding the fact that she was the one who broke the statue head. She was even bragging about it! Are we, the audience, to understand that this common knowledge didn’t filter down to Principal Tweedy or any of the faculty staff? None of them overheard their students talking about it?

    Also, notice how keen Miranda was for Lizzie to turn Kate in. She didn’t care about the consequences. So one has to wonder why *she* didn’t just go in and tell Principal Tweedy that Kate did it. She had no problem with Lizzie doing it, so why not her instead? After all, the whole school knew. Literally *anyone* could have turned Kate in. Yet the onerous of burden is placed on Lizzie. Why?

    As far as the subplot goes, it is nicely matched up with the main plot. Matt and Lanny clean out an old woman’s attic to get money for new bikes. But they only get enough cash to buy one, and they then learn after taking turns riding it that there is no ‘we’ in ‘bike’. When one person is riding the bike the other is alone.

    But one has to wonder just how much attic cleaning pays these days! They made $105 just for moving stuff out! I know there was quite a bit of stuff there, but come on! ;-)

    Overall, this is clearly a ‘filler’ episode. But it is a good one. Matt and Lanny learn that spending time together is more precious than any bike. Lizzie learns that one must sometimes ‘bite the bullet’ for the greater good. And Miranda learns that she is attractive to boys. ;-)

    All in all, not too shabby.