Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 1996 on ABC



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    • Herbie: Do you know anything about the black arts? Witchcraft, devil worship, human sacrifice?
      Mink: Sounds like my second marriage.

    • Herbie: Since when do you ask questions?! I'm the master, you're the servant, remember?!
      Katie: I'd like to think of us as partners.
      Herbie: Oh you do?
      Katie: Yes.
      Herbie: Fine with me.
      Katie: Really?
      Herbie: Absolutely. Since you're dead, you can be the silent partner! Now get back out there and do your stuff!

    • Lois: Who do you suppose did this?
      Superman: Vandals?
      Lois: Vandals?! Clark, pots and pans were whizzing around the room!
      Superman: By themselves?
      Lois: I know how it sounds.
      Superman: There must be some rational explanation.
      Lois: I am all for that! Go ahead. (a long pause) I'll accept almost anything. (still nothing) Barometric pressures, wind currents, sun spots?

    • Superman: (after he catches an elderly neighbor who jumped out of her window) Now Bertha, you should never try flying without Superman.

    • Lois: And you can just get that look off your face.
      Clark: What look?
      Lois: That look that says, 'Oh my God, Lois cooked something and I have to eat it.'

    • Clark: Do you know what it feels like having the person you love turn into a snarling monster right before your eyes?
      Lois: She was snarling. I was speaking loudly, for emphasis.

    • Lois: I'd like to help.
      Katie Banks: Sure, as if you care. I don't trust you or anyone with a pulse.
      Lois: Life was that tough?
      Katie Banks: Well, I was beaten to death with a blunt instrument. So, in this sense - yes.

    • Jimmy: I got it! I got it.
      Perry: Tuna on rye, right?
      Jimmy: No, uh... I'll call the delivery place, chief.
      Perry: Aw, does anybody still work here?

    • Katie Banks: Your wish is my command.
      Herbie Stax: Huh, yeah. Don't you forget it. Now get back over to the Kents and scare the hell out of them.
      Katie Banks: Why?
      Herbie Stax: Oh. Because I said so.
      Katie Banks: That's good enough for me.

    • Katie Banks: How long have I been dead? There was no way of telling in there.
      Herbie Stax: Well, who... who was the president when you died?
      Katie Banks: Oh, I never followed politics.
      Herbie Stax: Well, who won the Super Bowl?
      Katie Banks: Well, I wasn't into sports.
      Herbie Stax: Well, what was your favourite TV show?
      Katie Banks: Well, I didn't really watch television.
      Herbie Stax: Oh, no wonder somebody killed you. You were a real drag.

    • Katie Banks: What a dump. I always wanted to say that, but I never was in a place awful enough.

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