Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 13

All Shook Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 1994 on ABC
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Superman is needed to stop a giant asteroid from colliding with Earth, but when Superman hits it, he loses his memory. Back on Earth, Clark's amnesia, supposedly caused by him being hit by a car, has Lois helping him with his "new job" and "new friends" that he can't remember. Martha and Jonathan come to Metropolis to try and get Clark to remember that he is Superman, or else the incoming asteroid will collide with the Earth with catastrophic results.moreless

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  • Superman has to stop a giant asteroid from hitting Earth, but when he does, he comes crashing back with no memory! Now Lois, Jimmy, and his parents have to help Clark remember who he is... before the remaining piece comes to end the world!moreless

    This is another great installment of Lois and Clark. Clark tests his limits by flying out into space to stop a giant asteroid from crashing down and destroying the planet, but is thrown back to Earth with no memory of who he is, either Clark Kent OR Superman. As is the specialty of this series, it is not the Superman persona that takes precedence, but the humanity of Clark. He has to depend on others to help him find himself again, chiefly Lois for his Clark persona and his parents to reveal that he is Superman. What makes this episode such a good one is the importance of relationships that are revealed when all the characters think that the world is about the end and they're all going to die - especially the importance of the relationship between Lois and Clark. Clark is unable to remember who he is, but even then, he feels that Lois is the most special person in his life. On Lois' side, she realizes that when she is facing death, there's no one she'd rather be with than with Clark. The scenes between them are incredibly sweet, and alone are worth watching this episode for.moreless
  • Superman must stop a large asteroid from colliding with earth. Flying into the asteroid he stops it but is thrown back to earth and loses his memory.

    A classic episode that was done in the Fleisher cartoons of Superman, the Adventures of Superman with George Reeves and Superboy. Falling back to earth Superman has amnesia. (Notice the sign he smashes through) He is found in a crater he created by his fall by a homeless man and is taken to the police station where Inspector Henderson calls Lois Lane. Lois comes to the station but Clark doesn't know who she is. Turns out the asteroid wasn't destroyed and must still be stopped but no one can find Superman.

    Some funny scenes with Cat Grant taking advantage of Clark's amnesia and Martha and John Kent trying to make Clark remember who he is as when taking a baseball bat, "This is going to hurt me more than it is you," and breaking it on Clark and when Johm and Martha push him off the top floor to make him fly. He doesn't. He falls into trash where Lois finds him.

    What brings back his memory is talking to Lois about Superman. Eventually Superman pushes the asteroid off course and the world is saved. A great episode worthy of the classic George Reeves Panic in the Sky.moreless
  • This episode was done twice before; "Panic in the Sky" from The Adventures of Superman and "Superboy Lost" from The Adventures of Superboy. This show resembles "Panic in the Sky" and it is just as good as the original George Reeves episode.moreless

    This show starts out with Lois and Clark getting coffee and a dark cloud shadows over them. It was a solar eclipse caused by an asteroid. A scientist asks Clark if he would ask Superman to meet him at the observatory. At The Daily Planet, Perry is telling everyone what he wants them to do in order to cover this story.

    Superman meets the professor and they look at the meteor through a telescope. With George Reeves, his Superman did not need a telescope to look at the meteor, but Dean Cain's Superman has limitations and needed the telescope. The meteor measures seventeen miles across and it will hit the Earth in four days. When it hits, it will knock the Earth off its axis and this meteor is bigger than the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. This meteor is also bigger than the one in George Reeves, which was five and quarter miles across, and this one is bigger than the one in Superboy, which was three and half tons.

    In this episode, Superman did not volunteer to stop the asteroid, he was asked to stop it. While George Reeves and Superboy, volunteered to stop it before it reached the Earth. There was much media coverage on the scene and before Superman takes off with a communications link-up to cover his prospective on everything, Lois kisses him.

    Superman takes off, comes in contact with the meteor and smashes it. The media loses their contact with Superman and he falls to Earth. Superman lands in a part of Metropolis called Suicide Slum. His costume is burned on his way down and he is naked in a hole he created when he fell. A homeless man finds him, gives him some clothes, a pair of glasses and asks him where he is from. Clark answers that he does not know.

    Clark is at the police station; Lois comes in and was told he has amnesia. A little humor is thrown in when a psychologist claims that Clark is a do-gooder; he is suffering from a Superman complex. Lois takes Clark to The Daily Planet to surround him with familiar settings to try to get him to remember anything that he can.

