Lock-Up - Season 2

(ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • Photo Finish
    Photo Finish
    Episode 39

    A young woman is charged with espionage when microfilm of government missile tests is found in her car. Believing her secretive boyfriend was stashing film in her auto without her knowledge, Maris and Lt. Weston conduct a stakeout to capture the man and his cohorts in the spy ring.

  • The Intruder
    The Intruder
    Episode 38

    Allison Conway shoots and kills an intruder in her home, claiming she had no idea it was her soon to be ex-husband. Weston doesn't believe the story and takes her to jail. Maris re-stages the crime, hoping an overlooked clue will be revealed, and one is thanks to Mrs. Conway's housekeeper.

  • Face of Innocence
    Face of Innocence
    Episode 37

    An injured man involved in a deadly liquor store holdup barges into Marianne Kelly's apartment and expires. Weston wants to know if she was in on the robbery. Maris wants to know who paid her bail and sent him almost $1000 to act as her attorney.

  • Sacrifice Play
    Sacrifice Play
    Episode 36

    Sleazy newspaper columnist Mills Ambrose is gunned down after threatening to ruin a professor's reputation with a fabricated expose. The shooting was recorded by his dictation machine. The suspects are the muckraker's idealistic assistant and the principled writer who used to have Ambrose's job.

  • Court Martial
    Court Martial
    Episode 35
    Sergent Corey is court martialed for murder. Lt. Weston believes in Sgt. Corey because he helped him get started in his military career. Maris helps in the investigation.
  • Hurricane
    Episode 34

    A telegram from a key murder trial witness states that the man convicted of the crime is innocent. The pair brave a hurricane to speak to the dying man at his Florida home, but arrive too late. With the storm raging, they grill the family members who are obviously trying to hide the dead man's secret.

  • Leading Young Citizen

    Joe Taner is an angry young man who's been pushed to be an overachiever his whole life; he even received an award from the president and a war wound in Korea. His dominating sister comes to Herb when he's arrested for a series of home robberies, but Joe doesn't want any help from his sister or anyone she's hired.

  • The Accused
    The Accused
    Episode 32

    It appeared that Joe Carter, confined to a wheelchair since a car accident, had grown despondent and taken his own life. After tests prove it was murder, his widow and mother engage in accusations against each other. Wife Susan claims his controlling parent was responsible, and mother claims the wife was a cheating hussy.

  • The Wildcatter
    The Wildcatter
    Episode 31

    A masked, armed robber holds up an oil executive and his secretary and takes a quarter of a million dollars in securities. Based on a cufflink, the secretary identifies the robber as an employee. Maris believes the young engineer is innocent and questions other potential suspects around the oil field.

  • Mr. Sobel's Birthday Party

    The oddballs attending Mr. Sobel's office birthday party are found passed out on the floor; someone poisoned their refreshments and stole the payroll. The screwy nephew of the company owner confesses, but there are other eccentrics for Maris and Weston to consider: the sexy floozy, the dream interpreter, the hapless birthday boy, and his matronly fiancee.

  • Jungle Compound
    Jungle Compound
    Episode 29

    After an argument with the man he's replacing, the incoming zoo superintendent is gunned down. The zoo worker with a criminal record seems the obvious gunman, but Herb's not convinced. It's obvious that no one at the zoo liked the new boss and had a motive to see him die.

  • Two Wrongs
    Two Wrongs
    Episode 28

    Maris is asked to investigate the murder of a Broadway actress who was hated by all who knew her. Lt. Weston is holding a cocky stage actor as the lead suspect in the killing.

  • Planter's Death
    Planter's Death
    Episode 27

    Maris and Weston's vacation in the Caribbean is interrupted when the wife of plantation owner Henry Gibbons is charged with murdering her husband. After one of their frequent fights, Louise Gibbons says she tossed their gun off the pier so she wouldn't ever use it, but ballistic tests show that was the murder weapon.

  • Red Confetti
    Red Confetti
    Episode 26

    A spree of hit and runs targeting elderly drivers bewilders the police department. A piece of red confetti leads Maris and Lt. Weston to a dance studio where all of the victims were members.

