Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)





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  • Yet another live action chapter in the Superman legacy which threatened to further destroy the charm of the character.

    With the backing of a major TV network, ABC, in a primetime slot and film in the late-90's with access to potential cutting edge visual effects, this incarnation of Superman was a complete waste of resources.

    It was a series that staggered on for 4 years and ended with an unresolved cliffhanger.

    Each episode was more pathetic than the next, with juvenille tounge-in-cheek one-liners and horrible C-list guest stars... typically comedians... as the most uninventive villans ever.

    The only element of this series that kept it alive was the romance between Lois and Clark.

    As for Superman himself... the fact that a man from another planet arrived on Earth with magically powers was the only beleiveable concept in the show.

    The character was reduced to a lazy idiot who did nothing more than push the villan over onto the ground at the end of each episode and fold his arms across his chest with a "stern glare".

    Literally every single episode grew more and more frustrating as Superman refused to ever use the most basic of his powers in the most dire circumstanes.

    And if the weekly villan ran away... Superman refused to ever use his super-hearing, speed or vision to follow or track.

    But if Lois Lane ever wanted food from China or chocolates from Sweden, Clark would regularly appear with these items in mere seconds.

    The usual story lines left you literally screaming at the TV... "Why are you standing there, Superman, do something!!!"

    My only hope was that the writers and producers of this series were left out of work at the end of it's run, for their effortless and untalented approach to the storylines and plot points.

    This series was only watchable because the majority love Superman in general and because the actors playing Lois and Clark were insanely hot.

    So hot, in fact, you couldn't believe they waited 3 years to bang each other. Another point that made the series freakishly childish.

    Now if only they could make another live action Superman-based series that never... EVER will actually show Superman in it... endlessly frustrating viewers all over again...

    ... and so lives on Smallville.