Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 2 Episode 11

Chi of Steel

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 1995 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Lois and Clark investigate several robberies committed by a thief who is a ninja with mystical bracelets. These bracelets can give power to a person to kill Superman, using a mystical power of "Chi", which is the energy of life.

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Brian Doyle-Murray

Brian Doyle-Murray

Harlen Black

Guest Star

James Hong

James Hong

Grandfather Chow

Guest Star

Yuji Okumoto

Yuji Okumoto

Chen Chow

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Lois tells Mr Chow that she has studied Karate and Tai Chi, but in the later episode "Lucky Leon" she says that is currently studying for her brown belt in Tae Kwan Do.

    • Goof: Chen Chow says that he knows Clark because they use the same optometrist. If Clark had an optometrist actually examine his eyes, the optometrist would undoubtedly learn that Clark had very special eyes, and didn't really need glasses!

    • Goof: When Lois enters the apartment and takes Clark's turn playing checkers, she jumps her own men. This is not a legal move in the game.

    • Clark's parents are visiting Metropolis to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary here.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Lois: Superman has saved us dozens of times. This is our chance to help him.
      Jimmy: Guilt- the Kung Fu of emotions.

    • Clark: You know, I was wondering, what if Chen is the hooded robber?
      Lois: A mild mannered reporter really a superhero? (laughs) Clark, please.

    • Lois: Excuse me, Lois Lane here. Remember me? Award-winning investigative reporter, emphasis on investigative, specializing in covert break-ins.
      Perry: Lois, you may not go on this mission.
      Lois: Well, what am I supposed to do, sit here knitting, waiting for the hunter-gatherers to return?
      Perry: Clark, explain it to her, will you?
      Clark: Chief, have you heard the expression 'pulling a Schultz?'
      Perry: Ah, Hogan's Heroes. I know nothing.
      Clark: I see nothing.
      Perry: I hear nothing.

    • Detective: So this hooded figure, did you get a good look at his face?
      Perry: (pause) ...He was wearing a hood.

    • Clark: Dad, what happened to this shirt?
      Johnathan: What do you mean?
      Clark: It was white.
      Johnathan: I just washed it, it should be clean.
      Clark: Well it is clean, Dad, only now it's pink. You didn't wash this with my cape, did you?
      Johnathan: Can't you fix it with your heat vision or something?
      Clark: Dad, there's not a superpower on earth that can get this out!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Inside the DVD booklet for the complete second season release, it mistakenly lists this episode as airing 01/22/95. That date is in fact the correct date for the next episode, episode 12 - "The Eyes Have It". The date the booklet lists for "The Eyes Have It" is also wrong as they have it listed as airing on 11/28/93.


    • Lois: What a day this has been! What a rare mood I'm in!

      When Lois enters Clark's apartment she is quoting lyrics from the song "Almost Like Being in Love" from the musical Brigadoon.

    • Harlen: 'The Heart of the Dragon'? What is that, some kind of Bruce Lee movie?

      Bruce Lee was a Chinese American martial artist and actor known for presenting martial arts to the non-Asian world through films such as Enter the Dragon (1973).

    • Perry: Ah... Hogan's Heroes... 'I know nothing!'

      Hogan's Heroes was an American television situational comedy that ran from 1965 to 1971 on the CBS network. The character of Hans Schultz, played by John Banner, has found a lasting spot in pop culture for frequently repeating the catch phrase "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!".