Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • The Family Hour
      Episode 22

      Lois and Clark reveal Superman's identity to Lois' father in order to find out if it's possible for them to have children together. Meanwhile, an angry villian with mind- control powers is released from prison, finds out Superman's identity as well, kidnaps Lois and Clark's parents and threatens to kill them unless Superman does as he says. There is an unexpected ending to this final episode of Lois and Clark.

    • Toy Story
      Episode 21
      An angry toy maker starts kidnapping children and Superman and Lois must stop him. Meanwhile, Perry puts a "lonely hearts" ad in the paper and gets interesting results.
    • 5/31/97
      A villain (Woody Samms) who is trying to get a contract taken off of him by the mob, uses a crystal to transfer himself into the body of an unsuspecting Clark, not knowing until it's too late, that he is now Superman. Meanwhile, a now powerless Clark is trapped in the body of a mob-hunted man and must convince Lois it is him to get his body back.moreless
    • 4/26/97
      In the conclusion of the three part arc, Lois and Clark learn that Leslie Luckabee claims to be Lex Luthor's long lost son, and is bent on finishing what Lex Luthor started... marrying Lois and killing Superman. Leslie Luckabee and Mr. Smith, who turns out to be the REAL Lex Luthor Jr, also find out Superman's identity, when they replay a tape recorded by Lex Luthor, revealing Clark Kent is Superman.moreless
    • 4/19/97
      In the second part of this arc, we learn that Leslie Luckabee and a mysterious underground troll-like villian are planning to recreate Lex Luthor's empire. Meanwhile, Superman must stop a mysterious shadow-like killer who can slip under doors and seems unstoppable.
    • 4/12/97
      This episode is the first of a three part arc in which Leslie Luckabee is introduced. Leslie takes over ownership of the Daily Planet, and a mysterious "Super Vixen" takes the law into her own hands, killing villains instead of capturing them. One of her targets is Leslie Luckabee.
    • AKA Superman
      Episode 16
      Jimmy's girlfriend thinks she knows Superman's true identity. Meanwhile, Superman must stop a villain with a tough new weapon - a villain who happens to be Jimmy's girlfriend's employer.
    • 3/9/97
      Tempus has banished Clark into a dimensional window, causing the older H.G. Wells to show up with the other-dimension Clark to save the day and save the world from Tempus's evil.
    • Meet John Doe (1)
      Episode 14
      Tempus shows up in Metropolis as "John Doe," and he is winning the presidential race! Clark and Lois are the only ones who can see what's really going on, but will they stop him in time?
    • 1/19/97
      A photographer catches Lois and Superman in compromising positions at a resort... what will the world say when they hear Superman is having an affair?
    • Lethal Weapon
      Episode 12
      Perry White's "reformed" son Jerry comes to Metropolis with a stash of Red Kryptonite. Meanwhile, "Mr. Gadget" and son have plans of their own.
    • 12/15/96
      Christmas Eve is happening over and over again, and the people of Metropolis begin losing hope. Can Lois and Clark stop an imp from the "Fifth Dimension," best known as "Mr. Mxyzptlk," before it's too late and hope is gone forever?
    • Stop the Presses
      Episode 10
      Perry gets "moved upstairs" and the Daily Planet gets a new editor--Lois! This causes tension between Metropolis's prettiest pair, and it isn't helped when a spoiled rich kid hacker and his brother--who emulate Lex Luthor--try to obliterate Superman once and for all.
    • Ghosts
      Episode 9
      A con artist tries to scare Lois and Clark with fake hauntings in an attempt to buy their house. The ghost of a dead woman who lived in Lois and Clark's house years ago enters on Lois' body, and she wants to have Lois' life and Lois' husband.
    • 11/17/96
      Lois and Clark finally make new friends... Bob and Carol Stanford... who seem as much like them it's uncanny. They like the same books, the same foods, have the same hobbies... and they seem to have much more than that in common, as Bob is secretly the assassin known as Deathstroke.moreless
    • 11/10/96
      Lois is sentenced to death, but Clark busts her out as the two work together on the run to find who is behind her framing.
    • 10/27/96
      One of Lois's former informants is murdered... and guess who gets caught with the gun?
    • Brutal Youth
      Episode 5
      Dr. Veda Doodsen gets her revenge on the men who marry younger women by creating a device steals the youth from people, which she can then transfers to another person. Unfortunately, it also ages the people whose life force she takes, eventually killing them. Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen from the 1950's Adventures of Superman) returns to play an aged Jimmy when Olsen is nabbed by the doctor for her experiments. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark finally find a new home of their own.moreless
    • Soul Mates
      Episode 4
      On their wedding night, Lois and Clark are interrupted by H.G. Wells, who says that before they consumate their marriage, they must go back in time to break a curse laid on them by the villain Tempus. If they don't, Lois will die!
    • The "Wedding Destroyer" escapes from prison and Lois and Clark are her next targets! Meanwhile, sleazy tabloid reporter Leo Nunk is following Lois and Clark looking for a scoop. A man named "Mike" who seems strangely familiar to everyone keeps appearing in the strangest places, just when he's needed most.
    • 9/29/96
      Lord Nor tries to take over Earth and Superman and Nor fight in a duel.
    • 9/22/96
      Clark has left Earth for New Krypton, but before he can get there the evil Lord Nor comes to Earth and takes over the planet. He makes his first move at Smallville, with his next target to be Metropolis, since these two places are the most intimately connected to Superman's life on Earth. Clark returns to try and stop him, but before that he fights that battle he goes to see Lois. But when Lord Nor captures Clark's parents, he decides to go undercover in his hometown to protect his friends and family.moreless
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