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  • An Excellent Show packed With Action, Comedy and Romance!!!!!!!

    This Was The Television Show That Got Me Hooked on SUPERMAN.
    The Creator (Deborah Joy LeVine) Should Be Very Proud.
    The Cast Were Excellent!!!! They All Fitted Into Their Roles. Especially Dean Cain Who Played Superman / Clark Kent, Teri Hatcher Who Played Lois Lane and John Shea Who Played Lex Luthor.
  • The best Lois, The best Clark, The best Perry, The best Jimmy, The best Kents, The best Luthor.

    I was only six when the show started. My idol at the time was Peter Pan, but i didnt know much about Superman. However, it soon became my favourite show. If i missed an episode i cried. The show taught me about morals, about love, about good parenting, and gave me a passion for journalism (which i still have today).

    Having gorwn up on this show, i am somewhat biased in saying it is the best interpretation of the superman mythos. But i plan to make a case for it.

    On Clark:

    The Clark Kent of LnC is post-crisis so superman is his disguise (and not the other way around). I much prefer it this way, as it shows Clark as a struggling human hero, instead of a unbelievable and unflawer alien one. After all he has grown up on a farm in kansas and been raised by two of the most wondeful humans on the planet. They taught him love, respect and humility, but also that he couldnt be totally honest, because humans on mass are not as accepting as they are, and they would want to use him for their own gain.

    On Lois:

    Lois is determined, confident, disrespectful, arrogant, and idignant. She is also sentimental, perseptive, caring, and hates injustice. She hunts down stories, and risks her life, because she is so intensly passionate about her work. It is never hard to see why Clark loves her so much. However, she is blind when it comes to him, not seeing past his disguise so well that she falls in love with one persona and not the other

    On Perry:

    The greatest elvis fan, a beaming and demanding voice, and a father figure to both Jimmy and Lois, this incarnation of Perry is delightful. Like he says 'he didn't become editor of the daily planet because he could yodel'.

    On Jimmy:

    Jimmy's struggle to gain a small amount of power in his life is endearing. He has low self esteem but Clark and Lois help him build on that by allowing him to help. He does tend to get himself in trouble on his search for his big chance at a story, but his intentions are always good, and he is loyal to his friends.

    On Cat and Jack:

    Both of them didnt last longer than season one. Both of them were great. Cat for comedy value, and Jack because his veiwpoint was so different (he is from a different class to any of them) and also because in my opinion, he figured out Clark's secret in the episode that preceeded the 'Luthor's demise' arc. But then thats open to interpretation.

    One the first episode:

    After probing to Perry he should be given a chance, Clark becomes a journalist at the daily planet, and from first site, falls in love with Lois Lane, who at first embodies the opposite of Clark. She has no respect, no humility and is spectical about men and love. Seeing through her confidence, he instantly becomes protective of her, perhaps sensing she is alot less capable than she pretends.

    Compelled to do more with his gifts than saving the odd person here and there, and also needing a disguise as the people of the big city are not so easily fended off, Clark and his mother come up with a costume (the superman outfit), just in time for clark to save Lois and a Rocket full of innocent people from being blown to bits by a bomb Luthor has planted. Lois here falls in lust with this 'stranger' because of his good looks, his mystery, and the idea of a hero.

    Later, Superman appears at the Luthor mansion (btw Luthor is in lust with Lois adding a further dimension to the triangle) to tell Lex that he is on to him. This is the beginning of the greatest feud of all time.

    One the story as a whole:

    Clark and Lois become fast friends. In the second season, as Lois begins to understand her crush on superman is superficial, she and Clark begin to explore a romantic relationship. When this relationship progresses to Clark's proposal, Lois announces she knows he is superman, throwing a big wheel in the works. After going back and forth and making us scream they do finally get married. After finding out they can't have children, the show ends on the surprising note of Lois and Clark discovering a baby in their house.


