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  • superman and co - the stories :)

    Oh... this is a show which got from great to .. well.. mediocre .. all because of actor's like Mr. Shea, who was a great Lex Luthor, but decided that the commute between work and home was too much, so, at the end of Season 1, they killed Lex Luthor.

    I mean, let's face it.. Season 1, was the best, until they killed Luthor. The show was jazzy, fun, quick, action, drama, and great storylines. But, then came the killing of Luthor and season 2, 3 and 4 non-sense.

    It got from bad to worse.. Nevermind, the dropping of Cat Grant, the recasting of Jimmy Olsen, the show just didn't have that zest of Season 1.

    And of course, killing Supes' arch enemy in the first season, that was totally unrealistic, but then again, what to do?

    The fact that this show lasted 4 seasons, is a testament of how much people like Superman. Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher were great together, there is no denying, and overall the cast was superb. Lane Smith as Perry White was comic book perfect! So, the special FX weren't always top notch, but still, overall, the show had potential.

    Could have lasted longer, had things gone differently in Season 1's ending, which to me, is keep Luthor and keep the same staff for the show.
  • This is a show reguarding an indepth look at Clark Kent taking the focus away from Superman by letting you get to know the man behind the tights. Dean Cain is an excellent modernized versoin of Clark Kent. Teri Hatcher nailed the character of Lois Lane.

    This has been one of the best Superman adaptations ever in my opinion. They updated Clark Kent a bit to make him more appealing and less dorky but they kept the most important parts of him-his ultimate goodness and values. By focusing on Clark rather than Superman it opened the possibility to get more into the other characters as well. You really got to know and love Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, along with the Kents. The characters are more heartwarming on this show than any other Superman story I've seen. I own all fours seasons and I still enjoy it.
  • this has to be the worst show on superman ever!!!!

    the guy doesnt even look like superman. and the woman looks like lois if lois were on crack. i cant believe this show was on for so long. i think desperate housewives made this show a success, and thats probably why they chose terry hatcher to be on desperate housewives so that she could bring her lonely fan base with her. i really thank the wb or cw whoever, for bringing us smallville. i just hope that this big mistake doesnt happen again. unfortunatly it will, i mean we did have charmed and 7th heaven run for a long time and those two shows had no buissness being on any channel let alone one of the biggest and most popular networks around.
  • I'm just a comic geek through and through.

    So I have to admit that most people do not realise this about me. I am a fully fledged comic nerd. Which did include as a child Superman comic's so there is no surprise to find out that I now love the show!

    I do love the movies but you only get so many of them and then again you got this show every week! I grew up on this before I even saw the movies. And well I have to admit the comic's are still better but I LOVE SUPERMAN whatever the situation.

    I don't even know what it is about it. Just the marvel of the powers he has, how cute he is (lol) or just how good the story lines are. Hm I love it anyway!
  • Cool Thing!

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a phenomenal television success. A much more lavish version of the popular Superman television series which had first aired forty years earlier, Lois & Clark focused more on the Man of Steel's early adult years in Metropolis. With the unknowing help of Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher), Clark Kent (Dean Cain) created Superman there in Metropolis after finding work at the world-famous Daily Planet newspaper, where he meets fellow reporter Lois Lane. After Superman's debut, Lois becomes infatuated with Superman and continues to reject Clark's romantic overtures due to past bad experiences with men. The rest of the first season Daily Planet staff includes Perry White, the chief editor, society columnist Catherine Grant (Tracy Scoggins), and cub reporter/photographer Jimmy Olsen (Michael Landes/Justin Whalin). Other major characters in the series include archvillain Lex Luthor (John Shea) and Superman's adoptive parents, Martha (K Callan) and Jonathan Kent (Eddie Jones). In a salute to the original Superman series, Phyllis Coates guest starred as Lois's mother, Ellen Lane in the last episode of the season. Coates had, of course, been the original Lois in the first Superman series. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman began to play up the romantic aspects of the series as the season progressed. By the end of the second season Lois had finally realised that Clark Kent and Superman were the same person so it came as no surprise to her when he finally revealed his true identity and proposed marriage. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman went where few shows care to go - it allowed the relationship between the two title characters to grow and develop naturally, as it might in real life. The real ratings problems began in the third season, when the network insisted on a fake wedding. Nicknamed the "ARRGGGHH" by the fans, the non-wedding arc included a clone, a kidnapping, and even amnesia. It would have been bearable if the famous couple had ended up together, but the network, afraid of the Remington Steel curse, refused to allow it, which set up some interesting season rewrites, because the original intent was to allow the marriage to occur. Lois & Clark ended in 1997 with a cliffhanger, canceled by a network that did its best to bury the successful series in order to bring back The Wonderful World Of Disney. By the end of the last season, Lois and Clark had come a long way from the prickly, anything for a story, but marshmallow-hearted woman and the naive farm boy from Kansas. The Ice Queen had softened, the farm boy had grown up. Both had fallen in love, married, and were discussing children. The last episode was unsatisfying due to its lack of a conclusion, but the series is still popular today. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman left a lasting mark on the face of a mythos where Clark Kent was real, Superman was the disguise, and Lois Lane was essential to his make-up. It left wonderful recurring villains, such as Tempus, and a timeless love story that makes one believe in true love.
  • loved it

