Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 14

Meet John Doe (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1997 on ABC



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    • IRS Agent: Superman, Agent Bower, I.R.S. We've been trying to contact you. We need your social security number.
      Superman: I don't have one.
      IRS Agent: Everyone has a social security number.
      Superman: Well, I don't.
      IRS Agent: I guess that explains why we can't locate any of your tax returns. It doesn't appear you've actually ever filed. That can't be, can it? Superman a tax dodger? Should we be looking under "S" for Super or "M" for Man?

    • Tempus: (running for President under the pseudonym John Doe) Attention all registered voters, John Doe is a darn nice guy.

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    • Title: Meet John Doe.
      This is a reference to the 1941 movie Meet John Doe. In the movie the people are also led to believe that John Doe is a genuine person, but in fact they are being deceived.