Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)





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  • Strong characterization of Lois and Clark make this a must-watch for Superman fans.

    Lois and Clark is a mid-90's television show that served as a launching ground for both Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher's careers. Let's get this out of the way first: The show is not perfect. The effects are hokey, the villains laughable, and the writing sub-par. What does work is the chemistry between the two title characters - this chemistry is really the best reason to check the show out. Hatcher obviously was the more experienced of the pair, and helped carry the more dramatic scenes. Cain as Clark Kent is satisfying, although he can come off as a bit stiff. I enjoyed him much more as Clark, as opposed to Superman. His portrayal of the Man of Steel is somewhat disappointing. He doesn't have quite the stature of Kal-El, and, more importantly to a fan like me, the producers didn't bother to give him one of Superman's most famous features - his piercing blue eyes. The quality of the show also declined over time, as the first season is great, the second merely good, and the third and fourth average and below average, respectively. I think the creative teams moved too fast with the inevitable romance, and then spent the next seasons trying to delay the inevitable. This makes for a frustrating viewing experience, so I'm not surprised the show was cancelled after four seasons. Overall however, if you are a fan of Superman, you should check this show out. I would particularly recommend the first season, as this is quite possibly the best presentation of the Lois and Clark dynamic.