Lloyd in Space

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • It could've been so much better.

    I have to say that I'm disappointed that Paul and Joe, the same creators behind Recess, made this show. I really do like the idea of the show and I know what they were trying to do, but this show feels empty like the vacuum of space. Lloyd in Space centers around a 13 year old green alien named Lloyd Nebulon and his friends. They are Douglass, the brains of the group and literally a brain. Kurt is a giant purple alien who's stupid, but has a good heart. Then there's Eddie, the human boy who acts rather smug. The four friends have adventures together and must overcome some type of problem before learning something at the end. Admittedly, this show has a good idea implemented and there is a lot of potential shown here. Unfortunately, like The Proud Family, Lloyd in Space suffers from almost every character being unlikable jerks. The title character, Lloyd, comes off as a bit arrogant, moronic, and he seems to have his mind in the gutter a lot (if you know what I mean). He doesn't really come off as a hero and is kind of selfish. Eddie is no better than Lloyd at all and seems to be the same as him. the only difference is that Eddie seems to be dumber and seems to have a very dirty mind. Douglass was a great character and I got some laughs out of him. I personally liked how resourceful he was in handling situations. Kurt is the best character on the show by far. He was lovable, kind, gentle, and seemed to get the most laughs out of me. I think the show should've been about him instead of Lloyd. Lloyd's family is no better at all. The mom treats Lloyd poorly 90% of the time and seems to show little love or care for him. She also spoils the little sister, Francine, a lot and always seems to take her side. Francine is the worst character on the show. She's very bratty, a complete jerk, always humiliates Lloyd, and is not the least bit likable. She had this power of telekinesis, but she always used it to her own gains and hurt Lloyd. This is the type of sister who needs a very long time out and should have her powers removed from her for good. The other characters aren't really worth mentioning aside from the fact that they have almost have the same personalities as some of the characters from Recess, like the teacher being Miss Finster. The story ideas are pretty good, but some of them feel rehashed like the love potion one. Some of them are creative though like the genderless alien. The humor is pretty decent in this show, but most of it comes from Kurt and Douglass or when they're together. I didn't really find anything funny in this show and the stuff I did find funny was far and few in between. The artwork is really good here like all Paul and Joe shows. The characters have good designs to them, well I really think Lloyd could've looked better, and the set designs are creative and there's plenty of eye candy. The animation in general is also really good and flows smoothly. Now as for the morals this show provides, to be fair, they do a pretty good job of sending the message without shoving it down our throats. Lloyd in Space is not a God awful cartoon, but I feel like there could've been so much more to this. It's a shame too since the show had a lot of potential, but it was not that well executed. If maybe the show focused on Douglass and Kurt, removed Lloyd, his family, and Eddie, this could've been really good. Some of the jokes aren't funny and almost every character is rather annoying, moronic, or come off as jerks. There's a good idea buried here, but this show is probably better off left in the vacuum of space and left forgotten.
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