Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 20

Fly Hard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 1994 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A group of terrorists take Clark, Lois, Perry, Jimmy, Jack and Lex hostage in the Daily Planet and Clark is not able do anything with his Superman powers or the others will figure out his secret identity.

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  • Just another quiet eveing at the Planet. Or is it?

    It's Saturday night. Jimmy is helping the Chief clean out his office. Jack (the kid from "Foundling") is waiting for Clark to finish a project so they can catch a late movie. Lois enters with Lex on their way to a night at the opera (first?) date. She has to do a quick edit change on her next story. Cat comes in for a steamy make out session with her date, finds the place too crowded and they go to another part of the building. Jimmy is in the storage supply closet when suddenly armed men, and one woman, enter and declare everyone hostage. The leader is holding a bomb trigger device (which never goes off) and warns the gang if he sees even a flash of Superman's cape, millions of people will die in mass explosion.

    Clark is freaking out because he can save everyone but if he blows his cover they die anyway. They try to fake Perry having a heart attack but the leader doesn't fall for it. Luthor tries bolting for the exit and is shot in the shoulder. When he faints from blood loss, Clark revives him with a potent healing mixture. Clark next tries to bring help by secretly setting off the fire sprinkler but we cut to Willy the octogenarian security guard reassuring the fire department it was a false alarm (foreshadowing anyone?)

    All this time, Jimmy has been crawling around the air ducts so he can exit the building and alert the authorities but he gets caught by off-screen gunman later revealed to be Willy (told ya!) but Willy is double crossed and both Willy and Jimmy are added to the group of hostages.

    Cat returns for a quick scene but she's indifferent to the crisis taking place and skips back to the copy room waving her Victoria's Secret lingerie for her final curtain call.

    There's a hilarious scene when the leader forces Lois to access the building's computer system and pull up the blueprints so he can continue searching for the secret cash horde left by the Prohibition era mob boss. Great flashback scenes with all our favorite main characters from the show standing in for the mob boss and his gang. Lois tries to send an email to unknown recipient for help but she's still using dial-up and the leader catches her before it finishes connecting. How did we ever survive before web browsers?

    Ends with Clark and Jack breaking free just as Lois is being dragged away as insurance hostage. Lois falls from broken scaffolding and Clark makes the fastest costume change in episode history as he jumps off the roof to save her in next shot as Superman. He hands the bad guys over to the police who just arrived, thanks to the phone call Clark ordered Jimmy to make before he saved Lois, and everyone is OK.

    Best line in episode: Lois has her head in Lex's lap, looking up at him as they talk about money and he comments to her how money "Can't buy brown eyes"

    Pretty smooth line.

    I always liked this episode since Clark can't easily save the day by turning into Superman and has to resort to other devices, making him more human. Seeing Man of Steel reminded me how long it's been since I last watched this series.moreless
  • lois, clark, and luthor

    i love it how clark is stuck with the woman he loves and the man she is dating. clark is so jealous you can tell by the way he talks to luthor and looks at lois when she is talking bout luthor
  • An average eppisode. They have been a lot better in past eppisodes

    This was one of the first eppisodes I watched and at the moment i have seen all the 1st serise.

    For me there needed to be more of a decent story line instead of just a hostage situation if you get what i mean.

    It was a shame that that was Cats last eppisode really because she didnt really do anything in the story at all.

    I personally wish it could have been Jimmy that had rescued them but still,that remains for another eppisode.

    The main proberlam was that superman wasnt in the story a lot. I love this serise.moreless

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    • Lois: (after Cat leaves the newsroom waving lingerie in the air) If I'm still alive on Monday morning, she won't be!

    • Lois: What could possibly be here in the Daily Planet newsroom that would be worth risking your lives and the lives of everyone in Metropolis?
      Fuentes: What else has man sought after without pity or remorse since the dawn of time?
      Lois: Inner peace?
      Fuentes: Cold hard cash.
      Lois: Oh.

    • Lois: You know, it's times like these I think maybe I should just get a regular, boring job, settle down with a guy who sells insurance and have 2.4 kids. (pause)
      Lois and Clark: together, laughingly) Nah.

    • Lois: Other women catch bouquets, I catch bombs.
      Superman: I guess that's what makes you special, Lois.

    • Lois: What about Jimmy? Maybe Jimmy could save us!
      Perry: Jimmy couldn't save baseball cards.

    • Lois: (as Fuentes grabs her by the throat) Superman.
      Clark: (hearing her in the next room) I'm coming!
      Lois: Superman is my access code.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Title:
      The title and the episode's plot are a tribute to the movie Die Hard, in which robbers, posing as terrorists, took over a building.

    • Perry: ...like that mess Geraldo got into that one time.
      Journalist and talk show host Geraldo Rivera did a 2-hour live special also involving breaking into the safe of a dead mobster: "The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault". This 1986 broadcast garnered a massive rating for number of viewers, but was very anticlimactic; instead of finding the bones of the famous gangster, only a pile of dirt and a few bottles of moonshine were uncovered.