Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)





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  • Probably the forefather of all things Super Hero related today.

    It may seem outdated, but this show still holds a place with me and many others. This series was the fore bearer to all series and movies to come related to super heroes. It finally made Superman look good, but also focused on his "human"side and growing relationship with Lois Lane, while maintaing tru to all the classical and historical superman references. In its time I think this was not appreciated enough and as such was probably the reason that the series was cancelled after so few seasons, nowadays it would most likely have lasted at least 6 seasons before ending on a great note.
    Anyone who loves the current smallville and would like to imagine where that series creators and writers could take CK after it should check out this series and maybe get an idea of what could be done with todays technologies.