    This Lex is human. He has feelings, which makes him even scarier because he is unpredictable and a psychopath. He loves Lois as much as Clark does. There is a great scene in the clone arc, where Clark and Lex finish each others sentences as they talk about how they feel towards Lois. When they realise this they look at each other for a long moment before Lex announces 'Just this once, you can trust me'. The fact that Clark almost accepts this, even though Lex betrays him within mnuites of saying this, is a key indicator of how dangerous and manipulative Lex is.

    He loves power more than anything. Lex prizes the fact his building is the highest in metropolis. When superman appears, he is higher than lex, so he is the only thing lex has left to conquer. At the end of the first season, he brings Superman down to his basement (the lowest) and as he locks him in a kryptonite cage says 'i wonder, will the pain of loosing the challenge you represent be worse than the pain of constantly loosing to you?'

    Their dynamic is very strong. They HATE each other, more than any other lex and superman have.


    Some people consider LnC a romantic comedy. It certainly has elements of this. There are gags and intentionally funny episodes. There are thrid wheels in 'Mason' and 'Dan scardino' that bring in humourous jelousy. However, it cant be given one genre. It also has sci-fi elements (aliens, futuristic technology etc). The combination of the two is very effective.


    what i have said doesnt really express how much i love the show. yeah its cheesy sometimes, and the graphics are old, and some of the storylines kinda stank, but it is most definately an amazing story.

    Lois: Is it true what Tempus said

    Herb: Yes, in the future you are reveared as highly as any women in history

    Lois: oh, no i mean about being galactically stupid

    Herb: No no miss lane. Not stupid, Blind. You see that is what makes your story so timeless, why parents never tire of hearing it. Time after time we are all blinded by love.
  • Great Show!

    This show is awesome! An oldie but a classic. Superman saving the world while posing as Clark Kent, a mild mannered reporter. Lois Lane is a brilliant love interest and thoughout the first few series' it is clear that they should be together and it is nice that in the end they do. Superman is such a nice hero to look up, and Dean Kane(who plays Clark Kent/Superman) looks very good in spandex. The other characters in this program also make it worth watching. Jimmy Olsen, the cute copy boy turned photographer. Perry White, chief editor at the Daily Planet. This show is great and is well worth watching.
  • The best show ever.

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman started in 1993 and ran up until 1997. It primarily focussed on the lives and relationship of its two main characters Lois Lane - fiesty and independant journalist and Clark Kent - mild mannered reporter. They begin as rivals and progress into friends, best friends, lovers, soulmates...
    This show has the perfect contrast between the relationship side and the action side. In every episode, something happens(!) and later on, when Clark tries to tell Lois his secret, something or other always seems to prevent him. But eventually Lois figures it out by herself. I would thoroughly recommend this show of action/adventure and comedy to anyone. The script is well written and the show is well cast with great actors. I just wish it had gone on longer than 4 seasons...
    Once you start watching - you'll never want to stop!
    This show is seriously addictive and great fun to watch over and over again.
  • A great show!! Sadly, it has been forgotten by many, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

    I first started watching Lois and Clark ages ago when I was just a little kid. My babysitter introduced me to the show, and instantly I got hooked! I watched it until about midway of season 3, when I went on vacation and came back I couldn't seem to find it on TV anymore. I sadly forgot about the show, and it escaped my mind for years. Then one day about two years ago, I remembered the show I used to love so much. I researched the show and voila, I started rewatching it and got re-hooked on it. Anyways, this show has it all, action, adventure, comedy, romance, you name it, it's all on Lois and Clark! So many of the episodes are classic, very well done even though the special effects aren't the best. I normally don't like superhero stuff but Lois and Clark is the exception! Teri and Dean are wonderful together, and their acting is great! I would certainly recommend this show to anyone, and hope others still love and remember this wonderful show the way I do.
  • A cute show...

