Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 14

Meet John Doe (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1997 on ABC

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  • Tempus for President

    This is basically the forth and final time in the H.G. Wells and Tempus series. This time Tempus as usual is up to no good, only this time he's going for the gold which is the presidency. This episode is sort of a comical black satire on the darkside of political campaigning. How at times it's a little too much about the fab instead of the facts, we can easily fall victim toward misleading information about someone instead of seeing them for who they really are. One thing I like about the episode is the fact that Tempus kinda the real main character of this episode. It's just fun to see how he is singlehandly slowly but surely in his sceme to cheat his way to the top from getting everyone to vote for him including the president himself but also how he is tearing everything apart by instaling a lot of bogus rules. But what makes this most interesting is the fact that Tempus actually wins in this episode.

    And a little credit has to be handed to Clark it was great seeing his sense of emotion which felt real from those visions he gets of Lois in danger. It's obviously medaphor for the common fear all significant others have of losing the one they love to a circumstance they may be powerless to stop. The only flaw though with this episode is it's a little slow paced and I'll admit there was one moment where the satire didn't work mainly when a lot of attority figures were charging Superman with lots of burocracy which I though was kinda ridiculous.

    But this episode has a cliffhanger that leave you with a bad feeling when the visions Clark has finally become a reality only we discover they were a warning for his life in danger not Lois. As Tempus sets a trap to entrap Superman into what seems to be The Phantom Zone for all eternity. It was I'll admit sad seeing the look on Lois's face. The battle is lost but the war is far from over.
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