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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Artillery

  • The Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer has an effective range of 19 miles and a bore of 155 mm.

  • The U. S. Military started using the M777 Field Howitzer in 2005. It has a range of 25 miles and a bore of 155 mm.

  • The M1A1 Pack Howitzer was developed in 1927 for the U. S. Military and was used extensively in World War 2 because it was lighter and easier for the soldiers to move. It could even be airdropped with the airborne divisions. It had a range of 9760 yards and a bore of 75 mm.

  • In 1881, the Mark XII One-Pounder was introduced as the first artillery piece to have a recoil mechanism that absorbed the recoil of the gun to keep it in place so each shot could be fired at the same target without having to take time to set the gun up again after firing like the other cannons up to this point. It had a range of two miles and a bore diameter of 1.65 inches.

  • Introduced in 1862 during the American Civil War, the 24-Pound Coehorn Mortar could fire a 12 pound projectile 1,200 yards and had a 5.82 inch bore.

  • The first artillery cannons that used gunpowder were invented by the Chinese in the 12th Century.

  • The 20-Pound Parrot Gun was the first artillery gun to have a rifled barrel.

  • The 12-Pound Napoleon was introduced around 1857 and had a range of 1700 yards and had a bore of 4.62 inches. The barrel of the gun was 72 inches long. This artillery was used by the Union Army in the Civil War and helped them win the war. The cannon was made from bronze which made the cannon more expensive and the North had more money to spend on them than the South did.

  • The 6-Pound Gun was introduce around 1841 and had a range of 1500 yards and had a bore of 3.67 inches. The barrel of the gun was 65 inches. This was the main artillery used by the American Army in the Mexican/American War.

  • The main cannons used in the Revolutionary War were the 3-Pound Guns that had a range of 400 yards and a bore of 2.9 inches.

  • The catapult was the earliest form of artillery.

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