    I enjoyed this show. If you were wondering why it was cancelled, read on.

    the show lasted four seasons. Its first two seasons had descent ratings while its third had great and its fourth had dissmal. Why? Well, the original concept of the show was a story that involved the two characters Lois and Clark. Superman was sort of a side problem that had to be dealt with (albeit creativly) by the writers. At its core it was a romance with a bit of scifi. the paradigm shifted in the third season with the faux wedding. the show became scifi with a bit of romance. Because the core audience that the show had accumulated expected one thing and got another, this turned them off. The ratings slipped, and the execs made poor decisions like changing its time slot and then its day.

    This show was doomed to have so-so ratings and a short life span. Romances expire after the pursuit is settled, and so not only did the paradigm shift contribute to its downfall, but the realization that the 'chase' was over.
  • Great love story

    filled with non stop action!
  • The 90's SmallVille, A Credit To The Name Superman

    This Series had its share of good and bad episodes, but all in all this show was one of the better shows of the 90's.

    This was a great Series from the start.

    Luther as a Brash and loving man of the people while hiding his true evil from the world, this Luther was the most caring of all the Luthers I have seen in other movies and TV shows.

    I loved how thye did Perry White, and the others they were all very true to the comics.
  • Introducing Dean Cain!

    This show is why I love Dean Cain, and Terry Hatcher for that matter. I love how the show focused more on Clark then Superman. Because Clark was the person, Superman was just the persona. I liked that they really went with that.

    Plus, I loved the relationship and banter with Clark in Lois in this one more then the others.
  • Great Show

    This is one of my favorite shows. I love how the game of cat and mouse was played with Lois and Clark's relationship. A great site to find more LnC pictures, wallpapers, and etc.. is http://folc4evernaday.com
  • Story of the legendary Superman Clark Kent and his soulmate Lois Lane and how they battle obstacles together and fall in love.

    Great show.I started watching it when i was a kid and i fell in love with it immediately. My favorite superhero of all time had always been SUPERMAN. I was obsessed with the cartoons. This show got deep into the passion between Lois and Clark. In the movie they had passion but these just goes deep deep into their passion. Teri Hatcher is just so great as Lois Lane she's just so funny and crazy. Dean Cain also plays a great Clark Kent/Superman. The stories are great. The acting great. The action great. The crew did a great job with all the special effects. The supporting actors like Lane Smith and others also did a great job. Really, really great show.
  • the show follows clark kent(dean cain)early adult years as superman.


    this show is way before my time(born in 1990)but for some odd reason i like.

    the acting is really good and dean cain has proven he is superman.some may say reeve is superman but for me those movies where to old and when i see movies form that time.i think they look horrible and the acting is awful.sorry reeve(r.i.p) but he didnt do superman for me.far as tom sure tom did some great work on smallville as superman but tom never let go sometimes playing superman.so for me when i came across this show and i saw dean.i watch a couple of eps and i was like dean cain is the only superman.

    i prefer this show to the movies and smallville.just b/c dean played superman so much better.

    the writing in this show is so much more closer to the real story of superrman than smallville.

    the only thing i wish this show had was better special effects like smallville.

    so the acting is good,the writing stays true to the real story of superman,and dean cain sure can play superman like its no one else business.

    the only thing i hate where the special effects didnt look to hot sometimes.

    the show lasted for a good 4 seasons.

    i say give this show a shot:)the acting good,the writing is clever and dean cain plays his ass off as superman.dean cain even wheres the superman suit in the show:)

    dean cain is superman for me.

  • Best Superman series ever!

    This is definitely the Man of Steel's best series ever made! Unlike most series of its kind, the series had action, humour and super heroes and bad guys for everyone's tastes. Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher made a perfect combination as Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The rest of the cast like Lane Smith as Perry White, Michael Lands as Jimmy Olsen and John Shea as Lex Luthor also made this series one of the biggest successes ever on Television. The series portrays the action, following the origins and adventures of Superman. Although it only lasted for four seasons, it is still regarded as the base for many shows of its kind. In a scale from 1 to 10, I give this one a 9... The reason why give it a 9, it's because it only lasted 4 seasons. Defineitely better than Smallville, that I can tell you!
  • This show was SUPER man!