  • Like Father, Like Son

    A grandfather accuses his grandson of breaking into his safe and stealing money and jewels. The old man administers the teenager's trust fund with an iron grip, convinced the hot rod-racing boy is too immature to manage his money wisely. Maris finds a clue to the case when he learns sleepwalking runs in the Burkhart family.

  • Design for Murder
    Design for Murder
    Episode 24

    Top dress designer Harvey Pinkly is murdered and his assistant, Marion Green, is arrested for the crime. She'd made a scene the day before because Pinkly had taken the credit for all the dresses she'd designed in his new line. Maris and Weston fly out to California to question the designer's other employees, all of whom say Marion must have been the murderer. They get a break in the case when an elderly wardrobe woman supposedly commits suicide. Maris' convinced she was murdered because she knew knew too much.

  • Fugitive From Fear
    Fugitive From Fear
    Episode 23

    Ken Tyler, a P.O.W. suffering a severe case of claustrophobia and fear of weapons, flees rather than talk to the cops about a murder. Maris tries to talk Ken into controlling his fears long enough to clear himself of killing his girlfriend and in flushing out the actual murderer.

  • End of Titan
    End of Titan
    Episode 22
    Lloyd Randell is killed and Debby Arnold is charged with murder. Maris defends her but has to review an incredible amount of evidence in order to make a good case.
  • A French Affair
    A French Affair
    Episode 21

    Herb Maris travels to Paris to close a merger deal with a corporate client and Lt. Weston goes along to learn from Interpol. When his client can't be found, Herb suspects foul play and notifies the French police. Meanwhile, he and Weston discover the missing man's last known whereabouts: a restaurant run by an American.

  • Abandoned Mine
    Abandoned Mine
    Episode 20

    Maris is out west checking property for a client when he's joined by Lt. Weston, sent to investigate a possible scam involving a worthless mine. The two head to Lost Star, Nevada (population 30) and learn from the old coot sheriff that the mine's owner was murdered. The lawmen try to uncover the killer among the town's residents.

  • Jennifer
    Episode 19

    Precocious Jennifer Vaughn wants Maris to reopen the year old case that got her stepmother convicted of killing her father. The junior-sleuth even comes armed with new "evidence." Lt. Weston, who investigated the case, is so sick of the pushy, know-it-all kid that he refuses to get near her. Herb thinks Jennifer might actually know something about the murder that she's afraid to tell.

  • A Case of Arson
    A Case of Arson
    Episode 18

    Elderly country lawyer Samuel Putnam is spittin' mad when his client, Agatha Wentworth, loses her motor court to the Denhams who hold the deed to the property. Putnam declares he'd rather see the place burn than that couple get their hands on it. It does burn and Putnam is wanted for arson. Maris works to clear his old friend of the charge.

  • His Brother's Keeper

    Officer Larry Wade stays with the elderly man who's just been mugged rather than chasing the perpetrator. He's charged with dereliction of duty by his superiors. Matters are made worse when they learn the criminal Larry allowed to escape was his brother. Maris defends Wade, putting him at odds with Lt. Weston.

  • Girls Wanted
    Girls Wanted
    Episode 16

    Maid Angela Valez is charged with killing the woman she works for. She was placed by an employment agency that brings young women to America as domestics before forcing them into the escort business. Maris has his receptionist go undercover and apply to the agency as a visitor from Scandinavia.

  • Compulsion Killer
    Compulsion Killer
    Episode 15

    Professor Hastings wants to convince his wife not to be so cavalier towards criminals, so when she walks across campus one night, he jumps out of the bushes and pretends to choke her. Lt. Weston doesn't treat it as just a foolish stunt. He arrests the professor as a suspect in the "Compulsion Killer" murders that have been committed on the university campus.

  • Concrete Coffin
    Concrete Coffin
    Episode 14

    A road crew finds a skeleton buried under a highway, prompting Herb to reopen one of the few cases his father ever lost. Dan Janis was convicted of killing his business partner, though he still claims innocence. Maris looks at who financially benefited from the man's death, and gets the company's old bookkeeper to help flush out the guilty.