    it was great, i absolutely loved it why did they cancel it why ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I loved it when louis finally found out clarke was superman ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Classic show ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The only annoying thing was that they rushed their wedding and stuff which had been what the whole show had been building up to for years ! ! all because the damn tv people wanted it to finish !! bah humbug
    Oh and the other annoying thing was when the writers didn't know how to get louis and clarke out of a sticky situation they would just invent some riduclus scientific thing that made no sense what so ever, but i dont care obout that it was still good!!!
  • Best Superman and Lois ever!!!

    I was never into the superman movies, in the movie I think they lost the love connection and passion that Lois and Clark had! But in the New Adventures, I think they nailed it right on the head. And Dean is way hotter as superman than anyone else!! I love the adventures, the new ideas they let superman feel in his everday life, the love tension, the growing the charectors did, the fact that Clark's human family was more than just in the beginning, and even the bad guys. Once I saw it I was hooked, and even though the series is over I think it is the all time best Superman ever and hope it makes as much history as the movies did. Loved it and still love it!
  • it's a brilliant show and itv 2 has been showing reruns every day for a while and i am so pleased lol

    i love teri hatcher in this as lois lane. she is so mcuh better than any of the lois' in the films but that girl that played pois in superman returns was pretty good too.
    i think the tv show is soooo much better than any of the films (though admittedly i have only seen one of the films) though i do think that lex luthor should have been bald and that he died so many times in "lois and clark" that i jsut never knew if he was alive or dead.
    i was really pleased when recently itv:2 startes showin reruns of lois and clark coz i used to watchi it when i was younger but i couldn't really remember what i liked about it.
    now i remember though.
    i loved how clark could just take his glasses off and even lois couldn't recognise him.

    anyway thats all i can think of for now so byebye fellow superman freaks (i dont mean to offend anyone by that ok)
  • Good show...

    lois and clark the new adventures of superman follow clark kent and his early years in metropolis. Season one I guess the main villain is lex luthor as usual and then at the end of the season they killed him off. season 2 villain is a criminal organization known as intergang. We also see lex luthor in one episode. lois and clark is mainly about clark kent and his struggles with being superman. the show lasted 4 years, I guess it started getting stupid in season 4. In season 1 jimmy olsen was played by Michael landis but in 2,3,4 he was played by Justin Whalin. Some people say they replaced him because he looked to much like dean cain. I like seeing the live action superhero shows like this now if only they could do a batman one. At times this show can be funny and cheesy but for the most part it's awesome. I have the season 2 dvd set. Later...
  • It's just.. I am so.. I mean I l.. totaly rocks !!!!

    Never mind how much time will pass by, I will always love to watch this clasic over and over again.
    I loved it as a child, as a teenager, I love it as a young man, and i'm sure I'll love it even as an old man.
    People, this is an all family, prime-time, drama, romance, sci-fi, adventure, and a little bit of a thriller, great great TV series.
    I just love Dean Cane's Clark Kent and crazy about Teri Hatcher's Lois Lane.
    I strongley recomand any genre lovers to take a week off from their activities, and totaly give in to this show's magic and pure enterainment, that come to life in four intoxicating seasons...
  • Live action version of the comic book and cartoon series of superman that focuses more on supermans alter ego clark kent and his girl friend and future wife louise lane.

