Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 3 Episode 5

Just Say Noah

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1995 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Lois and Clark go undercover as husband and wife to investigate missing couples in the Larry Smiley Institute, a place to help couples to repair problems in their marriages. They will find Larry's true plans and will find their romance again.

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    Dean Cain

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    Jimmy Olsen (seasons 2-4)

    Eddie Jones

    Eddie Jones

    Jonathan Kent

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • In the opening scene, when Lois & Clark are coming out of the theater, the poster behind them is for the movie Fair Game starring Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin.

      • Goof: When Lois and Clark are walking to her apartment, Clark tells her that he was wrong. As he said his line, the shadow of a production member carrying a light, is visible on the wall.

      • Goof
        When Lois tears her dress and finds her suitcase was left behind, she ends up wearing Clark's shirt and jeans. They look a little big on her but nowhere near as big as Clark's clothes should be on her.

      • Goof: When Star translates the torn page that Lois found, she claims that the page is in Aramaic and from The Dead Sea Scrolls. In fact, it is neither. The Dead Sea Scrolls are an ancient group of writings, written from 200 BC to 68 AD, cotaining copies of Biblical books, hymns, prayers, and other Jewish writings in several languages: Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Since they were not discovered until 1947, a centuries-old printed book could not have contained any selections from them.

        In fact, the torn piece of paper is in fact an excerpt from the (Hebrew, not Aramaic) work Shulchan Arukh, a compendium of Jewish religious law compiled by the 16th-century Rabbi Joseph Karo of Safed. The particular page that was removed from the book contains the end of the section containing laws relating to the reading of the Torah scroll, and the beginning of the section of laws dealing with the construction of synagogues.

      • Jennifer Hooper who played Kathy, had a very small part as a screaming passerby in the season 2 episode "Target: Jimmy Olsen!".

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Clark: I think we are completely in sync.
        Lois: Oh yeah, we're so in sync that when you broke up with me, for my own good, you figured I'd know it was for the best because we're so in sync. We're about as in sync as the English in a Japanese horror film.
        Clark: Lois, I was wrong and I admitted it. You can't stay mad.
        Lois: Oh yes I can. You can fly, I can stay mad. It's a gift.

      • Jimmy: Uh, Lois... uh, panic makes a man say strange things sometimes... uh, I was wondering if you could sorta forget what I...
        Lois: (reassuringly) Trust me.

      • Lois: And you know, you put up with me for the same reason I put up with you! It's because I'm completely in love with you!
        Clark: And... I love you. (pause) Did we just make up?
        Lois: I think so.

      • Lois: There's some files here divided into piles marked 'accepted' and 'rejected' candidates. Candidates for what? (pause) Clark, we're in the 'rejected' pile!
        Clark: Lois, don't you think that's probably a good thing?
        Lois: Well, I'd like to feel wanted!

      • Lois: It's a lot of pressure this 'forever' thing.
        Superman: It's not the 'M' word that makes it forever for me, Lois. My love is forever, because... it just is.

      • Martha: We are on your side in the big picture. We want you to be happy and Lois makes you happy. Unless you make her unhappy. Then she makes you unhappy. And that makes us unhappy.
        Jonathan: Son, love and marriage are a partnership. Both people are equal in the partnership. Bottom line, they make their decisions together.
        Clark: So you're saying I should go crawling back on my hands and knees.
        Martha: No, honey. Fly back. It's faster.

      • Clark: Lois, I was wrong and I admit it. C'mon, you can't stay mad...
        Lois: Yes I can. You can fly, I can stay mad. It's a gift.

      • Lois: You know, it's just wonderful being angry at a national treasure.
        Superman: Lois, I can't help it. People like me. I help them.

      • Larry (to Superman): Son, you pack a lot of horse sense in them tight britches.

      • Larry: I got me two of every kind. Farmers, doctors, lawyers, and you. Why, you, of all people, should see where I'm headed.
        Perry: Yeah, a little quiet room with rubber on the walls...

      • Jimmy: I thought you hated the symphony, chief?
        Perry: I do, Jimmy. That's why I'm standing here in this monkey suit, waiting for my wife, who loves the symphony. And with whom I am on very thin ice. So I can plunk down a thousand smackers for bad seats on a charity opening night. Now, son, when you get married, this will all make perfect sense.

      • Superman: I'm sorry, you were saying?
        Lois: Nothing. I'm going to be a professional and go to the interview, and internalize my feelings so I get an ulcer the size of Cleveland.
        Superman: Women... Earth women.

      • Perry (to Lois about Clark): You know, that boy would walk on water for you... or he'd drown trying.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Jimmy: Man, it's just like Waterworld!
        Lois: Only cheaper!
        Jimmy is referring to the Kevin Costner blockbuster Waterworld. It featured a post-apocalyptic world completely covered by water. The movie was a complete flop in the US though it did well overseas, but it is best known for the massive budget over runs which made it one of the most expensive movies ever made.

      • When Arnold and Michelle get kidnapped by Smiley's henchmen, they first are distracted by a burning bush. The burning bush is an allusion to the account in the Bible where God spoke to Moses through a burning bush that was not consumed.

      • The mention of 'Noah' in the episode's title is a reference to the Bible character Noah. In the Bible, Noah was chosen by God to save two of every kind of animal, along with his entire family, inside of an ark because God intended to destroy the earth with a flood lasting 40 days and nights. Most of the key details of this story are alluded to throughout the episode-- 2 of a kind, animal names for the couples, flooding for 40 days/night, the ark, and destroying all mankind. Clark recognizes this story when Star is helping him translate the ancient document.

        In addition, the title is also a take on the popular phrase "Just Say No!" from anti-drug campaigns throughout the 80's and 90's.

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