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  • Over all review of the show and the team behind it.

    Paul & Joe, the creators of knew that the show was near cancellation once it was near the Disney 65 episode limit. As a result of that they created a new animated program, Lloyd In Space. The over all summary of the show is a 13-year old alien, Lloyd, who battles everyday teen issues such as earning money, learning about girls, and just growing up. The show had high quality animation and although not as detailed as Recess had brighter colors and \"funkier\" animation. The show was completely computer generated so it had a clean print. For a modern Disney cartoon the writing was average. The stories were nothing spectacular, but a few were \"gems\". Lloyd In Space is more or less a spin-off of the popular Recess Disney series. The voice actors are the same and both have kids trying to over come their parents or other adults. The show only lasted for 39 episodes. Although it took a period of 4 seasons to air the show it actually was produced in just two years, 2001 and 2002. The show’s last season was seen exclusively on Toon Disney for a short line-up that featured un-aired or new episodes of Disney series such as Teamo Supremo and The Weekenders. All were removed from Disney’s One Saturday Morning when the block was switched to the name ABC Kids and just aired Disney Channel shows such as Lizzie McGuire and then two hours of Jetix. Perhaps Disney over estimated the show and expected it to become a cult show like Recess or other Disney programs at the time that had a strong fan base. In fact if Lloyd In Space came before Recess then the show may have had a better chance with a larger fan base since it would have been more original. Never the less the show is decent to watch. However, I consider this one of those shows that you can\'t stand to watch the same episode twice un-like other Disney cartoons such as The Weekenders. If Disney were to go back and revise the show they might have considered more of an appeal to the show - - something that would draw viewers in. Maybe even a little bit of an action show. After all they are in space, but the show hardly ever acknowledges that. Also the other leading characters such as Lloyd\'s friends leave much to be desired. One example is Lloyd\'s pal Kurt who you are never sure of his true personality. One episode he is a big, dumb, airhead and the next he is a sensitive, compassionate, friend. As a viewer of the show you never got the full enchantment of who this character really is. Being produced by Disney the show already had a good following, but with cast and crew that is headed by Emmy Award-nominated actor Courtland Mead (Stephen King\'s \"The Shining,\" \"N.Y.P.D. Blue,\" \"The Young & The Restless\") as the series\' title character, \"Lloyd.\" Key characters include Lloyd\'s clique of friends -- the scheming \"Eddie\" (Justin Shenkarow, \"Picket Fences\"), the only human kid on the station; enormous \"Kurt\" (Bill Fagerbakke, \"Coach\"), a sweet, muscle-bound creature with the intelligence of a moon rock; and verifiable genius \"Douglas\" (Pam Hayden, \"The Simpsons\"), who is literally a walking brain. Others include the mentoring \"Station\" (Brian George, \"Seinfeld\"), an omnipresent extension of the space station; Lloyd\'s mother, Captain Nora Nebulon, (April Winchell, \"Disney\'s Recess,\" \"Disney\'s Pepper Ann\"), commander of the space station; his annoying little sister, Francine (Nicolette Little, \"Love & Sex\"); Mrs. Bolt (Tress MacNeille, \"Disney\'s Recess\"), the kids\' robotic instruction unit, aka eighth grade teacher; \"Horton\" (Clancy Brown, \"ER,\" \"The Shawshank Redemption\"), Eddie\'s father and the station\'s human police officer. Diedrich Bader (\"The Drew Carey Show\") has a recurring role, while Ben Stein (\"Win Ben Stein\'s Money\") and John O\'Hurley (\"Seinfeld\") are among the series\' guest stars. For the crew the show had the creative team behind Recess, but also the experienced musician Jim Lang who is best known for his work in Nickelodeon\'s Hey Arnold. Before I actually took the time to read the credits at the end of the program I always thought that a few of the sound effects and techno music was similar to that in Hey Arnold, but never fully realized that it was Jim Lang. All in all Lloyd In Space was a good show and with a few revisions could have been a lot more \"flour in the cookies\".

    Lloyd In Space no longer airs on ABC Kids or The Disney Channel, but can be viewed on Toon Disney at 5:30 A.M (Eastern Time). The show does not have any merchandise out and since it is canceled the chances are extremely rare.

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