Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1995 on ABC
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Lois believes that she was abducted by ET's, but, in truth, she was captured by a young executive, who is now using her in very dangerous situations to distract Superman. When she gets injured, Clark decides to break up with her.....for her own good.

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  • Lois gets abducted by aliens and is brainwashed into trying to jump to her death every time Superman needs to save the day elsewhere. Clark is increasingly worried that his relationship with Lois is putting her in grave danger.moreless

    I love this show very much, but WOW is it ridiculous. Usually it is the hokey bad guys that turn up the cheese, but this time it is Clark's decision to break up with Lois that makes no sense. Apparently, the guy's brain is as dense as his molecular structure. Everyone already knows that Lois is friends with Superman, and all of the villains already target her in every other episode. Surely they aren't going to stop doing so just because they heard that she broke up with Clark. The only thing Clark can achieve by breaking it off with Lois is to make them both miserable. I am a total sucker for this show, but I really wish it had better writing.moreless
  • What happened to Teri's hair...i liked it so much before. Hate this short hair cut, just hate it grrrr The episode is ok, not better nor worse than the usual storyline.moreless

    You'll enjoy the episode if u enjoy the other ones. Not much character advancement which is not great but I still don't get why Teri's hair changes and why they chose to change the intro on the 3rd episode. I guess the 1st and 2nd of the 3rd season were made along with the last season. But what bothers me is that everything looks the same, Clark, Jimmy, Perry....why did Lois have to change buaaaaaaaaaaaaaa her hair buaaaaaaaaaaa. Well you can't argue taste, many will like this new look but I don't!!! Women's hair is made to be long grrrr

    Anyway, enjoy :)moreless
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Olivia Brown

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Patrick Labyorteaux

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Lois Lane lives at:
      1058 Carter Avenue
      Metropolis, USA

    • Goofs
      While flying in a helicopter, there is so much noise from the propellers that all conversations have to take place using headsets, but Lois and Clark talk without them. Maybe Clark would be able to hear Lois, but Lois would have to lip read to understand Clark. Also, Lois is not wearing a seatbelt. Since the conversation is about Lois taking risks, Clark should have noticed that immediately, since there's no door to keep her inside!

    • Goof: While looking through the magazine articles, Clark picks up another one and comments, "Another one about trade barriers." Actually, it's pretty easy to see that he's looking at an advertisement for an SUV.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Lois and Clark: Jimmy!
      Jimmy: Hey, guys, Luis in research can only go so fast!
      Lois: Forget the books. Call the cops and see...
      Clark: ...if there was another robbery yesterday...
      Lois: ...at exactly 3:00, particularly at a...
      Clark: ...a high tech firm. Ask for everything...
      Lois: ...they've got!
      Jimmy: (smiling) Did you guys practice that?
      Lois: Haha...
      Lois and Clark: GO!

    • Clark: Lois, I love you. I love you way too much to ever let something like this happen to you again. I know I can't control everything, but I can control people not using you to get to me. And so that's why I came to tell you...
      Lois: To tell me what?
      Clark: To tell you... to say... we just can't be together anymore, Lois. I'm sorry. I have to go.
      Lois: Clark!

    • Star: Is there anything else you can remember, anything else important?
      Clark: (under hypnosis) Yes. His secretary had the most beautiful body in the world.
      Lois: What?!?
      Clark: Next to Lois.

    • (Outside the executive's office)
      Lois: Do you hear anything?
      Clark: They're out of three-hole paper.

    • Lois (to the rest of the Daily Planet): If you want some entertaiment, turn on the TV!

    • Perry (to Lois): Hey, that's a nice hairdo, Tinkerbell.

  • NOTES (2)