    This show is in my top 5 favourite shows of all time!

    I remember when it first aired in 1993 (I was only 11 years old at the time) - and this is the show that had one of the biggest influences on my childhood.

    This is the kind of show that the whole family could get into - the writers knew what they were doing, it had a terrific cast [Teri Hatcher / Dean Cain / Lane Smith & Justin Whalin], and almost every episode was superb! However, this show did break the Superman tradition - when Lois finally realised who Clark Kent really was (Superman), and married him.

    I was disappointed when they cancelled the show, I had never missed an episode in its entire original run. Oh well, 4 seasons was nothing to sneeze at.

    It is great that they have now released the complete series to DVD.
  • This show is the best show i've ever seen!

    Lois and Clark The new adventures of superman is the best show i've ever seen, it should of had more seasons. I am compleatly hooked on it and i've seen every episode loads of times. This is the best superman show i've seen it focuses on Lois, Clark and Superman relationship mostly and also you get to know Jimmy, Perry and the Kents. This show has everything; action, comedy and romance. The parts were all played well Teri hatcher played the perfect Lois Lane and Dean Cain played a great Clark Kent/ Superman and he is so fit!!! They updated Clark a bit and now he is not so dorky and is very nice which i think is better then before. This show is the greatest and i recomed everyone watches it i wish i was still doing more seasons!
  • wowzers

    to my beliefs of a male of the human ind i thin that this show is a great show to all of our home made sociotys. this show has broguth us laughter from its comedy and fun and excitment from its action and adventure concepts. i am proud to be reviewing this show. anyone who likes smallvile and always wonders what happens beetweens lois and clark and havent seen this is up for a big hhuge treat. following its hit movies and comicsin the mid 1950s and 1960s this show rockets off to leave fans puzzled no more about superman.
  • This is a show reguarding an indepth look at Clark Kent taking the focus away from Superman by letting you get to know the man behind the tights. Dean Cain is an excellent modernized versoin of Clark Kent. Teri Hatcher nailed the character of Lois Lane.

    This has been one of the best Superman adaptations ever in my opinion. They updated Clark Kent a bit to make him more appealing and less dorky but they kept the most important parts of him-his ultimate goodness and values. By focusing on Clark rather than Superman it opened the possibility to get more into the other characters as well. You really got to know and love Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, along with the Kents. The characters are more heartwarming on this show than any other Superman story I've seen. I own all fours seasons and I still enjoy it.
  • Love it!

    This show is one of the best superman shows ever. Hang smallville. This show is what you want to see. Go Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain are the best. No superman has ever been as good looking. I just wish they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d send it more frequently in Sweden :(( Too bad.
  • One Of the Greats.

    I really like this show while it was on.I think it dies an Untimely death due to the Actors thinking it was bigger than the Show.With the time that has passed I think that maybe any future Superman Live action could be done well.....Though maybe with a leather costume ala X-men instead of the Hoky spandex.
  • Lois and Clark followed the romantic relationship between its title characters. Clark comes right off the farm from Smallville, and starts working with hardnosed and bitchy Lois. What follows is 4 years of bad guys, fighting, love, marriage, and ofcourse

    Lois and Clark was on for an amazing 4 years. It has been forgotten since it was cancelled. Lois and Clark capitalized on the romantic aspect of the Superman/Lois relationship. For the first time Lois wasn't the damsel in distress that needed saving, she was an equal partner in many aspects. While Teri Hatcher's Lois did get herself into trouble almost every episode, she also was usually the one who solve the mystert first. The chemistry between Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain was great. The show follows the progression of Lois and Clark's relatioship, until finally they are married. After that point,
    the show did get a little odd though. True fans learn to love the crazy plotlines though. My personal favorite is when they travel back in time and assume the Robin Hood roles. Lady Loiset? How great is that?
  • Really set the tone for what Smallville would later become a show about Clark Kent not really Superman. It was ahead of its time special effects wise as well.

