Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)





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  • Very Interesting Take on the Man in Red, White & Blue

    This show was a treat for me growing up. It featured a small town feel to it before Smallville came around. And it featured a much better looking Teri Hatcher than the version we have today (sry DH fans, all 10 of you). Dean Cain filled in well as the man from Krypton. Not to schmaltzee or over the top. If Season one was the appetiser, then season two is the main course. This is the season that really nails Lois and Clarks relationship, as the audience witness the love triangle of Lois/Clark/Superman continue as Clark and Lois begin dating different people whilst secretly yearning for each other. The will they, won't they relationship is firmly at its best during this season as Lois remains oblivious to Clarks other life, and Clark fresh from the rejection at the end of season one, has no idea where to go from here. As far as character development of the two leads goes, this certainly is the best season, it never shines so brightly as it does here, but it does suffer from missing some of the supporting cast established during season one. The lack of Cat, as Lois's office rival is a shame, but the biggest downfall of the season is that Lex Luthor (John Shea) is sadly missed, only popping by for a brief appearance. His absence lays way for Metroplois to be overrun with second rate villains, who Lois and Clark must stop, week in week out. Even the appearance of Comic book villain Metallo is just a poor excuse to wedge a character familiar to fans into the show. Thank god for the introduction of Tempus then, who proves that a new character just as threatening as Luthor could be created, in arguably the best episode of the season and possibly one of the best of all 4 years. Tempus offers a villain who has a personal interest in seeing Lois and Clark fail, and this is the beginning of a number of his appearances.