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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 5

Brutal Youth

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Dr. Veda Doodsen gets her revenge on the men who marry younger women by creating a device steals the youth from people, which she can then transfers to another person. Unfortunately, it also ages the people whose life force she takes, eventually killing them. Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen from the 1950's Adventures of Superman) returns to play an aged Jimmy when Olsen is nabbed by the doctor for her experiments. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark finally find a new home of their own.moreless

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    Caroline McWilliams

    Caroline McWilliams

    Veda Doodsen

    Guest Star

    Sandy Ward

    Sandy Ward

    Connor Schenk (Old)

    Guest Star

    John D'Aquino

    John D'Aquino

    Connor Schenk (Young)

    Guest Star

    Kenneth Kimmins

    Kenneth Kimmins

    Dr. Bernard Klein

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When Jimmy begins to age, he attempts to read the Daily Planet at arms length. This is typical of middle age as the cornea thickens, making it more difficult to focus on objects close to the eyes.

      • Lois and Clark's new address is listed as 348 Hyperion Avenue at the end of the episode.

      • Goof: When Lois is hugging Clark and sees her old self in the mirror, the old Lois has both arms around Clark. But Lois has only her left arm.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Lois: Why is so much of your work focused on youth?
        Veda: (laughing cynically) You're a woman, you should know. Oh, but then you're still young and vivacious. Probably never occurs to you one day those pimply faced box boys at the supermarket won't be in such a hurry to carry your bag for you.
        Lois: Well, I carry my own bags. And I'm married.
        Veda: Well let me tell you about 'married'. Don't think a husband's eyes won't wander once the bloom is gone off the rose. You'll get old, he'll get distinguished. Success makes a man attractive, youth makes women desirable. Success is attained, youth is lost. And those are the facts of life.

      • Lois: (in bed together) Wow!
        Clark: I know.
        Lois: That was . . .
        Clark: I mean . . .
        Lois: Exactly. The only thing I'd like more would be . . .
        Clark: More?
        Lois: Yes.
        Clark: You know, we could still make those reservations in Hawaii.
        Lois: We are not leaving this room.

      • Lois: (making out with Clark in the Daily Planet elevator) How are we going to make it through the day? You'd think after two weeks...
        Clark: No, we waited so much longer than two weeks.
        Lois: So it was worth it, then? The wait, I mean?
        Clark: Lois, it was perfect. It was better than perfect. At least, it was for me...?
        Lois: Clark, it was super!

      • Connor: It really works! Do you realize what that means?
        Veda: Immortality, riches beyond imagination, no more dateless Saturday nights...

      • Perry: Jimmy! Where in the Sam Hill have you been, son?
        Jimmy: I'm not sure...
        Clark: Jimmy, are you all right?
        Jimmy: Yeah, I'm - I'm fine, CK. ... I seem to recall a woman, tall... and rubber gloves.
        (Clark and Perry exchange glances)
        Perry: That's probably more information than we needed to know, son. Everybody deals with grief in their own way.
        Jimmy: She made me see lights.
        Perry: I'm sure she did, son.

      • Lois: So, are you saying Superman won't age?
        Dr. Klein: No, of course, he will. He's not immortal.
        Lois: Well, so he will age, but just not like you or me?
        Dr. Klein: Well, it's all speculation, you understand, but I think it's safe to say, that long after you and I are dead and gone, Superman will still be in his prime, fighting for truth, justice...
        Lois: The American way.

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