  • Coins of Antiquity
    Coins of Antiquity
    Episode 13

    Soon-to-be American citizen Alexis George is charged with murdering the dealer who was supposed to buy the rare coins his mother sent from Greece. Lt. Weston believes the young man is innocent and joins Maris in questioning the others who work with him at the waterfront pier.

  • Number Please
    Number Please
    Episode 12

    Herb is asked to represent rich societyfriend Helen Allisonwho'sfound at the murder sceneofprivate eye Harry Bourne.Bourne was a sleazy characterhated by all who knew him, including his wife and clients.Maris and Lt. Weston catch a break when Helen's daughterconfesses that she had dated the married Bourne, a fact whichHarry promptly used to squeeze blackmail money out of the family. Believing his friend to be innocent of the murder, Herb turns his attention to Harry's other blackmail victims.

  • Top Secret
    Top Secret
    Episode 11

    Physicist Alan Decker is held for the murder of a fellow scientist with whom he worked. Maris is in the awkward position of clearing him without revealing to Lt. Weston that his client is also a secret agent of the government. Someone at the lab is clearly keeping a secret because Herb gets nothing but conflicting answers to his questions.

  • Society Doctor
    Society Doctor
    Episode 10

    Dr. William Stanhope, Maris' physician, is charged with murdering his wealthy wife. The couple had feuded over his self-centered behavior, her refusal to fund his research center, and his personal assistant, a delusional young woman who claimed he was in love with her.

  • Diamond Dupe
    Diamond Dupe
    Episode 9

    A bartender from the Golden Grill restaurant is arrested for selling stolen jewelry to a pawn shop. The gems were heisted from a couple dining at the Grill; at the same time, their house was being robbed. Maris thinks that's more than just a coincidence.

  • The Sisters
    The Sisters
    Episode 8

    Whitney Coleman's estranged philandering husband shows up at the apartment she's sharing with her sister and commits suicide. Whitney becomes a murder suspect when a man who's trying to blackmail her is killed by her vehicle. Maris is an old friend and believes she's being framed by someone for her money.

  • Seventh Hour
    Seventh Hour
    Episode 7

    Maris and Weston race the clock to clear an innocent handyman who's set to be executed in the morning. The pair learns that the man Nicolo Donadi was convicted of murdering was a racketeer making a power play within the mob. With time running out, they must get their hands on a negative that shows the real killers.

  • The Frame Up
    The Frame Up
    Episode 6

    Ex-convict Jimmy Dennis is accused of murdering a gangster who's found shot dead in his gift shop. Maris and Lt. Weston had helped rehabilitate Jimmy and believe he's being framed. The case turns when a witness reports seeing some other known criminals leaving the store the night of the murder.

  • Beau and Arrow Case

    Tom Chambers, the co-owner of an archery range, is charged with killing his psychologist. After a quarrel, the doctor is found at his desk with an arrow sticking out of his back. Chambers, who claims his innocence, admits to being on edge lately, but says its all because of his business.

  • Flying High
    Flying High
    Episode 4

    The investigation of a murdered stewardess implicates one of her two roommates, Jean Davis. Maris uncovers romantic jealousies between two of the women who had dated the same pilot, and a secret marriage as potential motives for the killing.

  • Skid Row Story
    Skid Row Story
    Episode 3

    It appears obvious that old coot Barney Klein swiped $5000 from the half-way house where he lives. Hes not helping his own case by making up ridiculous stories about what happened the night of the robbery. Barney's waitress girlfriend talks Maris into taking his case.

  • The Tee Off
    The Tee Off
    Episode 2

    Daniel Gray, inventor of a new explosive, is arrested for the murder of his boss who died by hitting a golf ball coated with the substance. Maris believes the ball was actually meant for Gray who, he discovers, has two women claiming to be his fiance.

  • Case of Joe Slate
    Case of Joe Slate
    Episode 1

    One of Maris and Weston's trout fishing weekends is spent solving a murder. Their usual guide, Joe Slate, is being charged with gunning down his wife, the town's promiscuous trollop. As the two out-of-towners question the locals to see who else might have had a motive, it becomes clear that the sheriff is trying prevent them from learning too much.

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