Lloyd in Space

Monday 5:00 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 03, 2001 Between Seasons


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  • This show is just sad. The chracters are Perverts, anoying or just very ignorant.

    Let me describe the Characters:

    Duglus: Waaaaaaaay to cool for the other dweebs.
    Kurt: Stupid, but good none the less.
    Lloyd: Pervert. A big one.
    Eddy: Read Lloyd.

    His Sister: The MOST ANOYING chatracter EVER created. She is brat. id swear, but id get beeped.

    His mother; OMG! She is almost as bad. She is so unfair to Lloyd, and she spoils his sister.

    2/6 characters are good. 4/6 are not. that is a 2:4 ratio. Not a very good thing.
    I mean, I got sucked into watching the show, but some of the episodes are just anoying. and they all start so similar.

    a)His sister is anoying him
    b) his mother is not treating him fairly
    c) His teacher is being a normal teacher to the stupidest creature in the world, yes that is right, Lloyd.