Lloyd in Space

Season 2 Episode 9

The Big Sleepover

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Feb 16, 2002 on ABC

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  • Classic

    "The Big Sleepover" is probably tied with the "Love Beam #9" episode as the two best episodes of the entire show! This episode basically has Lloyd, Eddie, Kurt, and Douglass curious of what teenage girls do at sleepovers. The guys simply want to get the latest news about who likes who. Lloyd really loves Brittany, so he tries to find ways to observe what she is up to. The plot here is that Douglass' butterfly invention fails after being destroyed by his mother with a fly squatter, although it technically is a mechanical spy camera. Lloyd thus sneaks into the sleepover waiting to receive the latest gossip and secrets. As the episode progressed, Lloyd learns and appreciates the females as who they were. As a famous part of many episodes, Lloyd learns and lesson and explains the moral or his gained knowledge through experience to everyone. Lloyd says that he learned to appreciate the females and apologized, sadly enough Lloyd's friends crash the party by lamely spilling the beans of the spy camera Lloyd wore as he dressed up as a woman to fool everyone. In retaliation, Brittany and the girls dressed up Lloyd and friends as women, THE END
  • A pretty cool episode!

    This episode is hilarious! It's all about Britney inviting all the girls to secret sleepover! And Lloyd, Eddie,Kirk and Douglas want to sneak into the sleepover and hear their secrets. So Douglas builds this camera-butterfly and Lloyd has to sneak into the sleepover and place the camera. But he gets stuck there!! So the only way to get out of that place is to dress up as a girl and go to the sleepover as a girl! It's really hilarious and a must-see episode!