Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 7

Dead Lois Walking (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Lois is sentenced to death, but Clark busts her out as the two work together on the run to find who is behind her framing.

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    Alan Rachins

    Alan Rachins

    Jefferson Cole

    Guest Star

    Granville Van Dusen

    Granville Van Dusen

    D.A. Clemmons

    Guest Star

    David Kriegel

    David Kriegel


    Guest Star

    Kenneth Kimmins

    Kenneth Kimmins

    Dr. Bernard Klein

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Goof: When Lois and Clark are escaping, in the shots taken from the front of the car they are driving in, the car has no windshield.

      • Goof: After Superman throws Cole in the corner you hear the sound of the lever being pulled and the bells stop. But the lever pulling sound is still there when the scene cuts to Superman and he is nowhere near the lever.

      • Goof: At the end of the episode, Clark pours himself and Lois some champagne. In the glasses, it's nice and foamy at the top. The camera angle changes and suddenly all the foam is gone. When it switches back, the foam has reappeared.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Clark: (going over a list of people who would set up Lois) Five people threatened to sue you.
        Lois: That's not so awful.
        Clark: Two hundred threatened to kill you.
        Lois: Oh...

      • Jefferson Cole: (when told by Sheila that she's having doubts about her role in framing Lois) And you can't feel guilt. I hired you because you're completely immoral.
        Sheila: Yeah, well I never got anyone killed before!
        Jefferson Cole: No? Well, I did. If you even think of breathing a word of this to anyone you'll be just another head on my wall.
        Sheila: You have heads?!
        Jefferson Cole: I speak metaphorically.

      • Jefferson Cole: (speaking into recorder) Memo to self: Kudos are in order. I could win a Nobel Prize. If they ever add that Atrocities category.

      • Clark: Remember that TV show, The Fugitive? Richard Kimble was the fugitive. He was wrongly convicted, and he escaped to prove his innocence, and eventually he did.
        Lois: How long did it take?
        Clark: I think the show ran 4 years.
        Lois: I didn't even pack a toothbrush.

      • Lois: So now they're watching the skies, too.
        Clark: I knew they would be. That's why we're not flying.
        Lois: But you could fly fast enough to be almost invisible.
        Clark: Yeah, but you'd be vaporized.
        Lois: Vaporized. That would be bad.

      • Superman: Dr. Klein, I need to see you.
        Dr. Klein: You just saw me.
        Superman: No, I didn't.
        Dr. Klein: Yes, you did.
        Superman: Where did I see you?
        Dr. Klein: You know.
        Superman: No, I don't.
        Dr. Klein: You don't know.
        Superman: I have no idea.
        Dr. Klein: You and I didn't just go on a secret mission?
        Superman: No.
        Dr. Klein: We didn't remove the hybrid kryptonite?
        Superman: No.
        Dr. Klein: We didn't take it to safe keeping?
        Superman: No.
        Dr. Klein: Superman, forgive me, but you are losing it, my boy.

      • Dr. Klein: Oh, God. If you didn't tell me to, who did?
        Superman: A hallucination.
        Dr. Klein: But that's completely unauthorized.
        Superman: Yes, it is. And I have a feeling that right now that hybrid kryptonite is in the hands of Jefferson Cole.
        Dr. Klein: I hope not. He's insane. I'd like a cocktail now.

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