Lloyd in Space

Monday 5:00 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 03, 2001 Returning October 17, 2017


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  • Great show for kids... watchable as an adult

    I love this show. And I didn't even discover it until I was already an adult, when it was in reruns. Of course it helps that I like any sort of show that has a space theme to some extent, but really this was well written for the most part and I found all of the characters interesting, and most were lovable. Yes, Francine was annoying, but she was SUPPOSED to be annoying ... she was the little sister. Remember, the stories are being told from the point of view of a preteen young boy... a younger little sister is about guaranteed to be perceived as a pest. Francine, with her powers, is an exaggeration and representation of every little sister who's better at something than her big brother and who wants to be included in his activities... who both competes with, and secretly adulates her older brother. In several episodes she redeems herself by saving Lloyd and his friends. Those episodes were some of my favorites. All the lessons learned, even though he's a young alien boy in an alien environment, are pertinent life lessons for anyone, even adults, if they're willing to put themselves in the frame of mind of their younger selves. I also liked that his mom was a respectable, well employed strong woman and single mom. I always assumed his dad had died and she was widowed but I don't recall that they ever went into it in any detail on that. But in general the whole show had lots to be admired and I really wish there were more episodes to be seen...