Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 1994 on ABC
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The globe from Clark's spaceship begins to give him some information regarding his past, but the globe is stolen for two kids before he can learn much. Lex Luthor buys the globe from Jack and begins to learn something about Superman, but not too much.

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  • A Good Plot

    The episode was all about a Globe that Clark has. It tells more about himself and who he is. It then gets stolen by a young theif. He sells for money to Lex Luthor. He wants it to learn more about Superman. Lois then gets the help of her freind to get his stuff back. Not all. He found the globe in a early episode Strange Visitor. The globe tells five messages about himself. He then learns his true name,Kal-El. Also his parents sent him away cause Krypton was gonna explode. Who were Jor-el and Lara. In the end,Clark got the globe back and found all Lex's treasure. Which went to a museum. Also helped Jack get a job at Daily Planet,plus his brother in a good home. This was a good episode cause he learns more about himself. Also Lois got really mad but forgived Clark cause she would of done the same as he had. So everything turned out good in the end. Even though we know the story. Its interesting to be told again in a different way.moreless
  • Excellent Episode, Must See!

    This was an excellent episode, really a must see for the entire series. Clark discovered where he came from and learns about his parents. Jor-El tells Clark through a globe, about himself and how he came to be on Earth. Clark also gets to see his mother, Lara. He learns of his Kryptonian name, Kal-El. But as the globe has been stolen, and Lex Luthor gets a hold of it, he soon learns most of these things about Superman. The end of the episode sees him vow to find out Supermans real identity. This not only was a great insight for Clark, but it was a great insight into Lex Luthor as well. A personal favourite of mine from the series.moreless
  • Pivotal season one episode is a real treat for long-time Superman fans.

    As much as I enjoyed the lighter, modern approach this series offered, I remember getting very excited when they would touch on classic comic book moments. Certainly, no first season episode does this better than FOUNDLING. I especially appreciate the continuity held over from the Christopher Reeve Superman movies--e.g., the costumes worn by Jor-El and Lara are very similiar to those in the first film. Smallville has also done this to a certain degree, confirming that Reeve remains THE Superman for my generation.

    FOUNDLING also introduces the new character of Jack, who would return for the season's final 2 episodes. . .then inexplicably be dropped from the show (like the Catherine Grant character). It also has some great Lois moments, as the opportunistic reporter seeks to turn Clark's dilemna into an award-winning article.

    In a series that would decline in quality with each successive season, FOUNDLING is a fine example of LOIS & CLARK at its best.moreless
  • The Original story reveald.

    This was the first eppisode i saw and i only saw the last 5 minuites but thankfully they repeat eppisodes every now and then so luckily i can right a full review.

    The eppisode starts as usual with the same good clips being played to the brilliant tune that i really love.

    Its a very strange eppisode and one of the best i have ever seen which is saying sonething against the other eppisodes that I have seen.

    The boy who steals the globe from Clark becomes a regular charactor and eventually one of the main ones in serise 2.

    On the whole another good eppisode.moreless
  • One Kryptonian globe that Clark kept from a previous adventure activates and starts to show messages from his biological father, Jor-El

    It's a must see episode, there are many "Character Development" episodes in the first season, since they are trying to get the audience familiar with the classic mythos of Superman. This episode is real great since they showed off Jor-El and Lara. It's a down that Lara didn't have dialogues, but still is a show very enjoyable.
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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The lost works of art and cultural treasures in Lex's private gallery include the missing arms of the Venus de Milo, Gainesborough's "Yellow Boy", Beethoven's 10th Symphany, the self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, and the full figure Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci, among others not identified.

    • Strange that when Jack touched the globe, Clark didn't share the visions, but when Lex did, he saw everything. Perhaps the message hadn't progressed far enough to transmit to Clark at a distance- none of the prologue, but all of the main message seemed to make it through to him.

    • When Lois tells Clark that he's like iron, he mutters "steel," a reference to Superman's nickname "the man of steel". Lois then asks him to repeat what he said and Clark explains that he is *still* worried. In Israel, the Hebrew subtitles contain a similar play on words: the Hebrew word for steel "p'ladah," becomes "da'agah" (worry) -- Clark is worried about what happened to his things. Similarly, in the Spanish dubs, the word for steel, "acero", becomes "ah... cero" (um... zero) as Clark changes his muttering to a comment on yesterday's stock exchange.

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    • Fortress of Solitude Tree house

      Clark's tree house bears the name "Fortress of Solitude". In Superman comics, this was a crystalline fortress which is classically located in the arctic where Superman could go for peace and quiet, as well as being a connection to his Kryptonian heritage. There are several other versions of the fortress located in different areas, including one in a mountain outside of Metropolis, another under the Sargasso Sea, as well as one that is capable of moving location, based in the Andes Mountains.