    I always enjoyed this show and have all 4 seasons on DVD. It was just a classic feel good show with good characters and solid acting. Maybe a bit cheesy at times but still always fun to watch. I always liked Dean Cain as Clark Kent/Superman and Teri Hatcher was a great Lois Lane. Also someone who was a bit overlooked was Lane Smith as Perry White. He Did a great job in that role, Lane was great actor RIP. It is a great show to catch up on for nostalgia and good for the whole family. Lois & Clark is definetly a must have
  • So many supermen...

    And no one to stay forever. I really liked this series, but how come did they need so many actors since then? The movie is now coming, and we dont meet Dean Cain or tom Welling. That is a pity coz I can only get more confused.
    People need to identify to their heroes. There have been 5 James Bond's, not 20!! please, people in productions, behave!
  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starred Dean Cain as Superman/Clark Kent and Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane and followed the usual storyline of Clark Kent moving to Metropolis and starting work at the Daily Planet...

    I have to say that when I was younger I really loved this series. It was always promoted as being the “sexy” version of the Superman universe and I remember the black and white promo poster of Clark with a Superman logo tattoo and a scantily clad Lois draped around him – Fantastic!!!

    I always liked Dean Cain’s Clark Kent but was not as keen on his Superman. I always had a thing for Teri Hatcher too and liked her feisty Lois Lane.

    Lex Luthor was played by John Shea (Mutant X) and was OK.

    OK so it’s no Smallville but I actually started to watch the repeats of this show recently and still enjoyed them; I always liked the Tempus episodes!!

    This show is available in DVD box sets and if you are a fan of the Superman universe, I would highly recommend watching them!
  • This started out strong, but at the end it ate itself alive from the inside

    This show was like only 50% faithful to the comics but in terms of character development this is the most faithful adaption ever! With the appearance of LOIS & CLARK, they were sort of giving us a girl's version of the Super saga,much like the comic book LOIS LANE.But this telling was a program designed to get the female audience, without alienating the guys. It mixed humor with action! Unfortuently it soon nose-dived to bad-movie terrotory. After the wedding of lois and clark there was no point of watching it. It soon became clear that the scripts were not as good as before. This show was great until H.G. Welles showed up. Then it went downhill from there. I am sure that is why this show got cancelled.
  • it was good for a while

    when i first heard about this show i never thought it would last. but it did for several seasons. it was based more on clark kent than superman, which was cool. i think teri hatcher is one of the hottest women on the planet. both then and now. this was a good show for the first three seasons, but number four just never got off the ground and now the show is gone but not forgotten.
  • As a kid, I thought it was just awesome. After watching smallville for the past four seasons, compared to it this series blows.

    When I first caught reruns on it on TV when I was 10, I thought it was the best show ever made. I was always a fan of comics, like batman and spiderman. I thought a TV series would be great. To me back then, basically anything on TV amused me so I loved this show. However now that I watch the eps, I find it to be boring and unrealistic. They had Lex die off at the end of season one cause the guy playing him got tired of commuting between LA and NY. Well thats too bad, but Lex Luthor is the one we love to hate, he's what keeps Superman on his toes and makes it interesting. Thus though the love story between Clark and Lois was interesting to watch, it just lacked good story telling and was more like a kiddie show, where every week a new villain would make its appearnce and Superman would have to stop him. Thats no fun thus unless they had brought back Lex Luthor, the show was going to be a bust anyways.
  • Cool Thing!

