Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 2 Episode 5

Church of Metropolis

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1994 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The "Intergang", a new criminal organization tries to control south Metropolis and Superman is powerless because of their threats against everyone closest to him. Lois gets jealous when the investigator in charge, Mayson Drake, begins to show interest in Clark.

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  • An episode were we can see someone else threatening Lois's life. She is either really good or they just don't like her hehe.

    An episode were we see 'The Skins' killing the neighborhood. Today we meet Lois's Uncle; he has really got a cute restaurant. Thank God Clark was with her cause he saved the restaurant when that fire caught. As per usual we see a bit of corruption in this episode. Lois's contact has really got a nice face? (Actually we could not even see the mustache). It was nice how Superman grab that guy but as per usual the evil guy wants to kill Lois and we see Clark to her rescue…

    …and Superman saves her? Oh it was just a prank to get his attention. 'Stay out of the South Side' he was ordered and that's what he did. It was funny that Mayson liked Clark but did not like Superman! Reminds of that episode were Clark said he loved Lois but she loved Superman instead… Martin Snell the lawyer is really a piece of work. Lois dug up the dirt on him so we all learned a bit more about him. Lois is really helpful she even gives ideas to Superman. I guess the policewoman liked Clark without a shirt… I don't blame her! Again we see another person who thinks that Superman and Clark are 2 different people. I guess Lois wasn't so happy to see Clark kissing someone else.

    We see Clark as an officer as well and that was really cool. Lois was really jealous in this episode, we can see the fight or argument that they had at the Daily Planet. We see Clark liking someone else apart from Lois. We see Lois speaking about Clark's feeling with Perry. It's funny because when she was with Lex all she did was in his favor. Clark did a mistake with Mason as he let his job get in the way.

    Is Mayson involved with the corruption that is going on? Lois seems to think so... She said that she set everything up. What's Mason doing at the Daily Planet? She is going to help them out so I am thinking that she is not involved. Clark is off again and he catches the bad guys… Martin wasn't too happy and Superman off to the rescue once again…and he saved Perry White. Mason makes a deal with Mr. Snell and it was Lois's plan. It was recorded and showed in court and that really did not help the case as the defendant was sent to trial.

    We can say that Perry Whit is not such a good help when it comes to dating advice as he let Jimmy down. But he showed us that he is very smooth when it comes to dancing. And Superman dances as well. He really knows how to impress a lady hehe :)moreless
Farrah Forke

Farrah Forke

Mayson Drake

Guest Star

Bruce Weitz

Bruce Weitz

Martin Snell

Guest Star

Peter Boyle (I)

Peter Boyle (I)

Bill Church

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Lois and Clark are in the meeting room talking about Strand, there is a visible reflection of the boom-mic in the glass, just above her head.

    • When Perry gives Jimmy complimentary tickets to the charity ball, Jimmy asks him, "Does this mean that I have to buy a tie?" At the charity ball, Jimmy is not wearing a tie, indicating that he didn't buy one after all. Then again, he ended up going to the ball stag, so maybe he just didn't feel like wearing one with no one to impress.

    • When Bill Church is going to his underground sanctuary, he is whistling "Fly Me To The Moon" which is the song Lois and Superman will dance to at the end of the episode.

    • Goof: When the bug is buzzing around at the planet Clark catches it, says he is going to let it loose outside, then he takes it back as Superman where it originated, he breaks through the wall you can see his hands open he is not holding anything, then suddenly he has it in his hand and crushes it.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Perry: When you get down to it, a nice man is still just a man.

    • Clark: I shouldn't have lost my temper.
      Lois: Well, you're entitled to. I lose mine once every. . . what?
      Clark: Three, four minutes.

    • Perry: (referring to Jimmy's girlfriend) Well, son, can I meet her?
      Jimmy: Oh, sure, chief. Just hop a plane to Switzerland. That's where her new boyfriend lives. The one who cheered her up while I was ignoring her.
      Perry: Jimmy, you know what a man needs at a time like this?
      Jimmy: A baseball bat and an alibi?

    • Jonathan: Martha, the boy has two gorgeous women running after him. This does not rate high on the list of world problems.
      Clark: That's true, but let's not forget that Mayson may be an agent of Intergang.
      Jonathan: Well, nobody's perfect, son. How about a piece of pie?

    • Clark: Mayson likes me, Clark, but she hates Superman. Which is kinda confusing because Lois loves Superman but only likes Clark. Mayson likes Clark, but in a different way than Lois, and Mayson hates Superman in a way that's different from anybody.
      Martha: Oh, Clark, I've been afraid something like this was going to happen.
      Clark: What?
      Martha: You're beginning to talk about yourself in the third person.

    • Clark: (arguing about Mayson) You know, if anyone's blind around here, it's you!
      Lois: Well what is that supposed to mean?!

    • Mayson Drake: (to Clark, referring to Superman) Oh look, I know he's a friend of yours, and no one can deny he's done a lot of really good things, but you're ten times the man he is! I mean, you're an ordinary guy, you're getting ready to stand up to this huge criminal organization. That takes guts. I'd like to see Superman try that without his cape on.

    • Martin Snell: You be the best Superman you can be, street crime, wipe it out, terrorists, kick their butts, carjackers, hey, I drive a Ferrari, put them in orbit! But stay out of the South Side. I don't care if it's a cat chasing a mouse, you flash cape in that part of town, you're looking at an all expenses paid education in bereavement. Are we clear?
      Superman: On one thing. This is not over!

    • Baby Rage: (laughs) You're Lois Lane?
      Lois: Have we met?
      Baby Rage: Oh no, we ain't met. It's just funny because, you're dead. I mean, I know you're walking around and everything lady, but trust me, go out and pick yourself a nice grave and from what I hear, pick it out fast!

    • Martin Snell: Face it, you've got your little red shorts caught in a bad combo of high tech and close friends. Even you can't be in two places at once -- but our bullets can. So... where does that leave us?
      Superman: Let's ask the D.A.
      Martin Snell: Oh sure, you can take me in. You're Superman, and I'm just a guy from Paramus. Superman looks at him, puzzled) New Jersey.

    • Clark: I have to go.
      Lois: Where?
      Clark: You guys stay here, it won't take long.
      Lois: What won't take long?
      Clark: The thing that I have to do, in the place that I'll be back from the, just one second.
      Mayson Drake: Does he do that a lot?
      Lois: Constantly.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Mayson tells Martin that Lois has a "Deep Throat" in the police department. "Deep Throat" is the nom de guerre of the Watergate informant, finally revealed to be Deputy Director of the FBI William Mark Felt, Sr.