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  • Everythings not what it seems

    I watch your show Lock up quite a bit, maybe because I worked in a state prison for 12 years and miss it a lot. My problem with this show is that everything is not as it seems. You go in there with cameras and the staff will be on there best behavior. What you see in an inmate is probably true. But the staff are so back stabbing to each other and especially to the inmates. In my 12 years with a state facality I have seen so many bad things done to these inmates it's ashame. I can give you many examples of this but right now I will only give you one. We had an officer there that everyone hated, staff and inmates alike. He treated everyone like dirt under his feet to be walked on. Than there was this one inmate, quiet, reserved. Worked for me in food service and we never had a problem. He use to come to me and tell me what this officer was doing to him on a daily basis and would tell me he was going to beat him up one day. This went on for a little over a year and I kept telling him it's not worth it. You know they will take his word over yours and you will be the one in trouble. Just do your time and get out of here, he wasn't doing that much time to began with. Than, one day I go into work and heard this officer got beat up really bad. Now he did have a brother in there as well and he was quite the little trouble maker so my first thought was it was him that did it. But when I found out it was the older brother that did it I couldn't believe it. What had happened was the day before this officer shook down his cell and took his watch claming it was contraband. The day he got beat up he, the officer, went into the same inmates cell to shake it down wearing the watch he took from him the day before. The inmate didn't say a word to him about it. The officer than began tearing up his cell. By now the inmate was use to it because this officer did this to him on a daily basis. The inmate had some family pictures hanging on his wall. The officer told him it was contraband yet never gave him the chance to take them down which he could have done and I am sure this inmate would have complied. The inmate also told him if you rip up those pictures I will beat the shit out of you. Well this superman, God like of an officer did just that, he ripped up all his family pictures and the inmate made good on his promise. I'm not saying it was right but anyone locked up or not can only take so much and all this has been going on for well over a year that I knew of. So the inmate was placed in the seg unit and than transfered to OSP super max security. It just so happened that this officer's son worked there. I would say the inmate had been there for about a week before the son and his good old boys worked him over something awful. They beat him so bad he was in the hospital for months. Well needless to say he sued the state and won. I don't know what happened to him but I do know the officer went off work with full pay and benifits for something he started, thank you very much tax payers. These correction officers know just what buttons to push and love to do it. If you really want to know the truth about what really goes on in there with staff and the way most of them handle themselves go in as an inmate with a hidden cam and mic. You would be surprised how often the inmate is in the right. I have many more stories to tell, I should just write a book about what the staff is really like. But this one will have to do for now. But you would be surprised how many inmates just want to do their time and stay out of the way and how the staff makes it impossible to do that. FYI, I never had any problems because I talked to them, told them the way it was and how they acted and what happened to them was their decision. They respected me for that and the fact that I never tried to set them up.
  • a prison worth going to

    the taylorsville prison in taylorsville,north carolina. it will be good one to see. there is a prison called the supermax in butler,nc