Location, Location, Location

Daily 11:55 PM on Channel 4 Premiered May 17, 2000 Between Seasons


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  • Locatn Location Location

    Love the programme and love Kirstie but why oh why does she always wear the same old style dresses which does nothing for her, she must have dozens in different than up the good work.
  • Good Property Programme

    I enjoy Location,Location, Location a lot, and try to catch the show when I can. The presenters, Kirstie & Phil, I like and don't find annoying in the slightest. There is a very southern bias to the selection of properties and the buyers, and I think they need to get out into the regions, a little more. As with all property programmes, because house prices change rapidly, catching the repeats, tends to mean the property prices are totally wrong. Its nice to see how people view properties and go through the process of choosing the right property. As well as looking at the properties for sale. Also the presenters give some good advice on how to deal with estate agents, when you hear how they speak to them, and put in offers. Overall good entertainment for those interested in homes and housing.
  • Predictable and insufferable - this pair and those unfortunate enough to appear alongside them have lost their shine, and should now be looking for Carehome, Carehome, Carehome.

    After several years of Location, Location and its various assorted sister programmes, the show has unfortunately fallen into the trap of predictability: from the same assortment of young professionals to would-be middle-class families with a multitude of children in tow looking for the "crashpad" in the City.

    Added to this is the dull Phil, whilst Kirsty delivers her usual weekly fashion car crash, shrewish presenting style and insufferable tone. Were it not for the inevitable laugh at her warped fashion sense on a weekly basis, I think I might be tempted to look for something better to watch.

    You might be forgiven for thinking that Kirsty's sister might offer a glimpse at what might have been - sadly, it seems that nepotism is alive and well.