    A female character named Cat Grant tries to take advantage of the situation by telling Clark that they are a couple. Perry comes in and tells Lois and Clark that the meteor is now three miles in length and is still headed towards Earth. He wants Lois to take Clark with her to cover the story.

    Jimmy thinks that Superman landed in Suicide Slum. He and Perry go to check it out and Jimmy finds the crater Clark made when he landed plus Jimmy also found the S from Superman's costume.

    Lois brings Clark back to his apartment and it does not look familiar at all to him. There is now a 55 hr. countdown to when the meteor will hit Earth.

    Some more humor was placed in this episode when Jimmy and Clark take the S symbol to a psychic and she claims that Superman's presence is strong in the room. Jimmy and Clark turn to each other and think she is tuned into the wrong channel. Cat does not want to be alone when the end of the world comes, so she goes to confession. Lex Luthor does not want to be left alone either, so he invites Lois to see him and he shows her a replica of her apartment in his underground shelter. Lois declines his offer because she wants to be with Clark. Unfortunately for Lois, Martha and Jonathan are with Clark.

    Clark's parents tell him that he is Superman, and Clark does not believe them. To try to convince Clark that he is Superman, Jonathan takes a baseball bat and breaks it across Clark's chest. The next scene we see Clark, Martha and Jonathan watching news coverage of a missile being launched at the meteor and missing it. Jonathan tells Clark he is the only one who can stop this asteroid from hitting Earth.

    Clark's parents try to get him to fly off the ledge of his apartment but he just fell into a load of garbage in the back street. Lois comes by to see if Clark is alright. Clark improvised a statement saying that there might be something in the trash that might make him remember something.

    Clark asks Lois to tell him about Superman, she does and there are flashback sequences of Superman going on to show that Clark is remembering. When Lois is done, she leaves, Clark takes off his glasses, rips open his shirt and Superman now has his memory back. He flies off towards the asteroid and pushes it out into space.

    The episode ends when Clark goes back to The Daily Planet and tells Lois that he got his memory back when she told him about Superman.

    This episode is very similar to the George Reeves episode. In both, Superman gets amnesia by trying to stop a meteor that is headed on its way to Earth. There is a professor at an observatory monitoring the asteroid and in both, Superman only damaged part of the meteor. Now in The Adventures of Superboy, Superboy destroyed the entire meteor and received amnesia.

    In The Adventures of Superman, George Reeves had Lois, Jimmy and Perry help him to get his memory back. In Lois and Clark, Dean Cain had help from the others, plus he had his parents to help him. In Superboy, he was shown hospitality by a mother and son living in the wilderness. In that episode, Clark wanted to help them without realizing that he was Superboy.

    In the George Reeves episode, Clark got his memory back by putting on his costume and smashing an end table with his fist out of frustration. In Superboy, Clark got his memory back by reading a story in the newspaper about Superboy. In Lois and Clark, Clark got his memory back by Lois' perspective of Superman.

    In George Reeves episode, Superman used an explosive box to destroy what was left of the asteroid, after he got his memory back. In Lois and Clark, Superman just pushed the asteroid out into space after he got his memory back. In Superboy, he destroyed it completely the first time.

    At the end of Adventures of Superman, Clark is writing the story on how Superman saved Metropolis and telling Lois that he has his memory back. In Superboy, he flew back to see Lana Lang. In Lois and Clark, both he and Lois are at the Daily Planet and Lois asked him what the first thing he remembered was? He replied Superman.

    All three episodes were good. Superboy was the only one that had crime and violence, Superman and Lois and Clark did not need that for their story lines. They carried both episodes with the fact that Earth was going to be destroyed by the meteor and that they needed Superman to stop it before it was too late.moreless
  • A Great Episode

    Superman must destory a asteroid. Only problem is he only knocks some out of the way. Now he lost his memory and a part is still coming back to earth. He must get it back in time. Now Lois is trying to help Clark get his memory back and wonders where Superman is. His parents come into town to help him remember who he really is. He doesnt think he is but they convince him he is. He still forgot how to fly. He crashes into the garbage trying to fly. Also has a bat bashed against him by his dad to remember he is Superman. He then flys and remembers it all. He pushes the asteroid in the other direction saving Earth. I liked this epsiode alot cause of how it was time factor. Serious how the Earth was gonna be affected but in the end they day was saved by Superman. One of my favorite episodes and more should be like this one.moreless
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