Lloyd in Space - Season 2

Monday 5:00 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 03, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Big Sleepover
    The Big Sleepover
    Episode 9
    Lloyd and friends discover that the girls are passing invitations around saying that it is a girl's only party so Lloyd goes to the slumber party dressed as a girl so nobody figures out that it is really him.
  • Boomer's Secret Life
    The police try to find Boomer and he must hide so Lloyd and Eddie hide him only to find out that his Father (The King) wants his son to come home and we find out that Boomer in fact is a prince but Boomer doesn't want to be king. Lloyd and Eddie keep trying to convince his dad that he doesn't want to be king but he doesn't allow them in until Boomer claims that he doesn't want to be king.moreless
  • Nora's Big Date
    Nora's Big Date
    Episode 2
    Nora a.k.a Mrs. Nebulon starts falling in love with the ship mechanic and Lloyd begins to worry about her acting like this he figures out that the guy happens to be a monster like Lloyd thought he was but still then Nora loves him anyway.
  • Pet Wars
    Pet Wars
    Episode 3
    The boys have no money and are broke then Lloyd comes up with an idea by starting to do a pet care business. Then Eddie can't take being bossed about anymore and he starts his own pet business which leaves them fighting against each other and soon the pets are all released.moreless
  • Girl from the Center of the Universe
    When this new girl appears in school she makes the boys fall in love with her but they soon realise it is just a trick and only Lloyd is not affected by it.
  • You're Never Too Old
    Lloyd visits his Grandpa Leo at the retirement home but he is bored until Leo starts to see a woman he has a crush on but he is afraid to even speak to her so Lloyd helps him try to get her attention by maybe doing a dance.
  • Lloyd's Lost Weekend
    Lloyd's mom and Francine are going to Zizmo Beach which Lloyd thinks is babyish and even worse they are going to McZorks' (there version of McDonald's) afterwards which Lloyd declines to spend a weekend with the McNoggins but they are too boring then he spends a weekend with the Blobberts but they are too babyish he then goes to Eddie's family but they are too boring as well he starts to miss his family and he'd do anything to see them again even if it means going to Zizmo Beach.moreless
  • Lloyd Changes His Mind
    Lloyd is so sick and tired of Francine always reading his mind so Douglas gives his mind scrambler which can block reading his mind but Francine tries so hard they change minds and Lloyd seems to like it inside Francine's mind but Francine seems to hate it inside Lloyd's mind. Will Lloyd in Francine's body of course save Francine before she gets scared of the dark at Darkon 5 and starts bawling?moreless
  • Francine's Power Trip
    Francine enjoys reading people's minds until she gets a head cold and will not able to read minds for a while she thinks it's forever and she really is upset about it.