Lloyd in Space

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Best Show EVER!!!!!!

    How could ANYONE hate this show? Seriously! It's the coolest show EVER!! Here's why:


    A wicked space station? A whole town inside? Hover cars? First clue of awesomeness!


    We first have Lloyd, a typical 13- year old alien boy. He's not my favourite, but he's ok. Yes, he sometimes takes advantage of people, and he has terrible taste in women, and he can be shallow, but he's a good guy. He's mostly nice, and pretty loyal to his AWSOME friends, and usually learns how he screwed up.

    Eddie Horton is the AWSOME best friend of Lloyd. He's sarcastic, witty, charming and funny! He can sometimes be a real jerk, though. He causes trouble at any chance he can, and loves to pull pranks. But, he has a soft side, too. He was the first to befriend little Lloyd on the first day of school, after Lloyd tripped and fell on Britney's artwork. Eddie also taught Lloyd not to judge others when Lloyd had a blind date with a girl with two heads! He can be really sweet at some rare times, such as when he spent time with his cop dad after the two caught a criminal. That's why Eddie is, and always will be, my favourite.

    Then there's Douglas, the brain. Don't really like him. He's not fun to be around. All he dose is talk about atoms and crap.

    Kurt, the big dumb blob. He's sweet and loveable, but annoying too.

    Lloyd's stupid bratty sister Francine sucks. Others can complain about her on other reviews.

    Nora, Lloyd's mom. Also commander of the ship. Kind but unfair.

    Boomer, the pot smokin mechanic. He's cool, and he's also a prince!

    Britney. The stupid spoilt brat. Hate her soooooooo much! So dose Eddie, thank goodness!

    And there are others, too. I'm just sick of typing. Anyways, love the show. Thank God for YouTube. If you hate this AWSOME show, back off!!!!
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