    The best and most gripping television programe i have watched for a long time the story lines are great i have to say my favourite episode is The House of Luthor because luthor finaly gets what he deserves and is the secong closest time that superman gets to dying after home is where the hurt is where he gets the vires but the episode wasnt as good as the house of luthor. I would love a new series with new actors playing lois and clark brad and angelina maybe.
  • a wonderful show.

    i really loved all about "lois & clark": the fact that the main characters actually really are lois and clark and that "superman" plays a supporting role, the deep humanity in this show and in the character of clark kent, how clark struggles with the burden and the responsability of having super powers, interfering with his own life and his relationship with lois all the time, his pain because lois wouldn't love him in the beginning but his alter ego superman, his never killing or even seriously hurting anybody not even in rage (one of the reasons i couldn't care less about "smallville" is the brutal way clark kent sometimes uses his powers), the chemistry between dean cain and teri hatcher, the enormous charisma they both provide, the sometimes very eccentric humour, ... . there are three words to say when it comes to "lois & clark - the new adventures of superman": bring it back!
  • A pretty good show.

    Lois and Clark is not as good as Smallville, but it's a pretty good show when it came out during the 90s. at that time, the superman movie franchise went sour after the release of superman 4. a new reinterpretation of the superman genre was badly needed, lois and clark provided that. this show did well really well in terms of the quality of the stories. perhaps the ratings wasn't good enough during the last season, but this was a pretty good show in terms of storyline and execution. this is an interesting take on superman, dean cain is a perfect clark kent.
  • Especially the sight of Dean Cain in tights.

    This take on the man of steel had an emphasis on comedy drama with a romantic twist. The show also had a harmless camp tone, reminiscent of the 1960s tv show Batman, which could be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher were both ideally cast as Clark & Lois and their presence made the show a very watchable one.
  • One of my favorite shows during the 90's...

    This show originally aired while I was in high school, and I remember anxiously looking forward to each episode on Sunday nights. It was great! I loved the storylines (even the goofy ones were never serious enough to make you feel insulted), the relationship between Lois and Clark, the chemistry between Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, and the cast as a whole. I was very disappointed when the show started fading during the fourth season, and then the word came that it was being cancelled. No one should have been surprised because the writers had finally allowed Lois and Clark to get married (much to the delight of the fans), but the resolution of sexual tension between the main characters always tanks the show! I still feel like there were new places to take the show that would have been interesting despite the marriage of the main characters.

    Now, I'm rewatching the show on DVD, and I'm loving it all over again. I hope Warner Bros has plans to release the fourth season sometime soon!
  • This show is about a person names Clark Kent who has these amazing powers and in order for him to use them for good he needs a secret identity. Clark saves the day when someone needs help and still has time to complete his job and spend time with Lois!

    I personally love all superman series, especially this one. Everyone is just so funny and they play such an important roll in this show. Lois and Clark getting together is just what everyone wants to see. It just is so magical when they are together. When Lois and Clark get married they don't keep anything from eachother. In fact they are so open and they always resolve their problems no matter what. I would give this show five stars anyday. I love the way this show was done and there is no other better way that I can say this.
  • Lois and Clark was a wonderful tv series.

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is a great show about Superman and his only lady Lois. It shows all the things that Clark and Lois went through emotionally and physically. Clark and Lois is very exciting and shows Superman at its best which is the reason why I love this show so much!
  • I think this is the only series I have ever watched over and over again. It has the \"Will they, or won\'t they\" romance scenario as well as being just incredibly romantic with great dialogue. ~ a 32 year old fan married 10 years to her best frie

    I think this is the only series I have ever watched over and over again and would want to have on a desert island. It has the \"Will they, or won\'t they\" romance scenario as well as being just incredibly romantic with great dialogue. They are totally believable as a couple and as best friends and are always true to each other. TV shows these days just do not have \"real\" relationships anymore - its very hard to root for your favorite character when they go around sleeping with other guys (like Lorelai this season on Gilmore Girls -that was just heartwrenching). I watch a lot of Tv on DVD, and though I like Farscape and Beauty and the Beast (with Catherine and Vincent), I have to admit that Lois and Clark is currently my favorite tv show of all time. And my heart longs for more characters with real romance and integrity on TV primetime.
    ~ a 32 year old fan married 10 years to her best friend

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  • it was good for a while

    when i first heard about this show i never thought it would last. but it did for several seasons. it was based more on clark kent than superman, which was cool. i think teri hatcher is one of the hottest women on the planet. both then and now. this was a good show for the first three seasons, but number four just never got off the ground and now the show is gone but not forgotten.
  • Well, that's 3 hours I'm never getting back...