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a phenomenal television success. A much more lavish version of the popular Superman television series which had first aired forty years earlier, Lois & Clark focused more on the Man of Steel's early adult years in Metropolis. With the unknowing help of Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher), Clark Kent (Dean Cain) created Superman there in Metropolis after finding work at the world-famous Daily Planet newspaper, where he meets fellow reporter Lois Lane. After Superman's debut, Lois becomes infatuated with Superman and continues to reject Clark's romantic overtures due to past bad experiences with men. The rest of the first season Daily Planet staff includes Perry White, the chief editor, society columnist Catherine Grant (Tracy Scoggins), and cub reporter/photographer Jimmy Olsen (Michael Landes/Justin Whalin). Other major characters in the series include archvillain Lex Luthor (John Shea) and Superman's adoptive parents, Martha (K Callan) and Jonathan Kent (Eddie Jones). In a salute to the original Superman series, Phyllis Coates guest starred as Lois's mother, Ellen Lane in the last episode of the season. Coates had, of course, been the original Lois in the first Superman series. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman began to play up the romantic aspects of the series as the season progressed. By the end of the second season Lois had finally realised that Clark Kent and Superman were the same person so it came as no surprise to her when he finally revealed his true identity and proposed marriage. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman went where few shows care to go - it allowed the relationship between the two title characters to grow and develop naturally, as it might in real life. The real ratings problems began in the third season, when the network insisted on a fake wedding. Nicknamed the "ARRGGGHH" by the fans, the non-wedding arc included a clone, a kidnapping, and even amnesia. It would have been bearable if the famous couple had ended up together, but the network, afraid of the Remington Steel curse, refused to allow it, which set up some interesting season rewrites, because the original intent was to allow the marriage to occur. Lois & Clark ended in 1997 with a cliffhanger, canceled by a network that did its best to bury the successful series in order to bring back The Wonderful World Of Disney. By the end of the last season, Lois and Clark had come a long way from the prickly, anything for a story, but marshmallow-hearted woman and the naive farm boy from Kansas. The Ice Queen had softened, the farm boy had grown up. Both had fallen in love, married, and were discussing children. The last episode was unsatisfying due to its lack of a conclusion, but the series is still popular today. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman left a lasting mark on the face of a mythos where Clark Kent was real, Superman was the disguise, and Lois Lane was essential to his make-up. It left wonderful recurring villains, such as Tempus, and a timeless love story that makes one believe in true love.
  • loved it

    it was great, i absolutely loved it why did they cancel it why ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I loved it when louis finally found out clarke was superman ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Classic show ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The only annoying thing was that they rushed their wedding and stuff which had been what the whole show had been building up to for years ! ! all because the damn tv people wanted it to finish !! bah humbug
    Oh and the other annoying thing was when the writers didn't know how to get louis and clarke out of a sticky situation they would just invent some riduclus scientific thing that made no sense what so ever, but i dont care obout that it was still good!!!
  • Live action version of the comic book and cartoon series of superman that focuses more on supermans alter ego clark kent and his girl friend and future wife louise lane.

    The best and most gripping television programe i have watched for a long time the story lines are great i have to say my favourite episode is The House of Luthor because luthor finaly gets what he deserves and is the secong closest time that superman gets to dying after home is where the hurt is where he gets the vires but the episode wasnt as good as the house of luthor. I would love a new series with new actors playing lois and clark brad and angelina maybe.
  • a wonderful show.

    i really loved all about "lois & clark": the fact that the main characters actually really are lois and clark and that "superman" plays a supporting role, the deep humanity in this show and in the character of clark kent, how clark struggles with the burden and the responsability of having super powers, interfering with his own life and his relationship with lois all the time, his pain because lois wouldn't love him in the beginning but his alter ego superman, his never killing or even seriously hurting anybody not even in rage (one of the reasons i couldn't care less about "smallville" is the brutal way clark kent sometimes uses his powers), the chemistry between dean cain and teri hatcher, the enormous charisma they both provide, the sometimes very eccentric humour, ... . there are three words to say when it comes to "lois & clark - the new adventures of superman": bring it back!
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