Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 12

Honeymoon in Metropolis

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

Lois hurries to leave the Planet, and everyone suspects she is on to a big story. Instead, she is checking into the Honeymoon suite of the Lexor Hotel for a night of relaxation. She tries to enjoy her time alone in the room, but it is apparent that she wishes she had company. While she is lying in the bathtub, Clark calls. He asks her how her night is going and how the view is. When she looks out her window, she sees some suspicious men meeting in the opposite building, involving a congressman. She avoids admitting to Clark what she sees, but does take pictures for evidence. She presents the pictures to the Planet the following day as everyone tries to figure out what was happening. Lois and Perry decide that they should stakeout the building in the honeymoon suite. To Lois' dismay, Perry assigns her and Clark to handle the stakeout by posing as a married couple.

Jimmy and Cat help Lois and Clark get settled in the honeymoon suite that afternoon. The same night, Lois and Clark begin their surveillance. They argue briefly over who gets the bed, and finally agree to alternate nights. Clark struggles to get comfortable on the couch, especially with the idea of Lois lying in the next room. It isn't long before he has to wake her up because the men have returned to the building across the street. From what they hear, it sounds like the congressman is being ordered to cover up some sort of test that could be a threat to the city.

In the morning, Lois and Clark seem to have become more comfortable with sharing the room as they begin to get along. The scene switches briefly to Luthor talking with someone on the phone about a test called "shockwave." It is still unclear what the test entails.

Perry, Cat, Jimmy, Lois and Clark try to compare notes on the stakeout. They figure out that one of the men is named Thaddeus Roarke. Roarke seems to be bullying the congressman, but they still don't know why. Cat is assigned to follow the congressman, and Lois and Clark return to the hotel room. They end up playing a variety of games to pass the time, including Scrabble and Gin. Clark comments on how Lois is so competitive, and she states that she simply likes to win. When they are setting up the surveillance equipment, Clark hears the maid. He immediately begins making out with Lois so that when the maid walks in she does not suspect anything. The kiss leaves Lois breathless, but she quickly resumes her usual manner. She and Clark begin discussing how people deal with intimacy when they hear the men over their equipment. Just when they are about to discover what the test is, the men shut the blinds. They manage to hear the congressman protest that the test will harm millions of people, though. Lois, her curiosity peaked, sneaks across the street to inspect the other building. When she is about to be discovered, Clark rushes over to cause a distraction. It works, but as Lois leaves, we see she has dropped one of her credit cards without noticing. Clark returns to the hotel before Lois and when she discovers he "forgot" to record the event from the room, she becomes frustrated and turns in for the night.

The gang reconvenes again at the Planet and looks over the data Lois found in the building. They see that the title of the project is "Tsunami" and that it is related to something called "shockwave". Cat says that she followed the congressman through his multiple dates throughout the day, but that he didn't do anything suspicious. Perry finally decides to call in his source, Sore Throat. He meets Perry, Lois, and Clark in a parking garage and warns them that "shockwave" automatically identifies foreign objects and calculates the appropriate response to defend the area. Roarke is upset because the "shockwave" system was chosen over his own, and he plans to sabotage the system's test. Sore Throat suggests they leave town, but Lois and Clark figure there must be something else they can do. When they return to the suite, they see it has been broken into and that all their evidence was destroyed. Clark notices a bomb in the couch, and sits on it to prevent the explosion. Lois is too baffled by the suite break-in to notice.

Lois goes down to the docks that night to find Roarke, but he captures her first. Clark worries about where she is when he finally resorts to calling Lex. He shows up at the Planet immediately and questions why everyone is concerned about his "Shockwave" project being sabotaged. They tell him all they know, and together they realize Roarke is planning to make the test result in a tsunami. Clark runs off as Superman to stop the wave in time. He finds Lois and the congressman tied to the pier. He quickly frees them and is able to push the wave back right before it hits Metropolis.

The next night Lois calls Clark from the honeymoon suite to tell him she's enjoying her free night at the hotel. The manager had offered her the room after the break-in and she had happily accepted. She wishes Clark goodnight, and then returns to her relaxation time.
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