    I just checked out the first DVD of this series to see what I thought. After a pilot that was mediocre at best, I debated whether to give another episode a chance, and finally decided I really should. So I've now watched three episodes (if you count the pilot as 2). That's three hours of my life that I'm never getting back.

    I don't know... maybe I'm just spoiled by shows like BtVS, Angel, Alias, and of course Smallville. But I kind of like fantasy shows where the other characters (besides the hero) are at least moderately intelligent.

    I've watched three hours of the series, and so far, Clark has been saved from discovery on about 5,000 occasions solely due to the fact that every other character on the show is a complete idiot.

    The pilot can best be described as "cheesy." That's actually the one and only adjective that comes to mind.

    In the second episode, we have a bad guy who can generously be described as far, far too stupid to be a federal agent. Seriously - how many clues can he be given that Clark is Superman before it will at least occur to him?

    The second episode, btw, also features a court order that was apparently obtained from nowhere without the approval of the bad guy's superior, a group of federal agents firing guns in an airplane (which anyone can tell you is a Very Bad Idea) and then assuming that the squashed bullet they found (which had hit Clark) had missed (again, utterly idiotic, since if they had indeed missed Clark, they'd all be dead because the airplane casing would have been punctured).

    Lois, supposedly a terrific investigative reporter, shows a remarkable lack of any grasp of the obvious on many, many occasions during just these three hours.

    At this point, I'm going to assume that these three episodes are typical, and stop watching. There are other, better, things to do with my time.
  • More about Clark and not about Superman

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was one of my favorite TV shows. I would label this show as a Romantic Comedy between Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Its not about superman its about Clark. We see that Clark created the character Superman and not the other way around. The show is not about the action, its about the chemistry and storylines between Lois and Clark as friends and partners and even lovers. I as a fan was waiting for that day to come where Lois finally found out that Clark was Superman. Finally, I have to say, To this date Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain has to be one of the hottest and sexiest Lois and Clark ever played on TV or Movies. I remember the big posters of those two together in character promoting the show. HOT! & SEXY!
  • Clark Kent moves to Metropolis and gets a job at the Daily Planet. He meets Lois Lane, they fall in love and eventually get married. All in just 4 seasons!

    When I first watched the first season, I got addicted. I didn't know why, the special effects were ok but the storylines were good. People think that Teri Hatcher is the "Hot" Lois, I disagree. This is the worst Lois, she's too wimpy. Anyway, even with the whole frog-eating clone story arc, I think this show is great! I liked the wedding/clone/amnesia arc, it was interesting. I think getting married was a good thing. I hate how they normally drag out the romance of Lois & Clark. The chemistry with this couple is great! If the chemistry doesn't work, the show doesn't. The music is cool, the special effects improve, and the stories are great! AWESOME SHOW!
  • Updated version of Superman for the 90's. How could it go wrong?

    This is by far one of the better Superman series ever. It was fresh for the 90's, and had a GREAT cast.
    Towards the end though it did get a bit weird, but I still love it.
    Dean Cain had the image and attitufe of Superman/Clark Kent perfectly. The ideas for the episodes were original and very interesting.
    Another great aspect was the focus on Clark and Lois's relationship and less on Superman which made for the show's popularity and not so cheesy all of the time (like other Superman series).
    All in all, this was a great show, and the seasons are deffinately worth picking up on DVD.
  • A different take on the Superman story with a stronger focus on Lois & Clark rather than Superman. Better series now that I'm older.

    Having never read a single Superman comic and barely seeing any of the 4 Superman movies, this was my Superman, my primary venture into the Superman universe. I was also only 9 when this series began so some of the series was over my head.

