Lloyd in Space

Monday 5:00 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 03, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Ride Along
      Ride Along
      Episode 9
      Lloyd and Eddie wonder why there is a large crowd of people at a restaurant in the mall and Eddie's Dad tells them that there was a robbery at the restaurant and Lloyd and Eddie go with Eddie's Dad to investigate the crime.
    • Go Crater Worms
      Go Crater Worms
      Episode 8
      The class clown Zoopy is leaving school and everybody's gonna miss him until of course there is gonna be a new one and Lloyd and Eddie audition for it but it's gonna be a tough competition.
    • Day One
      Day One
      Episode 7
      Lloyd wonders why Britney hates him so much so Douglas builds him a traveling time communicating watch which will able to take him to any time he wants he then goes back to the year he first came into school and stop his little self from tripping over Rodney's foot and ruining Britney's picture and he comes popular but feels bad for his former friends because he did'nt become friends with them because he is popular so yet again he tries to go back to the time he came back into school to make the things the way they were and make himself unpopular again.moreless
    • Commander Lloyd
      Commander Lloyd
      Episode 6
      Lloyd becomes commander after a gas freezes everyone in Intrepidville except the kids. Soon, everything gets chaotic and the ship breaks apart so with everybody else gone except the kids Lloyd has to save all the kids in Intrepidville.
    • Heads Up Blobberts!
      Kurt finds out he can remove his head and people start to like Kurt's body because it is without his head and Kurt tries to get his head back on his body but the body gets too harsh. Will he be able to get his body back or not?
    • Behind the Bolt
      Behind the Bolt
      Episode 4
      Mrs.Bolt's birthday is coming up and she decides that she has a birthday party but no one wants to go apart from Lloyd and he finds a video of what Mrs.Bolt used to be like rather than she is today and Mrs.Bolt decides she is not going to teach again. Lloyd then shows the tape to everybody at school and they turn up hoping that when she comes back she will be nice and kind to them.moreless
    • Halloween
      Episode 3
      Lloyd and the gang have a plan to scare Francine and her friends at Halloween and Boomer builds a haunted house and Lloyd and the gang think that it will scare Francine and her friends but when Lloyd and the gang themselves go into the haunted house they go into the future and Lloyd starts to miss Francine but it turns out that it was a prank by Francine, her friends and Boomer.moreless
    • The Big Fued
      The Big Fued
      Episode 2
      Principal Feely wants everyone to find out about their race for a festival and Kurt and Douglas start to hate each other due to the fact that they don't like something about each other
    • Room for the Larry
      Larry is fired from working on the bridge and tries to look for another job. Soon, everything is going wrong in the station and Larry saves the station from a meltdown.
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