Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 15

Lois and Clarks (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 1997 on ABC

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  • Tempus's Downfall

    This is the second and final in this two parter. I actually like part two a little more because it actually had that emotional quality that was slightly lacking in part one.

    This episode in a way is sort of an aligory on loss. It's just great seeing both Lois as well as the alternate Clark at their emotional best going though the motions of the knowledge that someone they know and love may'be gone forever and yet their love for that person never dies, but most of all shows how when someone is lost everything changes. It almost seems so easy that both of them could just move on imediately from Lois falling in love with the alternate Clark and the alternate Clark abandoning his earth to live on the earth Lois lives in as well as have the parients he lost. But both know life can never be as easy as that, that you can never replicate a past that is now gone you can only live in the present your in now and move foward, both are very much aware of this and that's what truely made this episode work.

    And of course you have a good feeling in the end especially for what's going to happen with the Alternate Clark who isn't exactly happy he has to go back to his world where there is no Lois, but from that last look you get from H.G. Wells you get the feeling that he'll bring Clark his Lois.
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