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  • I know a lot of people who like sci-fi had to love this show.I did back in the late 70's anything sci-fi I always watched. Gregory Harrison in the titile role as Logan does a great job of playing logan in all the action in the timeless sci-fi show, more

    Of the show it's to bad the network had takken it of the air in one season.But there still a lot of fans out there.
    I loved the movie version in 1976.Micheal York made a great Logan and Jenny Agutter was great as Jessia 6 and there' Francis of course.The tv version was good just not enough people watching that show.But this sci-fi show was based on a hit movie a year before and that why I watched this great action program.It gave us things we did not see in the movie
    and that something I needed to see good show.
  • The continuation of the saga begun in the film Logan's Run. A series that follows some of the main characters as they explore freedom amongst the ruins of the primitive world of their ancient past, while hunted down by those in the world they left behind.

    I remember when this series came out to cash in on the success of the movie. The premise seemed reasonable but I don't think the creators really thought through what it was they were going to cover once people left the dome and ventured out into the "real world". I've often wondered over the years about what they could have done - perhaps even focussing more on changes to life within the dome, but that is neither here nor there.

    I understand that a new Logan's Run (maybe a film?) has been discussed and may be releasing at some point in the future. It will be interesting to see if this comes about and how they would update it.
  • Bring it back or something close to it.

    Based on a good movie and with similarities to Planet of the Apes TV series.

    Logans Run died before it had a chance to develop its full potential. Some interesting stories and good casting made it worth worthing. The one I remember the most was the time traveler who ended up being the cause of the nuclear war that left the world in ruins.

    The odd thing was that the residents of the Domed city knew the world outside had become safe and yet chose to remain in a sealed city. The Sand Men who hunted Runners knew the outside world was safe and it wouldnt be long before everyone in the city knew about it. And why did no one else know about the City? There were people on the outside, surely they would try to find the way in. Its been 10 years since Ive seen an episode but this is one series I would want to see again or at least something like it.
  • i have always loved this show. i was 7 years old when it was on originally and have been wanting to get my hands on it for years. finally scored all the eps on the net. yeehaw

    logan's run was shunted around by cbs to so many different time slots that following it from week to week was like playing pong with the tv schedule. this show had relatively high production values (for the 70s) but crappy effects - except for the sandman weapon on blast. i have always loved the sandman uniforms, they have to be one the coolest costume designs ever. hopefully if a remake ever does get made they will stick with the classic sandman uniform style.

    favorite episodes of mine are: night visitors, fear factor, crypt and capture.

    when i was a kid and watched this show my brother and i were always totally smitten by the solar car - a great and classic scifi prop.
  • Sci-Fi Classic from the 70s.

    A Sci-Fi classic from the 70s, loved this show as a kid and was a great spin off from the movie staring Michael York. Basically the story revolves around a post apocalyptic futuristic society where resources are scarce and subsequently life span is regulated, unbeknown to the inhabitants who think they are going to ‘Carasel’ to go to paradise (A little similar to Roller Ball I thought). Nobody older than 30, interesting concept in today’s society. Only prob I have is that I've never seen the original movie, they always show the pilot on TV that has an unsatisfying unresolved ending. I hear they are making a remake due out next year, but with people that are terminated at 21 years of age, much to young in my opinion.
  • logan´s run es mi serie favotita, me gusto mas que la pelicula,el argumento me parece fantastico,y adoro a los actores que la protagonisaron,espero que en la remake bryan singer incluya en la pelicula a gregory harrison y heather menzies,me gustaria pode

    soy fanatica de la serie de tv logan´s run,colecciono todo le que encuentro de la serie,me gusto mucho el argumento,los actores amo a gregory harrison es el hombre mas buen mozo de la television,y me gustaria mucho que bryan singer convoque para la remake de logan´s run a heather menzies y gregory harrison me gustaria poder volver a verlos juntos en la pelicula ya que son mis actores favoritos