    Even though I was young at the time I first saw some of this series, it stuck with me. While on the original airings, I started to like the show less and less once the Lois & Clark relationship really took off because I was more interested in Superman and wasn't watching it for the love story. Once in college, though, I gathered all the episodes and rewatch the whole series, beginning to end, this time appreciating this relationship focus more.

    While the series was a bit chessy at times, it was still a good show. This wasn't a typical superhero vs supervillain show. Most of the "bad guys" were ordinary humans. While I would have liked to see a little more of the supervillians, I still liked the fact that it was different from other superhero shows. Even Lex Luthor wasn't a major villian all the time, mostly in season 1 only, but with some major plots later that revolved around him even though he wasn't technically involved.

    Sadly, the show ended before it finished the plot line started at the end of season 4. While this was a little bit of a disappointment, it wasn't a completely open end. It gave enough closure not to anger all fans but still left things unanswered. Give it a chance if you enjoy Superman.
  • A 90's romantic sci-fi comedy...what a mix. Starring Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, this is a wonderful Superman series. Clark Kent/Superman comes to Metropolis to work as a Reporter for the Daily Planet working for Perry White (Layne Smith).

    Season One was a constant joy to watch. New, interesting shows each week that lived up to the Superman name. The audience waited in anticipation for Lois and Clark to finally get together. Season Two carried on that fine tradition with new, wonderful stories and continued the relationship between Lois and Clark. Season Three, we finally see Lois and Clark together, but the writing suffers. A large portion of fans feel the show "Jumped The Shark" during the fake wedding when Lois eats the frog. Season Four, we get to see more of Lois and Clark, finally married, but the writing become more outrageous. Still a likable show, but when Deborah Joy Levine left the show, the show suffered. One wonderful aspect of the show: Dean Cain.

    Best Lines:

    Clark: "Lois is in trouble..."
    Tempus: "How dumb was she?"
    Perry: "Superman...you're not gonna take my rats away are
  • A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.

    A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.A great show and a great addition to the superman saga.
  • i love this show. please bring it back. if you dont i will tell everyone to stop watching tnt. i know i am only one person but i hope you listen to me. i will get a petition if i have too. so please just bring it back. please, please!!!

    hey i really love this show, and i love smallville too. i just love superman. he is the best super hero. batman and those other heroes have nothing with him. i know that if you bring it back it will just be re-runs but i dont care just bring it back. it would even be better if you could continue the show. i know teri and dean are still alive and well. everyone who use to be in the show may not be there, but that is ok. once you have teri acting as lois and dean acting as clark, the show will be a hit. just make sure that when you are airing the show that it doesnt clash with smallville. you can bring it back at 6:00pm like you use to every night. please listen to me. i just want to see the show from beginning to end. please please please. i know i am just a small 15 year old girl living in a small caribbean island known as Trinidad(and Tobago). but just please take me in to consideration. thanks for taking the time to listen to me. bye. God Bless.
  • Love, love, love this show!

    I started watching DVD Season 2 on January 17th and I haven\'t stopped since. (I had taped most of the series off cable in 2001 so I have most of the episodes). I watch it every day. It\'s like a drug.

    Dean Cain is absolutely the hottest guy around. His interpretation of Clark Kent is the best by far. Definitely a guy for the 90's. I love the way Clark is the real person and Superman the disguise.

    The chemistry between Dean and Teri is explosive and I can\'t see anyone else playing the roles as well. What I really love about the series is that the romance of Lois and Clark is really front and center. It's like rereading a great romance novel over and over.

    I wish it could have gone on for at least another season, to help tie up all the loose ends (the baby, does Alt-Reality Clark finally find his Lois Lane, do Perry and Alice get back together, do Lois and Clark finally have a child of their own). Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to love what I have and let my imaginination fill in the blanks.
  • This started out strong, but at the end it ate itself alive from the inside

    This show was like only 50% faithful to the comics but in terms of character development this is the most faithful adaption ever! With the appearance of LOIS & CLARK, they were sort of giving us a girl's version of the Super saga,much like the comic book LOIS LANE.But this telling was a program designed to get the female audience, without alienating the guys. It mixed humor with action! Unfortuently it soon nose-dived to bad-movie terrotory. After the wedding of lois and clark there was no point of watching it. It soon became clear that the scripts were not as good as before. This show was great until H.G. Welles showed up. Then it went downhill from there. I am sure that is why this show got cancelled.
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