Lloyd in Space

Monday 5:00 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 03, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Big 1-3
      The Big 1-3
      Episode 1
      It is Lloyd's thirteenth birthday and he has to write an essay for Mrs. Bolt on what it is like to be 13 years old.
    • Double Date
      Double Date
      Episode 2
      The school dance is here and everybody's excited except Lloyd who doesn't have a date until he meets Cindy who is a two headed alien but doesn't know until he sees her at school. He is then terrified but how will he keep taking Cindy to the dance was a bad idea a secret?moreless
    • The Science Project
      Douglas suggests that Lloyd should make a mould. Lloyd is happy about it first but then Lloyd's science project goes bad when he feeds it too much junk food.
    • Caution: Wormhole!
      Lloyd feels unappreciated by his family and friends, so on the school trip, Lloyd and Eddie fall into the worm hole which turns out to be a dumpster, but everyone else thinks they are somewhere else, so Lloyd and Eddie tell them to get some pizza and stuff.
    • The Hero of Urbit-Knarr
      Lloyd and his pals sneak aboard Brock Rockman's spaceship and Lloyd disguises himself as Brock Rockman; but when the aliens find out he is in disguise he kidnaps Lloyd and friends and only Lloyd's mother can save them now.
    • Daydream Transceiver
      Lloyd's fantasies seem to have come to life and Britney loves the tough fantasy Lloyd and there is clown Lloyd and all that but then Lloyd must stop the fantasies.
    • Campout on Zoltan III
      After watching a movie about pioneers in school, Lloyd and the gang ask their fathers if they could do camping and accidentally land on Zolton III ,the planet of danger, on the way.
    • Kurtlas the Symbiotic Boy
      Douglas and Kurt are scared of Rodney Glaxer who seems to bully everyone in the school, well, most people anyway. So they realise that they can teach him a lesson by bullying him back, and now that Doug is on Kurt's head, they start to call themselves Kurtlas. Soon, it becomes all too much and they actually try to form themselves into Kurtlas all together instead of Doug being on top of Kurt's head.moreless
    • Babysitter Lloyd
      Babysitter Lloyd
      Episode 9
      Since Francine's babysitter is somewhere else and Lloyd's Mom is leaving the house for the weekend, Lloyd is forced to take care of Francine for the weekend, but it turns into a disaster since Francine is breaking stuff and will blame Lloyd for the stuff she has broken. Lloyd then takes Rosie (Francine's favorite toy) onto a rocket ship. Francine later overhears Lloyd talking to his friends saying he wished he hadn't had a little sister so, Francine leaves the house for good, so Lloyd searches everywhere for her.moreless
    • Android Lloyd
      Android Lloyd
      Episode 10
      Lloyd is sick and tired of school and he sees that he can make an android replica of himself. So he builds it and everybody seems to like the replica of Lloyd even though they don't know that it's a replica of Lloyd until the real Lloyd comes and confesses.
    • Nerd from Beyond the Stars
      A nerd named Larvel joins the class and Lloyd is forced to help him out and everybody laughs at him. Soon he finds he's a pretty cool guy; but soon he becomes a teenager and starts to hang out with Britney and the gang which leaves Lloyd jealous.
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