Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)





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  • Good series

    I used to watch this when I was little then a couple of years ago in nz when they show it on tv, now I just got all the season a couple of weeks ago, 4th season was only ok, but I really love the 3rd season. 2nd and 1st ain’t too bad.

    4th season the ending could be better, lol. Oh well…

    I just realize that watch the show again I found it funny, I didn’t realize till now. In the 3rd season, when Clark hears something Lois can back him up, last time he would always make an excuse. Lol. I like the relationship between Clark and his parents, it is very cool. I found it funny that Lois is in love with superman but think Clark is a pest… lol and some times the things she say is very funny, because we know Clark is superman.

    Good show, always bring memory back, and I also love the relationship between Lois and Clark, it’s really funny, most of the time any ways. lol